The Elusive Miss Wakefield

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A Puzzle Resolved

Some months later, Charles Enright received a letter from the West Indies. It was from his brother, Jasper.

At least some explanation for his sudden disappearance was now provided, and revealed why Charles’s own existence in London had become so relatively worry free, and peaceful. He did not believe what Jasper told him, other than in the essentials: he was in Jamaica and was, no doubt, stirring up trouble there, but at least he was now out of Charles’s hair and making trouble for someone else.


You know by now that I left London without telling you or even our mother.

I recalled your words of advice to me, to get myself out of England and make something of myself, so when a sudden opportunity was presented to me, I decided not to let it escape me.

I shipped out upon a merchantman at the last moment without telling anyone. My direction is below:

Please see that our mother has it so that she may write to me. I left some of my things behind when I left your home with some urgency, and no time to do anything about it. I would appreciate it if you would see them forwarded to me at the address below, in Kingston, where they will be sure to find me.

Your brother, Jasper.'

He said nothing of the actual circumstances of his disappearing from London, of having been shot, nor by whom, and then had been ignominiously fished from the river to serve aboard a merchantman bound for the West Indies. Many things were best not disclosed.

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