Her Saviour

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“Good morning, darling.” Emilie felt a chill run down her spine as warm breath whispered in her ear. She smiled in her half slumber and rolled over, her naked chest resting atop the man’s own naked torso.

“Good morning.” She said, finally fluttering her eyes open to reveal the most beautiful sight she’d ever laid her eyes on, “Shall we go make some breakfast, then?”

Emilie giggled, she sat up and stretched, her hair shined in the sunlight, the summer breeze coming through the open window.

“I’m starving.” She agreed. She pulled on a sheer robe, and turned to see Axel already exited the bedroom, she followed suit.

“You’re in a hurry.” She commented as she exited the bedroom and only gave herself a few minutes to look straight ahead, at the guest bedroom and bath, where she once sat nude and full of vomit, on the first night they had made love, those short years ago.

She turned towards the kitchen, where she gasped and stopped immediately, her hand flew to her mouth, and tears pooled from her eyes, “Axel..”

He wore the biggest smile she’d ever seen, surrounded by cups of coffee, in the shape of a massive heart on the floor. He was in the middle, standing. But then he got down on one knee.

She couldn’t believe it, she was so surprised and so in love, she stepped forward, over the coffee cups, and let him take her hand in his own, “Emilie Campbell, I have loved you since the first moment I saw you in that coffee shop, I knew you were going to be the one I wanted to spend my life with, I could feel the connection souring through my veins, and I still feel it whenever you touch me.”

“Oh Axel..” Emilie sobbed, “Please do me the honour, I want no one else to spill coffee on me, but you. Please, marry me?”

Emilie didn’t have to think for a second, she was in his arms in seconds, sobbing out a hundred yes’ a minute. He lifted her up and spun her around the heart of coffee.

“I love you.” Emilie whispered, pressing her lips to his, and his answering chuckle was enough to make her smile so wide it hurt, “As I love you, Emilie Blake.”

“Forget breakfast, come here. Right now.” She said, grabbing the hem of his PJ bottoms and pulling him towards her, she teased him with a kiss, pulling back just before his mouth could reach her’s, and turned and ran towards the bedroom.

He followed suit, reaching her before she could get there and grabbing her waist, pulling her towards him, their bodies hit and Emilie could already feel a tightness in her stomach, “Damn, the way you can make me feel.”

“Want to see how else I can make you feel?” He whispered, running kissing down her neck, and just above her breast, she fingered the hem of his PJ’s, “Of course I do.”

With those words, they disappeared behind the door of their bedroom, one they would share the rest of their lives, and one their kids would share with them years down the road, coming to surprise them on Mother’s and Father’s Day, and birthday’s, Christmas, and every day in between.

And they wouldn’t want it any other way.

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