Cold in the Rain

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Chapter Two: You Do Owe Me.


As I sit here writing this letter to you, two things come to mind. The first is how sorry I am that I got so angry at you that day at the diner. It was totally uncalled for and portrayed me in a light that is definitely not me. Suffice it to say I was in absolute shock when Edward told me and rather than take it out on him (and very much needing to blast at someone) I chose the next person I faced. You.

I have had some time to calm down since then and I realize that I was absolutely in the wrong and for that I apologize. I hope your shirt isn’t too ruffled (I am told I can be quite strong when I grab people). I’m also sorry that I yelled and walked away from you. You were only trying to be there for me, telling me the truth which was so right of you to do and I repaid you by blasting away, physically and verbally. Again I am sorry.

The second thing that is troubling me is that you actually lied to me. I went home, fell into B’s lap and cried. When he asked me what was wrong not only did I go on and on about what I did to you, but I rounded off telling him how happy I was that he loved me and that we could now truly be together.

That’s when, as I’m sure you can imagine, B turned around and told me he had no idea what I was talking about. He apologized about fooling around with Edward and admitted to every last detail, but also said that he had never told anyone that he loved me and to this day apparently still doesn’t. This leaves me in a very awkward situation.

I don’t know how much longer I can take living with B, knowing that he does not in fact love me at all and I have all but admitted how much I love him. As I write this I am considering coming to yours and staying with you as you now owe me Andy.

Yes I did what I did, but you had no right to lie to me about this man that you know I have loved for so many years.

As a matter of fact I have made up my mind. Fed-ex guarantee delivery within an hour of letters being written, and so I am going to drop this letter off at Fed-Ex and I will be at yours sometime between now and tomorrow, plane times considered.

We were both in the wrong Andy, let’s deal with this,


“No, no, no, no, no!” Andy whined, dropping the letter almost instantly.

This was the last thing Andy needed. After all, he had only just left this situation behind. He had figured at the very least that J would simply let all of this go and move on with his life and yet instead here he was, for all Andy knew, on a plane at this very moment.

Well he can’t stay here, Andy thought at once. I just couldn’t handle that! Too many issues.

Andy raced over to the phone and dialed the Dètendez-Vouz.

“Hello!” said a rushed voice that was clearly Rein.


“Andy!” screamed Rein. “Oh my god, Mom told me you were back how are you?”

“I’m ok Rein, but can we do the catch-up thing later? Is your mom there?”

“Yeah sure, I’ll pass her on,” said Rein clearly sounding disappointed.

Andy waited, tapping his nails impatiently waiting for Lauren to answer the phone.

“Hello!” came the unmistakable sound of Lauren’s voice.

Finally! Andy thought.

“Hi Lauren, it’s Andy, no time for pleasantries, do you have a room available, it’s an emergency!”

“I’m out of face cream and want to sleep emergency? Or mom’s coming over and the place is a wreck emergency?” Lauren asked.

“Um how about J could be here at my house in the next 5 minutes for all I know, and there’s no way he is staying with me emergency!” Andy half yelled.

“Oh, that bad huh? Ok yep I’ll get you a room and chef-Ramon will make you the most beautiful pot-pie and-…”

But Andy cut her off.

“Lauren! That is the emergency! J is on his way up here right now!”

Silence filled the phone as Andy waited for Lauren to continue. Finally what seemed like an eternity later she spoke.

“Room 203 is free it’s on a lower level and cheaper. 506 costs more but he can smoke up there and 510 is a standalone floor but you’ll pay through the nose.” She said.

“Well,” began Andy, “Since I’m paying, 203 will be fine. Please charge my card he could be here at any…”

Andy’s voice trailed off as he heard the unmistakable sound of knocking at the door.

“It can’t be,” said Andy sharply.

“Ok,” said Lauren, “I’ll give you 506 at 50 per cent off, but this would be a onetime only thing.”

“No Lauren, he’s here already,” Andy whispered urgently. “203 please, we’ll see you soon.”

“Ok,” said Lauren. “Oh and Andy?”


“I’m sorry you have to deal with this.”

“You’re sweet,” Andy said. “See you soon.”

“I’m chaining myself to this desk till you get here,” she said.

Andy hung up the phone and slowly walked to the door. What a day! He couldn’t help but think to himself. First Lauren, then Carmita now this! Andy reached the door, took a huge breath and opened it.

There he stood, dressed to the nines. A beautiful black satin shirt with brown jeans and the smartest black formal loafers Andy had ever seen. J’s hair looked wind-swept, clearly he hadn’t used product today, but Andy liked it that way. All of this accompanied by a pair of aviator sunglasses. The look screamed B and clearly living with him had changed J’s look entirely. He had clearly gone from ‘surfer-dude’ to ‘classy rich man’ all thanks to B.

“Well hello to you too,” J said after a while.

“H- ah hi,” said Andy.

“Did you get my letter?”

Andy, still in shock at the transformation took a moment to right himself before responding.

“Just finished reading it.”

“Ah, C-can I… come in?” J asked clearly unsure if this would even be ok.

This is so unlike him, Andy thought. First the new outfit and now this weird attitude?

Sensing a bad feeling in his gut, Andy decided to stick with the one plan he already had.

“Ah no, we’re going-to-a-hotel.” Andy blurted out in what sounded like one word.

“Um, Andy? I don’t know what impression that letter left you with, but I’m not about to jump in bed with you… not yet anyway.” J replied.

Though he had started off looking offended he had clearly ended that statement looking like the old J, a flirtatiously happy-go-lucky child.

But Andy shook his head, as if like an etch-a-sketch, this would erase all thoughts about to formulate in his mind.

“No, I mean you’re staying there. It’s all paid, but just right now, I can’t have you live here with me.”

“Live here?!!” J spat as though highly offended that this was even an option.

“Stay. I meant stay here. J, you cannot stay here right now. I’ve booked you a room at the Dètendez-Vouz just down the road. We’ll have you settle in and I’ll meet you for coffee tomorrow.” Andy finished proud of the fact that he had gotten all of that out, including making plans to see him tomorrow and not that day.

“Ah…Ok…” J mused. “I guess I’m off then…bye.” And with that J walked back down the steps to the driveway where Andy had only just noticed a cab was waiting.

“J! I was gonna walk you there!” Andy yelled out.

But J simply opened up the cab door, turned to Andy and said:

“Don’t do me no favors A!” before getting in the cab and slamming the door.

Andy watched as the cab pulled out of the drive.

Great! Andy thought. Just Great!


“Mom! Is that him?” Rein yelled out to her mother as she noticed a sandy-blonde haired boy hop out of a cab at the entrance.

Lauren had just finished up a call with Andy who had rung to advise that unlike the aforementioned plan, J would now be arriving on his own. Walking over to the front-desk to face her daughter, Lauren looked out squinting her eyes in what was now the early evening light.

“I think so,” she finally replied. “I mean, Andy never exactly described him but he looks Andy’s type, so that would explain a lot!”

“Talk dark and wind-sweptly handsome. Oh yes, how Andy!” Rein mocked.

Lauren nudged her daughter playfully.

“Play nice,” she whispered just as the sandy-blonde walked through the door.

“Hi, I’m Lauren and welcome to the Dètendez-Vouz!” Lauren greeted as though talking to any new customer. She pointed to her left where a tall and yet charming-looking man stood.

“Can Taylor help you with your bags?”

But J was not at all impressed. A Twenty minute cab ride that had taken him around the entire block twice, just because the driver refused to use his GPS system had J in an even worse mood then he was before hand.

“No!” he said simply.

“Oh-Kay!” Lauren replied rather quickly.

“I’m J and I believe you have a room booked for me? I can only pay in cash, I hope that’s ok?” J huffed.

“Um well yes we have a room booked for you and no, we don’t need your money, the room is paid for already.” Lauren smiled her genuine-to-strangers, yet strained to friends smile.

“Fine!” J huffed once more. “Can I get my keys? It was a long flight!”

“Certainly,” Lauren said. “Ah, Rein, why don’t you take…? J was it?”

J nodded.

“Upstairs and show him his room and ah, Taylor, why don’t you take his bags. After a long flight, I’m sure you could do with some good old customer service.” She smiled once more.

Then so as not to give him the option to talk anymore, Lauren said:

“Thank you for staying with us at the Dètendez-Vouz I trust you’ll enjoy your stay. Dinner is at 8 in the foyer!”

J smiled his first smile since entering the hotel. As he followed Taylor, who by now had his bags, Rein followed him. But not before turning back to her mother and mockingly making the slit-throat sign as if to say you’re dead mom!

The moment the lifts closed with everyone inside, Lauren flopped down onto the receptionist chair and exhaled heavily. A charming man! She thought sarcastically to herself. Why would Andy want someone like that?

She then picked up the phone to call him.

By now a clearly very rich woman, decked to the nine’s in jewelry and a fur coat had appeared at the desk. Lauren, ignoring her punched in the numbers to call Andy.

“Um excuse me,” the lady said to Lauren.

Loren held up a finger indicating to the lady to hold on for a moment. But the lady wouldn’t take no for an answer.

“I’m sorry if I could just…”

Again Lauren cut her off holing up her finger.

“Miss!” she blurted out.

“WHAT?!” Lauren screamed.

The lady took a giant step back looking highly offended.

“Oh, nothing,” she hissed. “Just cancel the Jacob’s reservation. We will certainly not be staying here now after that, humph!”

And with that the lady turned around and walked towards the door muttering “rudeness!” on the way out.

“Oh yeah?!? Come back and say that you old prune!” yelled Lauren, but the lady had already gone.


Back at his house, Andy was just finishing up the last of the cupcake mixture. Stress was something that was inevitable and therapy was expensive. So he had taught himself a long time ago that when stressed to bake. He was just about to put the cupcakes into the oven when the phone rang.

“Hello?” Andy said, sounding much more cheerful then he had been all day. The cupcakes were clearly working their magic.

“Blondey mk-b has arrived!” the unmistakable voice of Lauren said.

“Blondie mk-b?” Andy laughed.

“Uh-ha! My god that kid has a ’tude! Remind me, how is it that you fell for something like that?” she asked.

“I didn’t” Andy replied. “That’s B’s version of him. Blondie mk-b is not the guy I once crushed so hard on. My guy was a soft, sweet, kind hearted…”

“Andy-boy?” Lauren asked.

“Well, I would have said ‘beach’ but yeah. Oh my god, thank you so much Lauren. I just couldn’t have him here. Not today, not now.”

“No explanation necessary,” Lauren replied. “Besides apologize to Rein. I sent her up with him and his bags.”

“Oh my god,” Andy laughed. “Two coffees coming up tomorrow, my treat.”

“Too bad you’re gay,” Lauren said. “You sure know the way to a women’s heart Andy!”

Andy laughed and hung up the phone. He was so grateful to be back in New Haven.

(End of chapter leave remainder of page blank, 2,208 words well done!)

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