Not Just A Nerd

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Nerdy Lola falls in crush with handsome Logan but she is just about to find out how close to home his complicated past is. A modern day romantic comedy that will have you laughing out loud and rooting for the nerd and the hunk.

Romance / Humor
Cyan Brown
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Chapter 1

"Surprise!" came the Fran Drescher voice from the Entrance of her shop. The pitch so annoying it was surprising the "Nerd in Wonderland" sign didn’t fall on her head.
Lola's head shot up from the counter where she was examining a limited edition Buffy the Vampire Slayer stake complete with letter of authenticity, she had been contemplating whether to add it to her own Buffy collection, sometimes parting with her geek merchandise could be difficult, she would be sad to see this one go.
Pushing her pink rimmed glasses further up her nose Lola took in the vision of her step-sister, and what a vision she was. Long dark hair big brown eyes lips shaped like Megan Fox's. All that in a pair of daisy dukes and somehow she still looked trendy. Yes that's right Winona was everything Lola wasn't a hot chick with a tight bod. Lola was eccentric, girly and geeky. Pale pink hair around a heart shaped face she was soft everywhere, more curvy than toned. The sisters were nothing alike and Winona rejoiced in pointing this out.
"How is my nerdy little sis?" Winona giggled her way over.
Rolling her eyes Lola asked flatly "What are you doing here Winona?"
"Come on it's been six months Lola, I just got back into town," she answered twirling a strand of her hair around her finger while resting her ample bosom on the glass counter.
Looking around the shop she realized Winona was drawing a crowd. Eugene one of her regulars was peering around a shelf of Marvel action figures, his eyes focused wonderingly on her step sister's chest while Stretch her sales assistant wiped a bit of drool from the side of his mouth.
Sighing Lola shook her head," Welcome back Nona, what can I do for you?” attempting to inject some friendliness into her voice. She hadn't spent a lot of time with her step sister, Winona was her step dad's daughter from his first marriage and had mostly grown up with his first wife, who got custody. They had spent the odd summer together and every second major holiday. Lola's mom had hoped the two of them would become fast friends but that had never happened. Winona had bullied her mercilessly growing up, she was a true mean girl and had been since puberty. Winona usually only contacted Lola for one thing, money. Sometimes she ran dry between sugar daddies.
"Jack and I broke up," Winona pouted.
"Let me guess he caught you with the pool boy" Lola guessed aloud.
"Nope, my yoga instructor"
"Yip that'll do it. When are you going to learn Winona?"
"Come on, it wasn't my fault. He left me alone all the time. He wasn't fulfilling my emotional or physical needs."
"Because he was trying to earn enough money to support your shopping addiction."
"Look Lola that's all in the past, I'm onto bigger and better things. The problem is I'm running a little low on funds."
And there it was. Once upon a time she had had big dreams of finally having a sister of her own, someone to play video games with and talk about their favorite romance stories but that wasn't how it turned out. Winona mocked her love of cheesy romance novels and ridiculed her clothing. Finally it all came to ahead on her 18th birthday when she found Winona in bed with her boyfriend Trevor the same bed Lola had given her virginity to him in the week before. Lola may have forgiven her step sister for that but she could never forget. No, she and Winona would never be bosom buddies but for the sake of their parents they had to get along.
She knew if she didn't give her the money she would go to their parents and there was no way her step-dad would deny his precious little girl. Both finally retired, her parents had enough of their own bills they had to pay.
"Fine I may have five hundred you can borrow." she said borrow but she knew she wouldn't see the money again. There went any hope she had of keeping that stake. Reaching under the counter she dug through her bag, found the money and handed it over to Winona.
"That's it? That won't last me very long," Winona frowned.
"It's all I have right now. You are going to have to make it work. Are you staying with mom and dad?"
"Nope I'm staying with Haley,"
Lola sighed in relief, Haley was one of her minions and would keep Winona in food and out of her hair, for now. She guessed Winona wouldn't be single for long and her next meal ticket would be around the corner.
"Haley and I are going to The Glass Room tonight, you know that new place where all the business types hang out." Ah she was going on the prowl tonight.
"Have fun!" Lola said brightly. She never received an invite to join them but then she never expected to.
Waving briefly over her shoulder Winona strutted out of the store, no "thank you", nothing.
Glancing around the shop she saw three of her customers staring out the door after her.
“So that’s your sister?” the aptly nicknamed Stretch queried as he used one long arm to brush the back of his head in a bashful movement. “Can I have her number?” he asked his voice cracking on the last word.
Looking at her super tall employee she frowned shaking her head. Yes, no one captured a guys attention quite as easily as Winona could.

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