Cold in the Rain

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Chapter Twelve: More than coffee at 7am.

“Hello,” Jay timidly said into his cell, feeling Lauren and Rein’s eyes glaring at him, despite the fact that he was now looking at the floor.

“Hey Jay, it’s A,” Andy responded.

“Hey Andy,” Jay responded as he now confidently strode past the women who’s mouths were hanging open.

Jay distinctly heard Lauren mutter something about Jay telling Andy what had happened, but if Jay could help it that would not be happening for a while.

“So, I need to talk to you,” Andy’s voice said brining Jay back into the present. “Are you alone?”

“Not right now,” Jay replied. “But I can be.”

Jay moved over to room 210 which he knew from last night was not booked. He opened the door and then shut it taking a seat on the bed. Much like 203, 210 also had only the bare essentials. However for a quick conversation was quite convenient.

“So what’s up?” Jay asked casually, happy to be away from Lauren and Rein’s glaring eyes.

“Well, something’s happened.” Andy said, sounding quite shaken up.

“Is your Papa ok?” Jay replied taking a stab at what could have Andy so worried.

“Yeah, he’s fine. In fact doctors say he should be out next week. So that’s fine, it’s just…well…”

“Andy, whatever it is, I promise I’m here for you.” Jay soothed.

“Tell me that again after you hear what I have to say,” Andy retorted.

He then went into detailed explanation about what had happened from the moment he began making B’s coffee up and until what the judge had said.

“So the trial begins tomorrow. I’m sorry to spring it all on you, I just wanted you to know before word got back from someone else, you know.”

“Sure,” Jay replied not exactly knowing where to go with this new found information.

“Sorry Jay,” Andy breathed.

“Sorry? For what?” Jay asked.

“I know how close you are with B and I know you wouldn’t have wanted anything like this to happen…”

But Jay cut him off.

“Andy, you did the right thing. B had no right to do what he did for one thing and for another, you have the right to feel safe at work. Ill repeat what I said earlier Andy, I’m here for you, I promise.”

Andy smiled and couldn’t help but tear up at Jay’s words. It was so like him to put aside other’s and be there for Andy. He just didn’t think the same would be shown in the face of B.

“I love you Jay,” Andy whispered. “Oh crap, I’m sorry…is that to forward? I…just…”

Jay couldn’t help the smile spreading across his face. Only hours ago had he himself said the same thing, despite the fact that it was to someone else.

“Andy!” Jay started, cutting the babbling off. “I love you too, I just didn’t know if it was too early to say it or not.”

“And we haven’t discussed the situation,” Andy replied.

“And we’re in separate states,” Jay laughed and Andy joined in.

“You know what? I’m just going to take the plunge,” Jay said suddenly, feeling confident.

“Hey, Hey, HEY!” Andy screamed through the phone. “No proposing interstate ok? I’m going to need to actually see you and the ring and it better be damned romantic ok?” he joked.

“Ok, check and check and double-check,” Jay laughed. “Water-fountain or restaurant?”

Andy just laughed.

“How about asking me this in at least a few months time huh?”

“I actually was just going to ask if you’d like to be my boyfriend,” Jay clarified. “But now I’m starting to wonder if there’s a list I’ve misplaced headed The must do’s of asking Andy out. Oh, I can see it now, wasn’t there something at like number 5, which discusses asking Lauren’s permission?”

Andy couldn’t help himself and started laughing so uncontrollably it hurt.

“Ow…he he he…ow…stop it Jay…you’re hilarious!” he gasped in-between laughs.

Jay stood up and opened the door to 210 and as expected Lauren and Rein were still outside.

“Oh, here she is now, should I asked her?” he asked in jest.

“Well it is on the list,” Andy joked back.

Jay removed the cell from his ear and spoke loudly enough for Andy to hear.

“Lauren, friend of Andy’s and savior of mine, may I ask your permission to date him?”

Though she very much still wanted to rip him apart for what had happened with Rick, seeing the phone she quickly put two and two together and smiled.

“Andy? Who’s Andy? I don’t remember any Andy? Oh…Oh, wait, it’s coming back to me. Sweet guy, used to live here, took off without a word to this day?”

Jay chucked the cell phone at her and she immediately put it to her ears.

“Andy? I’m trying to remember you. I think we knew each other once,” she said.

Andy still laughing was having trouble even talking, so Lauren moved the mouth piece away and muttered to Jay

“Is he on something?”

Jay just smiled and shook his head.

“Lauren! I miss you so much….” He started.

“Then why haven’t you called Mr?” she replied.

“It’s a very long, 5 cups of coffee story,” he said. “But oh my god I miss you so much. No one else gets my ramblings and no one here understands my Mrs Doubtfire bit.”

“What? How can they not, who else says ‘hello’ in that voice?”

“I know!” Andy screamed back in to the phone.

“Listen Andy, business is about to open, but tell you what…how much do you really want this guy?”

“More than coffee at 7am.” Andy replied truthfully.

“Wow, that’s quite a bit, well,” she said. “I give my blessing, be together and be merry.”

“Thank you Lauren!” Andy squealed. “Now I just need Rein’s permission and…”

But he was cut off by the sound of Rein’s voice.

“Andy we’re on speaker and of course I accept. You two are going to be the cutest couple. And don’t worry, Mum’s been molding him since you left-…”

“That’s not true!” Lauren objected.

“It’s kinda true,” came Jay’s muffled response.

“Ok well I love you for it Lauren and thanks Rein for the blessing. I guess I’ll let you guys open. Can I just speak to Jay for a moment?”

“Sure, big hugs sweetie!” Lauren called.

“Can’t wait to see you Andy!” screamed Rein at the same time.

Jay took the phone back and Andy could hear Lauren and Rein in-turn congratulate him and give him a kiss on the cheek. What seemed like an hour later, but was probably only a minute later Jay came back.

“Hey,” he said. “I’m back,”

“Is that my boyfriend?” Andy asked smiling.

“Only if that’s my boyfriend on the other side of the phone,” Jay smiled.


The next morning Andy woke up to silence. It took a few moments for him realize where he was but as he looked around it all came back to him. He had spent the night at Ben and Micah’s at Ben’s request who wanted to look after him especially.

Mel had no objections and simply advised they be at the court house at 9 in preparation for the 10am trial. In the meantime Mel had gone to her arbitration session with Lindsay and Andy couldn’t wait to hear how it had gone. As he got up, he whipped his dressing gown on and almost flew into the kitchen to make some coffee. As the kettle boiled he noticed a note on the counter addressed to him.


I’ve gone out to pick up some coffee and bagels for breakfast. Feel free to have some before I get back, but I won’t be long- Ben.

Andy smiled and loved how well his Dad knew him. Regardless if he took 5 or ten more minutes this cup he was making would be done by then. Pouring the liquid Andy took a seat on the dining room table and took a sip before he heard a knock at the door.

“Well that was quick!” he yelled out, racing to the door.

But once he had opened the door, the figure that stood behind it bowled Andy over in so much surprise; he needed a moment to steady himself. Standing there in a lovely scarlet knitted top and black scarf his hair as blonde and wind-swept as Andy remembered stood…


There were so many things the blonde wanted to say, wanted to ask, wanted to do. But before he could even talk, as though magnetically, he felt himself step forward and pull Andy into a long and passionate kiss.

Moments later Jay pulled back and smiled at his boyfriend.

“Th…Thank-you,” an out of breath Andy replied.

“Thankyou?” Jay questioned, screwing his nose up.

Jay walked inside and closed the door, before pulling Andy in for a hug.

“I’m so sorry it took me so long to get here,” he cried.

“What do you mean?” Andy asked.

Realizing he didn’t know Jay just smiled and held Andy close. This is exactly what the two needed especially at this moment and for that point in time everything just seemed so right with the world.

Jerking his head up, as Jay’s arms had the rest of him held; Andy looked into his lover’s eyes.

“I love you,” he said.

“I love you,” Jay replied before quickly kissing his partner again.

“So, what are you doing here?” Andy asked.

“Mel.” Jay simply replied.


“Yeah, she wanted me to come down for the trial. She asked if I would consider being a witness for you…”

“She did not!?!” Andy interrupted and having now removed himself from Jay reached for his cell.

Jay took the phone from him.

“I said yes Andy. There’s no way I wouldn’t do this for you.”

“But….But…you weren’t even there!” Andy lamely finished.

“No, but I can attest to your character,” he replied.

Andy felt completely overwhelmed. The fact that Jay was here was more than enough, but that he would testify on Andy’s behalf had him completely bowled over.

Just then the front door opened and Ben walked through with 3 coffees and a diner bag.

“Jay, you made it!” Ben smiled, putting the coffee’s down and giving Jay a hug.

“You knew about this?” Andy asked. “Why didn’t you tell me dad?”

Ben smiled at his son and was even more happy when he saw Jay move back over to Andy and put a comforting arm around his waist.

“I only found out half an hour ago son, you were asleep.”

“And besides,” Jay interrupted “You think I’d want to miss the disheveled hair and dressing gown look?”

Andy elbowed his boyfriend and then pointed at the coffees.

“Ah yes,” Ben said. “Caramel Latte’ extra on the caramel for Andy.”

He passed the cup over and Andy thanked him.

“And a chocolate-mocha for Jay,”

“Thanks Ben,” Jay smiled.

“And a triple shot long black for me,” he finished picking up the remaining cup.

“And here I thought I got my coffee drinking from Lauren,” Andy laughed.

“You did,” Jay replied “And so did I, that woman is Ms Coffee, they really need to throw an espresso parade in her honor.”

“Coffee Queen Lauren,” Andy laughed.

“Yeah? You don’t think you got it from your dad then?” Ben asked feigning offence.

“Sorry dad, get back to me when you start drinking ten cups a day,” Andy laughed.

“Ten? Who drinks ten cups of coffee a day?”

“Lauren,” both boys replied simultaneously before smiling.

“Sure love to meet her, she sounds…hyper,” Ben finished lamely.

“She’d drink you under the table Ben,” Jay laughed.

“But you’d love her,” Andy chimed in.

“That’s true,” Jay confirmed.

“Ok boys, we have about an hour till we have to leave, there are bagels in the bag and condiments in the fridge. I’m going to start getting ready and Andy, unless you want to go to court with your new disheveled hair and dressing gown fashion range I suggest you do the same.”

Andy smiled. He was feeling so on top of the world right now. His boyfriend was here, his Dad was here, fresh coffee too. He could almost let go of all the anxiety he had for the upcoming case. Andy turned slyly to Jay as Ben left for his room.

“My room’s this way,” he smiled.

“Oooh lead on,” Jay replied, sounding very much like a school-girl in love.

Once in Andy’s room and of course with the door closed, Jay had just enough time to notice the night-wish poster on Andy’s wall before he was being pulled back in for another kiss. A deeper one then before that took away all thoughts from both men.

Here they were at last, in the same place at the same time as boyfriends. It was definitely a first and Andy didn’t want to spend another moment apart from the man he loved.

“So I guess that talk we were going to have is now no longer necessary?” Jay smiled cheekily.

“Oh no, we had it, it was good.” Andy replied.

“It was?” Jay questioned.

“Oh yeah,” Andy replied. “I’m just glad we decided to have it in kissing-language as opposed to English. Much easier don’t you agree?”

Jay laughed and hugged Andy, despite where they were headed today, he always felt like the world was where it should be when he was with this guy and now as lovers, well…it was even better.

Not too much later the boys accompanied by Ben stepped out of the car at the courthouse. Mel had advised she was going to meet them outside the court room, which today was court room 6 as Mel had advised for lengthy trial purposes. As Ben relayed this information to his son, Andy couldn’t help but feel the fear rising in him.

“But what about this process is meant to be lengthy? He talks, we talk, judge gives verdict the end! Right?” he pleaded.

“I don’t know son, you’ll have to confer with Mel on that one,” Ben replied. “I’m only passing on what I know.”

As soon as the three were frisked at the security gates Andy quickly asked where the courtroom was and he basically sprinted towards Mel. Jay and Ben left him to it as they casually made their way there.

“So how long do you think you’ll be down here?” Ben asked Jay striking up a conversation.

“I don’t think I could leave without Andy,” Jay replied. “But don’t worry I’ll find somewhere to stay, I don’t want to crash your house.”

“Jay, please! Anyone who can make my son that happy, is more than welcome to stay with us. I’m just surprised, what about B and Edward?”

“Edward and I were over the moment I found out what happened Ben. As for B, well…I’m actually done with him. To be honest it feels like a good weight has been lifted off my shoulders.”

“Well good for you son,” Ben smiled patting Jay on the back.

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