Cold in the Rain

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Chapter Thirty Three: Abusado Sexualmente.

Jenny looked helplessly at her son. She knew he needed to be treated soon if not right away or else… well… she didn’t want to think that far ahead. Meanwhile, Debbie didn’t seem to be helping the situation at all.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?!?” she demanded of her captor yet again.

“That, my dear sweet diner-woman,” Edward replied condescendingly. “Is for me to know and you to find out…when the time is right.”

“You were such a good kid,” Debbie went on, not at all phased by the gun that was still pointed directly at her. “What happened honey? That housemate of yours inject you with something?!?”

“Debbie please!” Jenny pleaded.

“Well I’m sorry honey,” Debbie continued, not sounding apologetic in the least. “But this is completely unacceptable.”

“I told you,” Edward breathed before to raising his voice. “to shut-up!”

Once again he moved towards Debbie gun still aimed threateningly at her face.

“Please!” Jenny whined partially to stop Debbie from saying anything else and partly to turn the attention back to her son.

“Edward,” she started before taking a breath trying to keep her tone calm and collected. “I know you loved my son once and feelings like that don’t just completely wash away overnight.”

She had known the Jay had left Edward weeks ago by now, but was hoping she could appeal to his heart, if it was still there.

“Go on,” Edward said steadily.

“I’m sure you can see how dire the situation is,” she continued remaining cool though struggling to do so. “Sure keep us here, keep us here all night. But please, please, find it in your heart to get him the medical attention you know he needs before…before it’s too late.”

It had been hard for Jenny to add the last part especially since she didn’t even want to go there herself. But she knew she had to make him realize just how dire the situation was if she were to have any chance at all of having her son whisked off to a hospital.

Edward looked over to his former lover and for the first time since arriving at the warehouse with the rest of the team, actually saw him for who he was rather then the mark everyone wanted to use. He remembered all the good times, all the support he had received from Jay while struggling through the music industry and the way that people had easily seemed to accept him as one of their own when he was with Jay.

But he also knew that if he went against direct orders from their boss that it would be he who would be in dire straits and need medical attention.

“I hold nothing against your son,” he said finally. “However it is not time for that yet.”


Meanwhile Andy, Rein, Micah and Carmita were still rushing over to where Edward had advised Lauren would be.

“So who knows CPR?” Andy screamed out as they continued to run.

“I have very basic training,” Rein replied.

“That’s good,” Micah said. “We’ll all follow your lead.”

But as they rounded the next corner leading them to where Lauren should have been they noticed she was nowhere to be seen.

“But, where is she?” Carmita finally asked filling the silence that had overcome the rest.

“He did say here right?” Rein asked.

“Yes,” Andy replied. “Right by the sitting rocks. There are the sitting rocks right there!”

He pointed a few paces away, but there was nothing there at all except for the rocks themselves.

“Oh my god!” Rein cried. “They’ve got mom!”

Just then Andy’s phone vibrated and he took it out of his pocket to read the text he could probably guess had arrived.

Fee fi fo fum, I told you before you’d be down to no one.

As one more enters another’s in pain.

Find them now while they are sane.

I know that you’re here that much is true.

Like I said before don’t lie, this time I see you.

Ben, Mel, Jay and now Lauren oh what a treat.

Only five more to go before you’re dead meat.

This had Andy freaking out more then ever before. If their main nemesis had indeed also captured Lauren then they were half way towards having their threat become a reality. Naturally Andy didn’t want to be down to no one, but he feared what would happen if he kept everyone here looking for Jay. Would they like the rest be taken away from him?


The moment she had closed the door lights flickered on and Lauren, blinking in the sudden light, looked around herself. Unlike the last room this one seemed to be severely lacking in furniture. There was nothing in the room with the exception of another monitor, which rested upon a TV stand and a bowl of fruit which lay next to it.

“Fruit?” Lauren laughed in spite of herself. “So you’ll torture our minds but you’re happy for us to eat?”

Feeling hungry she grabbed an apple and bit into it awaiting Jay. It was a very nice, very juicy apple.

Hope it’s not poisoned, she thought to herself. How would it be for someone to be fooled by that trick in this day and age?

With there being no furniture, Lauren continued to stand facing the TV, but something was wrong. She didn’t know how she knew this, but she could just feel something in her gut. She looked around the room tracing her hand along the wall, after what she had been told by Ben and Mel she wouldn’t have been surprised to see any of the walls shift and move. But nothing happened.

Then suddenly a very worrisome thought hit her.

Where is Jay? She wondered. Didn’t they say I’d get to see him?

But there was no Jay and no sign of anywhere for him to even enter. It seemed that she had fallen for a ruse and was now very angry.

“You said I could see him!” she yelled out hoping her tormentor could hear her. “Where is he then?!?”

But there came no reply.

“You promised!” she bellowed. “Urrr rahhh!”

In a rage she ran to the wall opposite the monitor and drummed on it loudly with her fists. Somehow this seemed to do the trick as behind her she heard the sound of words being typed onto the screen. Lauren turned around and read.

So I did and here he is…

And with that the words disappeared and in its place on the screen was.

“Jay!” Lauren screamed out.

It was definitely him. It was almost as though there was a camera facing him and she was experiencing a live-feed through the monitor. Despite the fact that Lauren thought she would be seeing him in the room she was in now, all thoughts of any of that were wiped from her mind as her jaw dropped.

Jay was clearly slumped in a chair all bloody and bruised.

“You monsters!” Lauren screamed out “What did you do to him?!?”

Then all of a sudden audio kicked in and Lauren could hear the sound of other voices.

“Please, he needs medical treatment now,” one was whining.

“You’re just going to leave him here?” asked another clearly bewildered.

The camera then shifted and Lauren saw Debbie and Jenny on their knees clearly in some sort of a hostage situation.

“Oh… my… god,” Lauren breathed.

Before going through to this room she had been under the assumption that not only would she see Jay in person, but also that he would be ok. Now to see this situation unfold had left Lauren shocked and completely horrified.

Then as quickly as this thought came, it left as the camera panned once more. This time to reveal their captor Edward holding a gun at them.

“I told you,” he said with a smirk. “Now is not the time for that.”

Lauren couldn’t help but back-up and cover her mouth with her hands. She knew she could never trust this kid. Especially after he just somehow showed up out of the blue.

“I knew it was you!” she screamed out. “What the fuck have you done to Jay!”

“You fucking bitch!” she continued to scream, now banging on the monitor that impressively was not breaking.

“Answer me!”

But there came no response to her. None at all as the camera panned back over to Debbie and Jenny who seemed completely helpless to do anything at all.

So it was Edward all along! Lauren thought to herself. Fucking bitch! Fucking son of a bitch! I knew we shouldn’t have ever trusted him. I just knew it!

But before she could even think one more thought the camera panned on last time to Jay and Lauren looked on in horror as she saw him slip off the chair and collapse onto the floor.


Andy stuffed his phone back in his pocket and delivered the news solemnly.

“Guys, she’s gone too.”

“What?!” Rein asked freaking out.

“They’ve got Lauren, I’m so sorry Rein.”

“Dios Mio!” Carmita Breathed. “That’s…”

“Four,” Andy interrupted her. “I know.”

“What do we do?” Carmita asked panicked.

“Guys, I know what I said earlier,” Andy started. “But really, we have to get out of here. Now.”

“What we need,” Micah said impatiently. “Is to call the cops!”

“A little louder Chico,” Carmita breathed. “We want them to hear every word you’re saying.”

Micah just glared at the Spanish Princess. Sarcasm was so not needed right now.

“Guys, he’s right,” Andy admitted. “But so is Carmita. We need to leave and call the cops.”

Everyone nodded and murmured in agreement.

“Come on,” Andy beckoned.

Everyone followed him racing back towards the entrance of the warehouse.

“Suerte que herede las piernas firmes, para correr si un día hace falta!” Carmita panted though easily keeping up with Andy.

“Cuando llegamos a la ayuda Rein final conseguir a través ok?” Andy asked her.

“Sí Andy , te ayudaré ella, incluso si tengo que llevar a ella. Apoderarse de su padre,” she responded.

“Si,” Andy replied.

A little behind them, though not too far away Micah and Rein weren’t faring as well. Rein had already gotten a stitch and Micah who shouldn’t have been running this soon after being in hospital was gasping for air to keep up.

“Ok Rein, you learn Spanish and then you can translate that ok?” Micah choked out.

“Or we could just come up with our own thing,” Rein smiled back.

“Se solo si potesse parlare italiano,” he breathed, knowing she couldn’t.

“Ma posso. Sono andato a Venezia l’anno scorso e ho imparato a parlare un italiano fluent,” Rein replied.

“Really?” Micah asked smiling.

“Realmente e veramente,” Rein replied reflecting his smile.

“How did it take this long to find that out?” Micah wondered out loud.

“You’ll be amazed at the things you learn while under stress,” Rein replied simply.

“Speaking of stress guys,” Andy piped in. “We’re nearly there keep moving!”

As they rounded the next corner Andy could see the gate that surrounded the perimeter. If they could just make it there they could phone the cops and end this drama once and for all. But as they got closer a sickening feeling arose within Andy. Up ahead the gate was closing.

“Hurry up guys, the gate’s closing!” Andy screamed out horrified.

Closer and closer they got and closer and closer the gate was to shutting. Almost out of energy Andy sped up, but it was no good. Just as he arrived at the gate it slammed shut with a bang.

“There’s got to be another way out!” Micah screamed frantically.

Meanwhile Carmita was helping a now struggling Rein make it to the entrance.

Andy looked up noticing the spikes that covered the top of the fence and realized just how wrong his papa was. He tugged at the gate, but it did absolutely no good. Despite the fact that every other time they had entered the gate would manually swing open, this time it seemed to be permanently sealed shut as though someone had fixed it during the night.

“Oh my god!” Andy cried. “There’s no way out!”

“What?” Carmita screamed frantically. “We’re trapped here?!”

There was nothing the four could do, indeed as suspected they were now trapped.


“Please!” Jenny screamed out for what had felt like the millionth time. “You have to take him. I don’t want him…I can’t have my s-son…”

But she couldn’t even bring herself to say the words. Nothing she said or did seemed to have any effect on Edward at all. He might as well have been one of those guards outside of Buckingham Palace he was that emotionless. Debbie hadn’t said much else. She was trapped inside a bubble of her own emotions. Confused because she didn’t know how Edward could turn this bad this quickly. Sad because she could see Jay’s chances of getting out of here alive minimizing by the moment and Pissed off because there was not a damn thing she could do about it without having her head blown off in the process.

“Fine,” Jenny said at last. “My life…for his.”

She pointed at her son. At this stage she was so desperate to get medical care for her son that she didn’t care if her life was taken in the process.

“Are you crazy?” Edward asked, faltering for a moment.

“No Edward,” Jenny said simply. “If you think it’s fair to leave my son lying there inches from… you know what… you’re the crazy one, not me.”

Just then all three heard a noise coming from the outside.

Who could it be?

Maybe it’s Andy and Micah come to rescue us! Jenny thought to herself.

No chance.

Moments later a very familiar voice to all three could be heard.

“E it’s me, I’m coming in.”

The next thing everyone knew the small hole which all three had crawled through suddenly became larger and larger revealing from middrif to face….B!

“Hello ladies!” he said, beaming from ear to ear as he easily stepped into the room.

“B!” Jenny gasped with shock.

“OK buddy enough fooling around,” Debbie started authoritatively before Edward rounded his gun right back to her. “B You on our side or his?”

B smiled at her menacingly.

“Well when you put it that way,” he grinned. “In short…his.”

At once Jenny put her hands up to her mouth in shock.

“Why am I not surprised?” Debbie replied off handedly.

“You live long enough, you see everything,” B cheeked.

“Don’t be cheeky you bitch!” Debbie snarled.

“I told you to SHUT UP!” Edward yelled out.

As Jenny surveyed the situation part of her felt let down, she had not suspected B to be behind any of this. After all, wasn’t he meant to be back home in Pittsburg? But the other part of her was really angry. Angry with herself and angry at him.

What was that saying people always used? She wondered to herself. Oh yeah, nice guys always finish last. Guess that means people like B always finish first.

He always seemed to get everything; a great job, her son at one point and now this. And of course if anyone had a reason to let Jay just lie there it would be this man that she had grown to hate over many, many years.

“You know fatty you may want to listen to him,” B spat towards Debbie, referring to Edwards earlier comment.

“Why do you care?” she asked letting go of the disdainful comment.

“Because, if you play nice and actually listen I will take Jay to the emergency room right now,” he said.

Everyone including Edward now looked at B wide-eyed.

“Off all the…” Jenny started but stopped the moment he looked at her.

“And why should we bel-” Debbie started but Jenny interrupted her.

“Debbie,” she said tapping her to stop her from continuing that thought. “Stop. Please.”

As much as she hated B, more like loathed him in fact, if he was able to take Jay away from here to a hospital she would do anything he wanted.

“He’s all yours,” she said moving away from her son for the first time since arriving in the room.

Edward simply looked at B, shocked to hear the words.

“Dude? What the…?”

“It’s ok,” B replied. “The boss said provided you keep them here I can take him to emergency.”

“Ok,” Edward replied allowing B to step forward and pick up the boy.

“Thank you B, thank you,” Jenny said more grateful for the presence of this man then she had ever been before. “But I warn you, one more mark…”

“Honey,” Debbie interjected.

This time it was her turn to stop Jenny from continuing. B picked up Jay and walked out of the room all three watching him leave. However the moment he was out of sight Edward’s gun was straight back on them. Though by now the two women were just so happy that Jay was being carried off to safety.


Back at the entrance everyone was freaking out.

“What do we do?!?” Rein asked.

“I don’t know Muchacha,” Carmita replied.

“We’re screwed is what we are,” Micah proclaimed.

Meanwhile Andy was frantically flailing his phone around in the air looking for any kind of reception at all.

“You really think there will be reception out here?” Micah asked.

“Hey!” Rein yelled. “At least he’s thinking of something Mr. we’re screwed, let’s just give up.”

Carmita walked over to Andy.

“Anything?” she asked hoping against all hope.

“Nothing,” Andy replied.

“See?!” Micah yelled. “We screwed is what we are! Screwed, screwed, screwed, sc-”

And just like that Micah’s sentence was halted half way through as all four almost magnetically turned to see someone walking towards them.

“Is that…” Rein started. “…Jay?”

But Andy was already running towards his boyfriend’s limp body over-joyed at the prospect of just seeing him.

But then, he noticed who was carrying him and Andy flew into a rage more violent then anyone had ever seen before.

“Get the fuck of hiiiiiiiiiiiiim! NOW!” he yelled racing in the direction of the two.

B, completely unperturbed kept right on walking as though this were a park and he was on holidays.

“I’m gonna fucking KILL YOU B! Just you fucking wait!” Andy was screaming, cursing the fact that he was so puffed out and that B was just far enough away.

There was a murderous glint in his eyes that no one had ever seen in this kind hearted well natured boy. But now, with Jay looking all limp and B being right there he couldn’t help but feel completely livid.

“No Andy,” B replied very soft and casually poking a gun out between his right arm and Jay’s body. “You’re not. You’re going to let me walk past you and take Jay to emergency.”

By this time the other 3 had caught up to them.

“Get away from us,” B instructed them. “Or I will shoot.”

No one moved, everyone was in complete shock. Everyone that was except for Andy who dived towards B and his boyfriend, but Micah caught him just in time.

“Don’t be stupid Andy,” he said quickly.

“Everyone over to the right side of the entrance now!” B instructed. “Move!”

Everyone did, even Andy despite struggling against his Papa for several moments before hand. With everyone lined-up on the right hand side of the fence B was free to continue walking towards the entrance unharmed.

Carmita was in quite a flux over this, who was this man trying to take Jay away and why was he pointing a gun at him. But then, she spotted him and drew in a very deep breath.


“Who’s Bryce?” Andy asked.

“That’s Bryce,” Carmita replied impatiently, pointing a finger at him. “He was the guy the director guy that came to my place looking to sign me up to a tour the other week.”

“Carmita,” Andy replied a little surprised. “That’s not Bryce, that’s B!”

“Ok B, Bryce whatever, you give him a nickname I don’t! What the hell are you doing?!” she yelled again.

“No Carmita, B is short for Brian! That’s Jay’s ex before Edward!”

“That’s abusado sexualmente?” Carmita asked.

By now Brian had made it through the gate and had locked it too. Andy pissed off that he had been distracted raced over to where he was.

“You told her I sexually abused you A?” B asked. “Nice. Well at least I found that out before I left.”

“What’s that supposed to mean bitch?!” Carmita yelled. “You want a piece of me?!”

“Pffft,” B laughed coldly. “No thank you, you’re ah not my type.”

“Why I orta….!” She began as Rein and Micah jumped towards her to restrain her from hurting herself since she clearly couldn’t get to him.

Andy meanwhile couldn’t take his eyes off Jay.

“What did you mean B?” he asked cautiously.

“Well now that you have me labeled as an abusado sexualmente maybe I should put that to use. What do I care if we’re late to the hospital?”

“What?” Micah asked not daring to believe his best friend.

Brian stood Jay up and moved his hair off his face smiling.

“Hmmmm,” he smiled. “He always did like when I did him, said I was a god to him. Maybe I can fuck him to heaven?”

With that he placed Jay face down into the limo.

“What?” Andy questioned not believing his ears. “N-no, no, B…you can’t be serious!”

“Can’t I?” Brian asked a devious sickly-sweet smile spreading across his face.

“You should know me well enough by now Andy; I take what I want when I want it.”

Andy’s eyes grew to the size of saucers. This was not happening!

“Well, so long folks,” he said sliding into the limo right next to Jay’s sprawled out body. “And don’t worry A, I’ll take care of him. I’ll take care of him real well.”

And with that he slammed the door shut and the limo pulled out of the parking lot. The heavens opened and it started to pour with rain. Andy desperately tried to wrench open the lock to the entrance but it was too late one quick turn and the limo was out of sight.

“Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” he screamed suddenly feeling quite sick, stuck and cold in the rain.

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