Hot Rubber Love

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Cathenne and Mouna Lisa Kaspersky make a good team as managers and assistant Insurance Assessors. although Mouna's attention to Cat's appearance is more that of an older sister. Cat is not disinclined to except Mouna, Mouse refuses to go out with her. Yet, there is something between them and Mouse agrees to come with Cat dancing with her tribe of Rubberrista girls...

Romance / Erotica
Dee Vee Iante
Age Rating:

Insurance Assessor

It’s another beautiful morning and time to get ready for work. With the early department assessments done and a good bonus to boot, tonight will be a night out with the girls.

Cat swung her legs out of bed, stretched, enjoying the way her latex onesie clung to her skin. It was a cute outfit like a Burmese cat in chestnut brown, tan, and beige with a hood covering her eyes and brown ears. Oh, it had eyeholes, of course.

Cat padded to the shower turned the water on, and waited. When it was hot, she showered and waited until the onesie was nice and warm before she stretched her hood and neck open. Once she had, water flowed down into the suit, and she was out of it in no time. Little pleasures! She stepped out of the shower, turned the suit inside, and put it in the mini washing machine, especially for her range of sleep onesies.

Cat removed her latex briefs and did what had to be done, blushed her teeth, then removed her bra crop top. She added these to the mini washing machine then back in the shower. She needed a haircut. Cat needed a hair cut except Mouse, her assistant, would not allow it. It took so long to dry each morning, and it frizzed like anything. Mouse liked her in a ponytail, but that later.

Cat slipped on the baby blue short-sleeved bra in the bedroom, then a matching short-sleeved and short-legged romper. It wasn’t that her breasts were overly large, but they just got in the way of a male-dominated insurance office. The baby blue-footed and gloved neck entry latex catsuit felt sensual slipping over her arms and legs. Smoothing out the air was another pleasure Cat enjoyed each morning. It took a while, but Cat was a rubberiest since Roxolania got her into rubber. No other clothing ever touched her skin except rubber.

Cat did not wear rubber for show or shine, but for feel and fun. Her garments did not shine, and she rarely wore them out, except the usual. Today, she dressed into a pair of thermal tights and thermal catsuit, baby blue, then a pair of over wrist faux light blue leather gloves.

It would be too much to add a pair of thick light blue latex leggings, and she would regret it, but right now, it felt superb. She felt her legs tightly compressed and warming up. When her legs started irritating her, she could take them off, but right now, it was perfect.

Dark red wedged ankle booties add to her height. Cat liked being a little taller than her area boss Fancishek. He was one of the good ones, but at times, when stressed, he could be an ass, and looking down at him put him in his place.

A ribbed fitted dark red woolen oval necked to the knee dress with a full-length rear zipper and long sleeves showed a little of her latex leggings, gloves, and thermal catsuit, with a hint of blue latex underneath. Yes, the woolen sheath dresses were the workhorse of her wardrobe, and she had them in every possible shade. And now her hair.

Cat should brush it, but Mouse liked doing it each morning. Yes, it is a strange relationship between Cat and her assistant. No matter if the world was ending or Francishek wanted to see her immediately, Mouse insisted on grooming Cat each morning. Cat liked her, but Mouse delined despite several invitations for drinks, saying it would be inappropriate. Cat had not been with anyone since Rocky, Roxolania. She was a tough act to follow. Utterly sexual, devoted to rubber and to money. Her dream was to have her own place on the beach with a rubber dungeon just for herself and possibly one other. As focused as she is, she would get it.

Cat felt the heat building, especially n her legs. She still had time to take off the thick rubber leggings, but no, she would persevere. Dressing into a light blue short-sleeved bolero jacket, Cat was ready to meet Mouse for morning coffee.

Mouse was already there with their takeaway coffee’s and her eyes crinkled with a smile when she saw Cat. Mouse was not one for hugging, but Cat used her reaching out Cat’s coffee to hug her. They walked the few blocks together to the office, already planning their day.

Once in their shared office, Mouse locked the door and took off her jacket. She opened the dress down to Cats’ waist, adjusted something, then zipped it back up and fixed the rear to show the latex equally. Then she sat Cat down and brushed her hair, counting two hundred. Only then were they ready for the day. Yes, it was a strange ritual, but there it was.

Friday’s are always hectic, and the recent flooding brought a spate of insurance claims. Cat had the final say, although Mouse screen only the most important one through to her. Today, there was a suspicious claim about water damage in a suburb that was too far away to be affected by the overflowed river. Cat took a taxi to check. It was not something she usually did but it was good to stay in touch with what her staff did day-to-day.

It was an impressive house for sure! On a sizeable green property, Brownstone, slightly elevated, Cat saw no water damage or even the possibility of water damage. The house stood slightly elevated. Cat was about to call a taxi but saw that the house door was open. It could not hurt to speak to the owner. Cat walked up to the door and rang the doorbell, and when the door opened, Cat almost fell over surprised.

A tall figure in a token maid’s dress opened the door. She curtseyed, her token latex corset dress uncovering her metal chastity belt with a padlock dangling between her legs. Cover in shiny latex from the top of her head to toe, the woman’s waist was squeezed so tightly that it could fit into Cat’s legging. Her corset dress had a metal band with a lock, and her ballet boots, hobble gloves. A gas mask covered her face without eye holes. It was about the strangest thing Cat had ever seen.

Cat spoke, “Good day, ahh, yes. Is there someone I can speak to about a recent water damage claim with our insurance company?” The Maid nodded and gestured for Cat to enter. She closed the door and carefully walked around Cat, gesturing for her to follow. They went through the reception room, the dining and living room put to the rear swimming pool. By her movements, she walked the path practiced but blindly.

Outside, in a half pool, floating on a water bed, slept a woman in a purple catsuit, footed, gloved, and hooded. The Maid carefully stepped down the steps into the pool and waded out to the purp;e woman. She woke, looked at her Maid, smiled, then followed the Maid’s outstretched arm. When she saw Cat, she frowned.

The Maid helped her off the air bed and out of the pool, fetching a purple latex bathrobe and matching wedges. The woman came to Cat and asked, “How can I help you, Ms?” Cat told her at which the woman asked, “Coffee, tee, wine?” Cat answered coffee. The Maid curtseyed and walked off. The woman gestured for Cat to sit. She introduced herself with, ““I am Adrianne Costeu Murray, and I signed the form, but my Maid filled it out for me. Was there something wrong?”

I explained the situation just as the coffees came, a flat white for Ms. Murray and curiously, my favorite a mocha latte with crème. I only thought of this later as the day was already strange and becoming stranger.

Ms. Murray spoke to the Maid, “Darling, show the nice lady to our basement and the flooding, will you dear. I want to go back in the water, so come back when you finish or if there are any questions. I want to know what you did wrong on the form, my dear.” The Maid curtseyed and gestured for me to follow.

We went through the house and came to a door with a keypad. The Maid could not easily punch in the numbers with her hobbled hands. How had she made the coffees? When we reached the basement, the Maid flicked a switch, and well, I never!

A barbers chair with restraints, an NB-GYN chair with restraints, a leather X on the walls, with restraints. One of those stock things with the had and hands arrested was also an intricate spanking bench, and really, I was stunned that I recognized so much of the equipment. Oh, and yes, there was a finger with water over the plush carpet. I turned to go, but the Maid stood in my way.

I could not get past her, so I asked if I could pass. She shook her head. Oh? She felt about and found my hand. She took it in both her hands and brought it to where her lips would be, if not for the gas mask. She curtseyed and then walked back up the stairs. Oh, I got it.

The Maid asked me to be not too harsh with her application for her, well, mistress, I assume. Well, yes, I had some flexibility and would review the insurance policy and what the Maid filled in.

Back at the pool, Ms. Murray floated in the water, but she saw us this time. She asked, “Well, will there be any problems? We have to move all the furniture out and replace the carpet.”

Thinking of the Maid, I said that the application form would not be the issue, just the insurance terms. I promised that I would get back to her after reviewing her policy. Purple latex lady seemed to be happy with that. She dismissed me with a wave of her hand.

The Maid, jangling a bit because of the rings and locks, brought me to the front door, opened it, and stood there, in my way. I tried to squeeze past her, but she hugged me quite solidly. Well, yes, perhaps she was worried that her mistress would punish her, and me saying it all depended on the policy saved her from the spanking bench or rack. Thinking of how I forced Mouse to hug me, I hugged her back. Then came the extraordinary thing. She put my hands on her waist and her hobbled hand on mine, then let me go and curtseyed.

I decided to walk back to the office. That encounter with the Maid disturbed me. Not her actions, not her outfit, but how I felt about her so hobbled and covered in rubber. I would not do it, but I felt excited thinking about her and that small waist. She must be in agony all the time. Acutely feeling my hot legs and leggings, I almost made a pit stop, but no, Mouse would be unhappy, and if the Maid could handle all that, I could handle my burning legs.

Back at the office, I checked Ms. Murray’s policy, and yes, she was adequately covered for the repairs and work that had to be done. I authorized the payment and instructed Judy to send an email to Ms. Murray confirming that all would be covered.

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