Cold in the Rain

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Chapter Thirty Two: The Traitor.

“Debbie! Debbie!” Jenny yelled out, rushing back to the hole.

“What?” Debbie asked. “Find an old ancient toothbrush or something?”

“No,” Jenny replied. “It’s Jay! He’s in here!”

“Jay?” she asked.

“Yes, come on!” Jenny yelled. “He’s hurt we need to help him.”

“Lord help me,” Debbie mumbled to herself looking at the tiny hole and having no idea how she was going to squeeze through.

Head and arms were easy it was the rest that was tough. But one she could see inside the place she noticed him too and it spurred her on. Jenny meanwhile began to shake her son.

“Jay, Jay sweetie it’s mom!” she cried shaking him.

But Jay didn’t move.

She hastily began to untie him and she noticed Debbie, with great difficultly making her way into the room.

“Oh my god this place smells,” Debbie said making her way through slowly. “Owwwwww!”

She groaned and she felt the rusty edges of the wall surround the hole scratch at her skin.

“Are you ok?” Jenny asked, not looking up while continuing to untie her son.

“I’m trying…umph…to get…umph…through!” Debbie panted now very nearly there. “It’s easier job for someone your size believe you me.”

Jenny finished untying her son and removed the blind fold. Jay’s eyes were closed and he didn’t seem to be responding at all. But at least he was breathing that was something.

“Urgh…finally!” Debbie said as she yanked the last part of her left leg inside the room. “Whew! That was a workout. Don’t need that gym-buster anymore with this thing that’s for sure.”

Then she noticed Jay more fully taking in his appearance and couldn’t help the mittened-hand that covered her mouth.

“Oh my god!” she cried. “Is he-?”

“No,” Jenny interrupted. “He’s still alive, but barely.”

“Who would do this?!” Debbie cried. “Who would do this to a poor kid?”

“I have some idea,” Jenny responded angrily.


Meanwhile Carmita and Micah were still making their way over to Andy and Rein. The more steps she took the more she knew Micah was right. She should have told Andy from the start and cursed that fact that she hadn’t.

“How you doing up there?” Micah panted steps behind her.

Carmita could definitely keep a smart pace and she was way out in front of him.

“Oh come on fly-fly!” she moaned. “The sooner we get there the sooner I can tell Andy!”

“La-princessa,” Micah replied using the nickname he’d come up with for her. “I don’t know if you know this, but I only just got out of hospital about a week ago. I can’t walk that fast.”

So Carmita back-tracked and walked with him. On the way they received a text from Andy.

Morning everyone, let’s meet at the entrance – Andy.

Carmita quickly penned a reply that they were on the way and not too much longer the pair spotted Andy and Rein back at the gate.

“Anything?” Andy asked desperately as the two approached.

“Nothing,” Micah replied. “We’ve looked everywhere. But, Carmita here has something to say.”

“You better not be leaving muchacha!” Andy said angrily.

“No, no, no,” Carmita replied hastily. “Although once you hear what I have to say you may want me to.”

Rein offered to stay at the gate and wait for the others as the threesome walked over to some sitting rocks that were located near-by.

“Damn,” Carmita said. “These rock-seat things are everywhere!”

“Makes it a little more convenient,” Andy said in a rush. “Now Carmita, what did you want to say.”

“I…ah…” as much as she wanted to tell him, now that she was actually here she found it hard to begin.

“Started getting some texts a few days ago,” she admitted figuring it best to start at the beginning.

“Texts?” Andy enquired.

“Yes Andy,” Carmita replied annoyed. “You know, little paragraphs of writing you get on your phone that are more convenient than email!”

“I know what texts are!” Andy responded hotly. “Who from? What did they say?”

Carmita swallowed hard. Who know how Andy would take the news? However judging by the look she was giving him, to withhold it would probably be worse.

“The first one was an mms with 2 pictures,” she continued. “One was of Rick and one was of Jay.”

“OMG Rick!” Andy said suddenly. “I’ve been so worried about Jay I didn’t even realize he’s not here anymore!”

He rounded onto Carmita and Micah and as though not hearing a word she’d said demanded.

“Did he go home?!?”

He glared at the pair, knowing pretty much full-well he was right.

“No Chico,” Carmita said her eyes filled with tears now. “Dios Mio! The mms showed Rick in one picture Jay in another with guns held to their heads!”

“W-wh-what?” Andy stuttered not at all expecting this news.

Si!” Carmita continued now holding no emotions back at all. “And this anonymous hombre malvado asked me to choose one to asesinado!”

With that she balled her eyes out.

“And for those of us who don’t speak Español?” Micah asked Andy quietly.

“Some evil guy asked her to pick one of them to be assassinated.” Andy said quickly.

“Oh my god Carmita, why didn’t you tell me?” Andy asked trying to comfort his friend.

“Oh my dear sweet Chico,” Carmita replied flooding now with tears. “It’s too late. Rick està muerto.”

Muerto?” Andy choked in response.

Si,” Carmita replied. “Muerto”.

“No!” Andy replied. “He can’t be!”

This time Micah didn’t need any translating, he knew just be the very reaction of Andy that Carmita had told him. He placed his arms around both of them as the cried together.

Moments later noticing Rein still at the gate, Andy got up and walked over to her.

“Everything ok? Whoa!” Rein said noting the redness surrounding Andy’s eyes.

“No Rein it’s not really,” Andy said.

“Oh no!” Rein cried. “Not Jay.”

“No Rein, not Jay,” Andy confirmed. “Rick.”

“Wha?” Rein asked. “Come to think of it where is Rick? We haven’t seen him for a-”

But Andy stopped her.

“Dead,” he said simply.

“What? No.” Rein cried. “He can’t be dead.”

“It’s true,” Andy replied. “Rick’s gone, the killed him.”

“N-n-no!” Rein shouted. “No it can’t be! There’s…there’s…”

And she too broke down in tears.

“There’s still so much he needs to do with his life!” she cried into Andy’s chest.

“I know sweetie, I know.” Andy replied. “I know.”

Together the pair walked over to the others where they sat mourning over the passing of their dear friend.


Edward knew that there wouldn’t be much time left to get to the others and cursed the warehouse for being so huge.

“Crystal Cox couldn’t run the length of this damn place,” he panted as he rounded yet another corner.

Finally rounding what felt like the millionth corner but was probably only the 20th he spied Andy with Rein, Carmita and Micah.

“Andy!” he screamed out.

Back at the rocks, Andy had heard his name.

“Did someone just yell my name?” he asked in a broken voice from all the crying.

“I thought I heard it too,” Micah said.

“ANDY!” came the scream again.

This time all four looked up and saw Edward running towards them.

“Oh it’s Edward,” Andy realized and the all stood up.

Edward rushed over to them but was so out of breath he needed a moment to right himself. Puffing and panting he tried very hard to explain the situation.

“Andy…Lauren…” he puffed. “Fainted…black…blacked out…or something.”

He spat on the ground, revolting all four but Andy quickly pulled himself out of his moral values and prodded further.

“What? Edward, take a moment and breath,” he instructed placing his hand on Edwards back and rubbing it. “There you go, there you go.”

“Edward are you asthmatic?” Rein asked.

“No,” Edward replied. “I’m fine, just exhausted. This place is friggen huge man!”

“No shit,” Micah replied.

Andy gave his Papa a glare before turning to back to Edward.

“Ok now nice and easy,” he instructed. “What happened?”

“Lauren,” Rick replied. “She fainted or blacked out or something. I had no idea what to do so I ran to you!”

“Um CPR?” Micah suggested sarcastically.

“My mum blacked out!” Rein cried. “Where is she?”

“Thanks,” Edward replied to Micah giving him a wry smile before turning to Rein. “This way come on.”

As the foursome started walking Edward told them what had happened. How Lauren was one minute bitching about not having coffee and the next thing he knew she was out of it. He was very careful not to mention that he gave her a sip of his drink just in case they thought that he was responsible for what had happened.

“Does she have any medical conditions?” Micah asked openly.

“Not that I know of,” Andy replied. “Rein?”

But Rein was too distracted. The only thought on her mind right now was getting to her mother.

“Rein?” Andy asked again.

“What?” Rein asked hotly before realizing how hotly she said it. “Oh, sorry Andy I’m just worried. You know how important she is to me.”

“Yeah I know, to both of us Rein,” he replied. “Does she have any medical conditions I don’t know about?”

“Not unless you count non-caffeine itus,” Rein replied making a small joke.

Edward however didn’t know it was a joke and so turned around worried.

“Oh my god,” he said seriously. “She did complain a lot about not having coffee. Oh Rein, I didn’t know I’m so sorry.”

“Edward,” Rein said simply. “I’m kidding. Mum has no medical conditions, she just psychologically believes she needs coffee every morning.”

As they rounded the next corner they heard a shout, but they couldn’t quite make out what the person was saying.

“EEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLL!” came the noise again.

“Elle?” Andy asked. “Is that a person’s name?”

“I thought I heard hell,” Micah said.

“Maybe it’s Mel,” Rein offered. “Oh, yeah, wait. That’s not it.”

Around another corner however and this time it was much clearer.

“HELP!” came the sound of a very much in trouble:

“Debbie!” Andy cried.

“Mum!” Micah agreed.

“I’ll go,” Edward said. “I’m just going to hold you guys up anyway I can’t run I’m dead.”

Everyone agreed right away.

“Go straight down,” Edward told them. “When you get to the end turn left, then next left, then next right, then next left. She’s near the sitting rocks.”

Everyone except for Edward raced out of sight to help Lauren.


“Someone’s coming,” Debbie advised Jenny who was still sitting with her son.

The pair had tried contacting the others but both cell phones had no reception and so Debbie had resorted to screaming.

“Pulse is slowly dropping,” Jenny advised. “If we get him to the hospital soon, he should be ok. I hope.”

“I can definitely hear footsteps,” Debbie replied. “Someone’s coming. HELP!”

And then, coming around the corner was Edward.

“Oh Edward, honey, thank god,” she cried. “Come quickly we found Jay. We need to get him out of here and get him to a hospital but I can’t get out without injury and Jenny can’t lift him!”

Edward rushed to Debbie’s side.

“Stand back Debbie I’ll crawl through,” he advised.

She did so, racing back over to Jenny and Jay.

“Oh thank god you arrived honey,” Debbie said now sounding a little hoarse from all the screaming she’d been doing. “Seriously I was almost out of lung support.”

“If only,” Edward chuckled slightly.

“What did you say?” Debbie asked now heading towards him.

But before she could even get to him Edward swiftly pulled out a gun and pointed it right at her head.

“I said if only,” he annunciated quite clearly.

“Edward? Wha?” Debbie started but her cut her off instantly.

“Step back,” Edward said calmly still facing the gun at her. “NOW!”

He looked over to see that Jay was now on the floor laying on his back. Obviously Debbie and Jenny had moved him in anticipation of his arrival.

“Ok honey, Ok,” Debbie replied. “I don’t want no trouble.”

“Debbie SHUT UP!” Edward screamed.

She did instantly as both herself and Jenny were turning white as a sheet.

“Now put him back where he was,” Edward demanded softly.

“W-what?” Jenny stammered.

“NOW!” Edward screamed again.

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