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Dancing With Fate

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Trayton DeCarlo is the town's most sought after playboy that is set to break your heart the minute you find yourself on his side. He does not play by the rules; his game is the only one that you shall play. But he does not hold a normal job; he is the best in the business, the best sniper if you are seeking one. In enters Ava Brown, a girl that has had to settle for the less finer things in life. Her path crosses with Trayton one night at a club that they frequent. But there is more to what the eye sees; Ava is hiding a secret that will destroy her if it should ever come to the surface. Trayton cannot let this go; he hunts down who she really is, and as feared, her past comes back to haunt her. What will Trayton do to save her from this horror? Will he be able to prove himself to her?

Romance / Drama
Tatum Whispers
Age Rating:

Fated Happiness

There is a lot to say about a man that has it all. A man that has it all does not ask; he takes. He does not want; he demands. He has the right to everything before it is even given to him. He never has to choose, and he never has to wait. He works hard but plays even harder. He lives on the edge; there is nothing that he fears. He dominates everything and everybody. He is a god in his world.

But what does one say about such a man? Well, that you may ask me for I believe I firmly am. My name is Trayton DeCarlo, and I am the god that rules this city.


It is yet another morning after a busy night, and when I say busy, it is between which girl we find ourselves. Yes, we are vain, but when you have it, man, you better use it.

So as the sun comes shining through the kitchen window, we find ourselves having a late cup of coffee discussing what we shall be doing later this evening. Now even saying that is a stupid thing to say, for we shall dominate our playground yet again.

Now I have known Joseph and Dominic since before we could even stick our tongue down a girl’s thong. We do almost everything together, from running my operations to sharing our girls, just not at the same time, though. We are not sick fucks; we are just ambitious.

After another couple of hours of just lazing around, we finally get ready to head out.

“Are you dumb asses ready to go?” I say as I make my way to the door. “Don’t want all the best girls taken.”

“If there ever were a man whore then it would be you,” Dominic says as he comes to walk past me. “And anyway, we are going to share them later anyway, so don’t waste your time.”

Then Joseph turns to me with the same stupid smirk he gets on his face every night at this exact time. “So what are we doing? Blondes or brunettes?”

“Like that is even a question to ask, I don’t give a fuck; I only want to get laid.”

But there is this part of me that wants to get myself a decent girl tonight. Well, that is just to have sex. I do not do seconds or thirds; sometimes, I do not even do thirds. I might be able to get whatever I want, but I also do not want to waste my time. You have to work to get a night with me.

…Ava POV…

I cannot believe that Emma is dragging me into this tonight. I know I said that I shall do anything for her, but this is pushing the line. It is not that I do not like going to the club, but it is the reason that she wants to go there that makes me sick. There are far better and way decent guys out there, not as she calls them, The Boys.

So I am sitting through a dreadful round of changing into one tight dress into the other. After the fifth dress, I have had about had enough of it.

“Emma get your ass going; Michael said we must be there early so that he can sneak us into VIP.”

“Can you relax? I am almost done.”

Then she turns to me with some wicked smile on her face.

“I hope that you are going to get laid. All that built-up tension is making you a grumpy hag.”

“Just shut up, and let’s go.”

…Trayton POV…

So as we enter the club, we are met by the one ugly girl to the other. Now ugly is one thing that I do not do, not even when I feel a slight bit desperate. But the night is still young; it is only yet to improve. So we head upstairs to the VIP section.

This here, this is my playground. This is where I rule. No other man dares to dangle his fingers in what is mine.

Then Joseph comes up with what he considers as a far better idea, “I think we should go to the strip joint.

I nearly topple over from laughter at hearing his words, and I feel to remind, “Jo, those girls are not so easy. And I don’t think any of them would fuck you even if you paid them.”

“Just for that, I am going to take your girl.”

Then Dominic steps in, clearly looking frustrated, “Can we not talk about something else apart from sex.”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know, just get your minds out the gutter for just a minute.”

I patiently wait and count one minute off.

“Minute is up.”

…Ava POV…

She is going to drive me insane with these damn three male whores. I don’t know why she is so set on fucking them. They are probably all worn out from the rate that they are going at. If she thinks that I am coming near one of them, then she is sadly mistaken. It is like she has lost all self-respect for herself, but this is Emma; once she has an idea in her head, then there is no stopping her.

“Emma, you know you look trashy in that dress?”

“How do you expect me to land Tray and his boys.”

“Oh, are you on a nickname basis now? You have not even met the assholes yet.”

“If I did not love you like a sister, then I would have bitch slapped you by now.”

“Whatever, my dear. Now plumps your boobs. We are here.”

And much to my disgust, we are not even properly through the door yet; then the very exact thing happens that I wish would not. After all, it is why we are here and why I am dressed like a tart.

“I think your boy toys have just noticed you. They are drooling like a pack of wolves. I bet you they are already deciding what they are going to do with us.”

“Ava, just let your hair loose.”

“I ain’t letting anything with these boys. So tell me, which one are you taking?”

“Oh, honey, they decide that for you.”

“God, that is sick.”

…Trayton POV…

Just then, we see two hotties coming up the stairs. The one girl completely knocks my breath away, and believe me; I don’t get knocked that easily. Her long locks of brown hair lay over her shoulders like a waterfall. The tightness of her dress folds perfectly around her curves. She has long, slender legs, but god, it is not the legs; it is the red stilettos that hold them up.

I must have this girl. She is not hot; she is exquisite. I am getting an uncomfortable bulge in my pants just looking at her. The things I would do to that sweet ass of hers. She is the type of girl you can get lost in. I need to be careful about how I approach her; something gives me the idea that she is not like these other girls.

So as she comes to stand in front of us, I lose all my ability to speak. I watch as Dominic and Joseph continue to flirt with them. But I cannot help to chuckle as she takes Dominic on.

“Tell me, Emma, is your friend always so rude?”

But she does not give this Emma time to answer, for she immediately jumps in, “Only when I am talking to an asshole like you.”

“You are quite feisty; Tray likes that; he likes a challenge.”

“I am not a fucking challenge.”

This damn girl is driving me crazy just listening to her. But I want to speak to her. What the hell is wrong with me? Why can’t I speak? Then finally, after a couple of stutters, I turn to her.

“Ava, he is just being as rude as always.”

“Oh, look, you can speak. At least you have not called me a piece of meat yet.”

“I would never call you a piece of meat.”


She is so damn sexy; I love how she does not take any shit. Yes, she is definitely going to be a challenge. I know that I will not have her tonight, and I would gladly settle for that. I want to get to know this girl.

But it still does not mean that I can not ask her over.

“So what do your girls say? Do you want to come over tonight?”

“I am not a girl, and there is no way I am leaving Emma alone with you three perverts.”

And then something strange happens to me; I get all excited that she is coming home with me even though I know nothing shall happen tonight. I don’t feel excitement; I feel lust and craving, but never excitement. I am treading on dangerous ground.

“So,” she starts. “I did not take you for the quiet kind.”

“Think it is just you that have that effect on me.”

“Is that your idea of a pickup line?”

“No, but is it working?”

“Please don’t waste your breath; I am immune to bullshit.”

“I must warn you that I always get what I want.”

“This time, you won’t.”

I pause for one brief moment, and as I move closer to her, I take her hand gently into mine.

“Tell me one thing, Ava. Do you believe in fate?”

“I believe people like you buy their happiness while people like me wait for fate to bring us happiness.”

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