Cold in the Rain

By FrancoisT All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Mystery

Chapter Twenty: Meeting Svedantcha.

By now Andy had not only gotten up, but was actually downing his second cup of coffee. With Carmita gone, Andy figured he would prepare for work later on that day. He was also thanking the gods that he had requested an afternoon shift for his first day back. As he was about to take another sip, he heard an announcer on the TV news.

“That’s right Carigan, the snow has literally been piling up so high that some businesses have had to remain closed. Fortunately assistance is on the way, but it does look like heavy snowfall will continue for our entire Tuesday morning.” The reporter said.

The funniest thing about the report was Andy hearing the day of the week. Despite the fact that he should have known what day it was he was just going through each day not even thinking about it.

‘Ding!’ the sound of the elevator come to life and he heard the doors opening.

“Hey sweetie, I put some coffee on if you want,” Andy called out.

“Oh, ah…I actually brought some coffee for you,” came a voice that was clearly not his Latino friend.

Andy stood up and walked to the elevator entrance.

“Jay? What are you doing here?” he asked.

“And a good morning to you too,” Jay replied holding out one of the coffees he had brought for him.

“A bribe?” Andy guessed.

“Only the carameliest and coffeeist I know,” Jay laughed nervously.

Andy took the coffee from Jay and grumbled a thanks, tipping his own coffee down the sink and taking a greatful sip. Looking at the cup, Andy noticed that Jay had gone to his favourite coffee place.

“So, you know the best coffee place already huh?” he asked.

“Yeah, kind of hard not to when you work for the queen of caffine,” Jay smiled.

Andy instructed Jay to have a seat and Jay obliged.

“Listen A…I-“ but Andy cut him off.

“Unless the next 2 words out of your mouth are ‘was wrong’ then I don’t want to hear from you right now,” Andy replied shortly taking a sip.

“A! Come on,” Jay protested.

Andy sprung up out of his chair.

“The familiar cutening of my name implies that we like each other and right now, we do not. So stop it!”

“Ok, I’ll let you talk,” Jay snapped back.

Andy began pacing the room he so did not want to deal with this right now. Life was all becoming a little too much and though a week ago he would have thought otherwise, the idea of joining an insane asylum really was starting to appeal to him. He would even take a convent if the nuns would let him live with them. Andy stopped pacing and noticed Jay’s head was in his lap, clearly he was feeling a range of emotions also.

And so should he! A voice in his head screamed. Serves him right going off with your best friend.

Andy tried his best to calm down. He knew he had to confront the situation and noticing the time on the microwave timer nearby, he had to do it soon as work time was approaching.

“Jay…I-I….I don’t even know where to begin with this.”

Jay looked up from his lap and opened his mouth to reply, but noticing the glare coming from Andy’s eyes closed it at once.

“Exactly,” Andy said. “No talking, just listen. If this is going to work…”

Jay raised his eyebrows suddenly hopeful.

“Remember I said If this is going to work,” Andy confirmed. “Then we need to be able to talk to each other. We keep getting interrupted whether by me or you or Lauren or the greater Pittsburg nation and we can’t have that. So I think the first thing we need to do is switch off our phones, because otherwise it’s just not going to happen.”

Jay almost opened his mouth to advise that the interruptions had all been one sided lately, but thought better of it and closed his mouth pulling out his cell. Dramatically showing Andy he turned it off and placed it onto the coffee table in front of him.

“Thank you,” Andy said appreciatively.

He took a deep breath and then continued.

“Seriously! This whole month has been a fucking nightmare! I really should never have gone to Pittsburg in the first place.”

“What? Why not?” Jay asked unable to help himself.

“Why not? Why not???” Andy questioned not quite believing Jay could ask such a question.

“For one thing you’d still be with Edward right now all happy and lah di dah and life would all be normal. Micah wouldn’t have wound up in hospital and eventually after twenty latte’s or so with Lauren life would be back to normal and none of this crap would have happened and…”

“What?” Jay asked cautiously, not wanting to interject, but wanting Andy to finish.

“And I wouldn’t have single handedly split up one of the greatest couples I know,” Jay went to interject but Andy put his hand up stopping him. “Don’t even.” He said.

“If I had of just stayed at home I never would have had that discussion with Mel and none of that would have even happened!” Andy fumed and then took a deep breath. “But, I digress. It’s been a long month for me and for you too and now I’m going to ask you what in gods name you were thinking when you decided to fuck my friend?

Sure his volume had risen there, but Andy didn’t care. Despite everything that had been happening this month, Jay still had no right to do what he did.

“Actually he fucked me,” Jay replied smiling.

But Andy wasn’t joining in.

“Is this a joke to you?” he demanded. “Do you think that this is ok, to just joke around about going behind my back-”

But this time it was Jay who didn’t care and he stood up and cut Andy off.

“Behind your back?! Andy we weren’t even together!” he cried.

“You’re right,” Andy agreed. “Well then, guess that clears everything up. I’m sure if you fly out to California he’ll take you in with open arms. Thanks for coming to New Haven Jay and have a good life,”

Andy then proceeded to walk past Jay, but Jay was not about to let that happen and he grabbed Andy with both hands.

“Will you shut up for a god-damned second?!” he screamed.

“On and on and on and on and on about you and you’re life and how everything is bad for poor little Andy while everyone else gets to ride off into the sunset and live their nice happy lives! Did you once, just once, stop to think about how this…act…has affected me?! Sure I’m the one to blame; do the crime do the time A! But seriously, just shut up for a god damned minute and let me talk.”

And with that he pushed Andy onto the couch and while Andy tried to sit upright he plowed on.

“I have been wracked with guilt ever since it happened. Did you ask Rick about what happened the next day? Did you? No. Did you even consider giving me time to explain? No. All you did was accuse and basically dismiss me as though you were Miranda fucking Priestley!”

Andy boiled with rage and jumped up but Jay pushed him back down before he could say anything else and continued.

“Did I tell you what happened while we were in Pittsburg? No. Why? Where was the time Andy?!?! Between your trial and your Papa and everything that has been going on since we have not had one moment to even discuss this and yet here you are acting all high and mighty as though I wanted this to happen and am so glad it did! Well Andy you want the truth? Here it is.”

Suddenly Jay’s stance changed completely and he sat on the coffee table taking Andy’s hands in his quite gently and looking calmly and lovingly into his eyes.

“I missed you,” he said. “I missed you so much while you were away, it ached to not be with you. Then…it… happened and then we talked on the phone and you told me the words I have been waiting to hear since I got here. You told me you loved me.”

“And you told me you loved me,” Andy replied, a tear escaping his eyes.

“And nothing happened since then,” Jay confirmed. “Even during and after I knew it wasn’t what I wanted because I wanted you. Yes things got in the way and I think they may for a while, but I also think provided we don’t split up again and have you gallivanting around in another state while I stay behind then nothing like this would even happen. But A, don’t you see? We need to be with each other and not just in the metaphorical sense.” Now tears were starting to leak from Jay’s eyes.

“And I am so so so sorry about all this. I never meant to hurt you and-”

But there was nothing more said as Andy’s lips crashed into Jay’s.

“That’s all I needed to hear,” Andy panted sobbing. “I love you Jay.”

“I love you to Andy,” Jay sobbed equally as hard. “And I never want to loose you.”

As the pair continued their passionate kissing, Jay started unbuttoning Andy’s work shirt.

“Jay!” he gasped. “Right here in the Praeses Locus? What if Lauren were to…oooooooh!” he moaned, for what Jay was doing by then pushed aside any and all thoughts of the outside world.


“Driver, corner of Woodbridge and Main please,” Carmita called out as she stepped into the limo.

“Woah! Neat ride dude!” Rick exclaimed.

“Ok sweetie, first of all I’m not your ‘dude’,” Carmita said.

Then she noticed the crestfallen look on his face and continued.

“What I mean is call me Carmita, or Amiga, or I don’t know, something that doesn’t make me sound like I’m going to chuck back some beers yeah?” she laughed.

“Ok, I’ll go with Carmita then for now,” Rick replied joining the laugh.

Carmita reached past Rick and flicked open a compartment next to him.

“And the good news is…” she started reaching in and pulling up a bottle. “I brought the wine!”

Rick smiled, not only was this woman saving him from everything that had happened, she was also offering him some alcohol.

“Thanks Carmita,” he replied.

“Oh sweetie,” she started looking at him sternly. “This is not for you. I have a meeting with a producer from Pennsylvania coming into town today. Looks like I’ll have a show over there if I can schmooze him over.”

“Oh,” Rick replied, slightly crestfallen.

“And that’s where you come in,” she continued. “If you can help me secure this deal, then I’ll be happy for you to stay on.” She smiled.

“Stay on?” Rick questioned.

“Yeah, as my butler,” Carmita replied. “There’s a guest room at the house I’m using and if you’re up for it you can stay with me.”

As the limo continued forward, Carmita explained the situation to Rick. A hand held mirror in her hand, she continued to fix her already perfect appearance.
“So, when he arrives I need to make sure that we have the wine chilled and some tapas out ready just incase he’s hungry,” she said running fingers through her hair.

“Of course,” Rick replied.

Despite the fact that he had never been a butler before there was not way he wasn’t going to do this. After all, she had practically rescued him and he was so greatful for it. If he could help her get this gig, he would do everything in his power.

As the limo pulled up to the house, Rick couldn’t help but look at it in awe. Carmita noticed the look on his face particularly the dropped jaw and she couldn’t help but giggle.

“Belive me, I had the same look you did,” she said. “Aparently they have these sort of places on reserve for ‘stars’ as they call it. Not really what I’m used to...but if it’s what I need to live in for the sake of the job, then I guess I’ll do the right thing,” she winked.

The pair stepped out and Rick was even more suprised to see a Russian lady approach them.

“Ms Carmita, you return,” she smiled.

“Ah yes, Rick this is Svedantcha,” she advised.

Rick held out his hand to shake hers.

“Oh, pleased to meet you,” he said.

Svedantcha held out her hand to shake his.

“Yes, Rick will be working for us for a little while,” Carmita informed the Russian.
Svedantcha instantly removed her hand as though Rick’s was on fire. Rick looked at her surprised as Carmita stepped inside.

“I’m Russian,” she said simply in a very low tone. “We never shake hands with the help.”

She then simply stepped aside and motioned for Rick to enter the house. As he walked past her he couldn’t help but wonder what in the world he had gotten himself into. As he stepped inside the house, the thought continued to provoke him. The interior screamed rich, rich and classy. Almost too classy for him.

“So, what do you think?” Carmita asked walking over to the man.

“It’s....amazing!” he replied still looking around in awe.

“I’m glad you like it,” she replied. “I need to go and get changed, I’ll be back.”

Rick continued to look around the home and made his way into the living area. It was absolutely stunning. Splashes of gold and white were seen everywhere as though they were the major colour combination of the elaborate home. It reminded him strongly of what a Greek God’s home would look like and he wouldn’t have been surprised to see Aphrodite saunter past with a bunch of grapes and a golden goblet.

“So,” came the crisp voice of Svedantcha behind him, making him jump. “You like the place, yes?” she asked, though it definitely didn’t sound like a question at all.

“Yes, it’s...amazing,” Rick replied.

“Good, because that’s how we must keep it looking until you leave,” she replied rather crisply.

“Come,” she ordered as she quickly started walking out of sight.

Rick’s eyes bulged, what in the world had he gotten himself into he wondered yet again as he quickly raced after the Russian woman.

“So you are a butler too?” he asked panting to keep up with her.

“Butler?” she spat, turning to face him suddenly. “Do I look like I buttle?” she asked, though again it didn’t seem like a question.

Rick chose not to answer and fortunately it seemed Svedantcha let it go and moved on.

“Now then, you will wake at 5am in the morning and you will be in the kitchen ready to go by 5:30 are we clear?”

“Yes,” Rick replied, though in his mind he was thinking of some other choice words.

“Can you cook?” the lady spat.

“Some things,” Rick replied positively.

“Some things? some things...” she muttered though more to herself then him. “Hire a butler and he can’t cook, this woman thinks she’s miss fame and suddenly it’s just hire the cute guy who knows nothing. As if my life wasn’t hard enough. OK,” she continued now looking specifically at Rick.

“I will cook and you will clean, follow me.”

And again like before she moved off at such a pace that Rick had to run just to keep up with her.

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