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Romance / Drama

12: Together

I keep getting these random people walking up to me, it’s very confronting. Zac stays with me for the rest of the school day, it seems like he never lets go of me. Whether it’s holding my hand or playing with my hair. Brooke and Blair aren’t seen since lunch.

Tyler still hangs by, waiting for Zac to leave no doubt.

“We should hang out.” Tyler says as Zac puts his arm around my shoulders. I smile up at him and let him kiss me.

“You’re totally together.” Tyler grins as Zac glares at him.

“That’s up to her.” Zac says through clenched teeth. I try to smile and relieve some tension, Zac calms down a bit.

“I agree with Tyler.” Zac jumps a little at my voice, “I think we should hang out.” He sighs and we exit the school and head to my car. Zac opens my door and puts my seatbelt on. “I think I can do that myself.” I giggle and Zac stares at me, serious.

“I don’t want you to get hurt. I’ll meet you at your place soon okay?” I nod and prepare to drive. I try to concentrate a little more so Zac doesn’t worry too much and drive home.

I walk in to my house and flop onto the couch and sigh. Finally some peace.

“Is that you Tess?” Zoe pops her head from the kitchen followed by Chanel and I smile at them.

They walk in and sit next to me. “Zac’s going to be here soon, we’re going out with Tyler.” I warn them. They both nod and proceed to watch TV with me.

“Won’t Tyler be like a third wheel?” I shrug at Chanel’s comment.

“Depends on what we’re doing I guess.” I look around a little, “Hey has my mum come home? I haven’t seen her in a few days.” They both shake their heads.

“Only to get some mail and stuff, she looks pretty stressed.” I look at Zoe quickly,

“What do you mean?” I ask, she shrugs. “I guess that’s just her.” I state and someone knocks on the door.

I jump off my seat and run to it before anyone else can answer the door. “Hey.” I say sweetly, trying not to act like I’m super unfit.

“Timid much?” Zac grins as he makes his way through.

“Not timid, just... perky.” I state as he leans on the kitchen bench.

“You perky? Nah I’d prefer fun size.” He grins, gesturing to my height. I punch him lightly as Chanel and Zoe walks to the door. They make an uncomfortable seat in between the both of us.

“So this is the infamous Zac.” Chanel glares a little his way and he grins just as he looks at the floor.

“You probably haven’t heard very good things about me have you?” She narrows her eyes at his green ones.

Chanel scoffs. “Oh she tried but I saw through it. No one who loves someone will keep leaving them because their ‘confused.’” She makes bunny fingers at Zac, who looks suddenly embarrassed. I can see Zoe grab Chanel’s arm and squeeze it. They look at each other and Zoe smiles.

“I’m deciding to put it behind us and we’re friends, at the moment.” I add quickly while I interrupt their awkwardness. Chanel and Zoe nod at me but I look at Zac, he smiles and looks really cute. I see him inch closer to me and take my hand. I make sure the others can’t see him and hear the door knock. We all take a deep breath and head towards the door; I try to smile as I let Tyler in. He looks around awkwardly, at everyone standing a small distance from each other and no one speaking.

“What did I miss?” Tyler grins at me and Zac standing together.

“Well,” I step forward a little, “everyone was just getting to know each other.” We smile at what I imply. An awkward silence falls over us and I feel the tension rise.

“So,” Tyler interrupts and I jump at the chance to end this silence.

“Yeah we should probably get going.” I grab Zac’s wrist and tow him along to the door. When we get in the car I take a deep breath, thankful that we are out of that situation without any serious damage. “That was intense.” I mutter from the back seat. Tyler looks at me from the rear view mirror.

“It’s expected, just give them some time.” He soothes and I visibly relax. Everything is fine. I can see Zac grinning from the side mirrors and I can’t help but grin too. What an experience.

The boys talk for a while in the front while I rest my head on the window. I can’t believe I let Tyler drive my car.

Tyler pulls the car up by a cheesy cafe and we all go and sit inside. A girl with hazelnut hair and tanned skin walks over to us and asks what we want to order.

Zac and I get a cheese sandwich and Tyler gets a cheesy bit salad. We eat when our food gets to us and stay silent.

“So,” Tyler begins, looking at me and pointing to Zac and I. “What’s with you guys so far?” Zac and I look at each other and shrug.

“We’re taking it each day I guess.” I conclude and Tyler smiles mischievously.

“There’s a we ay?” I punch him as he laughs.

“Yes there is.” I state. We all laugh together for a while before drowsiness settles within me. The boys stop talking after a while and look at me with my head on the table.

“You alright?” Zac asks as he places a hand on my back and starts rubbing it. My eyes open and close slowly while I nod,

“Yeah just tired.” They nod as a jolt of raw hate blasts through me.

I hate saying I’m tired. My mother always used to say it to everyone and I feel like it was her way of getting out of things even if it looked like she did things.

Everyone would ask her if she was okay, then she’d put on this aggravated voice.

“I’m just tired.” She complained all the time. I hate saying it. It’s like a curse.

“Do you want to head to your place?” Zac whispers in my ear and I nod sheepishly. He sighs and turns to Tyler, “We’re going to head to her place, call you tomorrow?” I see Tyler nod as Zac basically carries me to my car and places me lightly in the back.

Tyler takes the wheel and we head home. Half way there I doze off, oblivious to the world as I let the darkness drag me into a small peace.

I don’t dream but I wake up super warm. Zac’s arms wrap around me, sending warmth throughout my whole body. I move the covers off my legs so I can make some of my body cooler. As I try to fall to sleep once again I focus on Zac’s steady breathing, so many times have we been near each other and his breathing had come out a little faster. I think it’s cute that I can have that effect on him and still have no one else notice it, like it is our secret. There are so many secrets to keep in the world that I like to hold on to the small pleasures. I close my eyes and try to match his breathing with my own. Sleep comes soon after that.

I look like I’m on the verge of tears with Zac sitting next to me. He wipes away an imaginary tear and I look at him in the eyes,

“Let me help you.” He whispers and I smile giving him a small nod. Zac looks like he’s waiting for something and I ’m confused. Tyler walks to us on the not so distant path. “Well?” Zac turns my attention to him again. My brows furrow,

“I don’t know what you want me to say.” I admit just as Tyler appears a few centimetres away from me.

“He wants you to tell him you love him.” Tyler states. I look at Zac again, scared.

“I can’t.” I sigh and everything turns into fog.

I jolt awake and my dream feels like a distant memory. I turn over to face Zac and lie in his arms.

“I’m sorry.” I whisper helplessly into his chest.

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