Her Saviour

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Chapter 2

She pushed through the revolving doors and scurried through the large inviting front area and pressed the button only a hundred times with her elbow, as her hands were completely full of hot drinks.

It’s not gonna come any faster if you do that, Emilie..

She scolded herself as she finally heard the ding and jumped into the elevator, doing the same thing with the button inside. She looked down into the impending pile in her arms and nearly dropped them as she almost reflexively went to face palm herself.

She had forgotten the bosses’ drink.

In all the confusion with the attractive British man, she only ordered 7 drinks, not counting the eighth, her scary boss everyone always talked about.

Now that she thought about it, she had never actually met this boss of hers. He was supposed to be some high end, egotistical man, and also one of the richest men in the city. She sighed, she was getting fired for sure.

The elevator dinged, and she reluctantly exited the small box, and didn’t bother taking off her jacket before pushing the clear glass door with her back, and twisting to walk down the hallway where countless people worked behind computers, their gazes not even flicking away at her snow filled, wind blown hair, her shaking arms as she tried to hold onto all the caffeine, or her pained expression as she heard in her head already, a deep voice yell, “You’re fired!”

She sighed as she pushed open the board room doors, pausing as everyone turned to stare at her. Before she could get too embarrassed, she looked to the floor and said in a voice that didn’t sound like her own, “I’ve brought coffee.”

She heard sighs of relief, maybe of being interrupted, or maybe because she was barring caffeine. She didn’t know, all she knew was that she didn’t want to see this boss, she didn’t want to make eye contact, she just couldn’t.

“Sir, what happened to your suit? You spilled something on it, it looks like. Perhaps I can get that cleaned for you.” She heard a very high pitched voice ask, but it wasn’t her irritating coworker, Angela, that caught her attention. It was the words she was speaking.

Emilie’s head snapped up so fast she was surprised it didn’t come right off the hinges. Her boss was waiting for that, and when their eyes met, he smirked.

She thought her face was red before, by lord it was red now. It was him. The man from the coffee shop, the sexy British man who paid for all her coffee!

She decided to play it cool, she wasn’t going to say a word, she was going to walk right out of that office with her head held high.

So why couldn’t she take her eyes of the dashing stranger, no longer a stranger! Her boss!

When Stephen spoke up, the silence was broken, and that was all she needed, “Emilie, thanks, I think we’re all good here.” She looked at her shoes, and nodded curtly as she turned and left the room.

Her heart pounded loudly in her chest as she escaped back to her desk. How could she not have guessed it? He even told her he was going to a board meeting.

Don’t be silly, Emilie. She told herself. There’s no way you could have known it was this board meeting... You live in New York City!

She tried to even her breathing as she slipped off her trench coat and placed it back behind her chair.

Not only was this handsome young man her boss, she had made a fool of herself the first moment she met him, and she had hardly met him yet! He failed to tell her he was the CEO of Riley & Co, but then again, why would he?

She placed her shaking hands flat in her lap. She needed to get a hold of herself. The embarrassment flooded through her mind, but he would probably forget about the incident by tomorrow. Hell, he would probably forget about her tomorrow.

She sighed, nodded to herself and set herself back to her tasks. That was exactly right. He was going to be gone tomorrow, and that was that. She’d never have to see the man again.

Or so she had hoped.

By the next morning, the boss was all everyone talked about, and she was getting sick of calling him the boss, she was desperate for some gossip, and she knew just who to turn to.

Placing a while cup on the table in front of her, Emilie bent over the cubicle, towards the eccentric and perky Angela Wells, her bright blonde hair bounced as she twisted in her chair at the sound, and smiled up at Emilie.

“What’s this for?” She asked, picking up the hot Frappe. Emilie put on her best smile, “Just being a friend.”

“We’ve hardly spoken in the three years you’ve been here.” Angela smelled the liquid before cautiously taking a sip, and apparently she decided it was alright, because she smiled and took another longer drink.

“Tell me what you’re really here for, chicky.” Emilie was a little embarrassed, but Angela was spot on, why deny it?

“I want to hear what everyone’s been saying about this boss. I’m stuck behind that desk away from everyone, and I’m out of the loop.” She whispered to her. Angela laughed, a ringing sound, and began to play with the sleeve on her cup.

Although she’d never really spoken to her before today, in fact, these were probably the most words they’ve ever shared between each other, Emilie knew Angela could never deny the chance to gossip.

“Girly, you’ve come to the right place. His name is Axel Blake. He’s tall, gorgeous and very mysterious. He’s the son of the big boss, and that’s who was supposed to be here yesterday, but he sent his son instead.”

Emilie raised her eyebrows at this, she leaned closer as Angela spoke softer, “Word is, Cam Blake is retiring, and he’s giving the entire business to his son! So he sent him to start learning early and getting the hang of everything. But it looks like already he knows the ropes. You see how scared everyone was yesterday?” She tisked as she leaned back in her chair again, sipping her Frappe.

“Really? So he’s gonna be the new guy in charge?” Angela nodded, but she shrugged as well, looking bored with the conversation already, having had all her say, “But that’s just what I heard.”

After escaping Angela, who went on for about ten more minutes about her mothers new lover, Emilie formally decided she was going to keep her distance from Axel Blake, and everything to do with him. He looked like bad news, and she didn’t want anything to do with that.

“You ready, babe?” Her head picked up at the sound of a familiar voice, she smiled and stood, grabbing her coat, “Ready. Just let me log out and tell Stephen I’m heading for lunch.”

Aaron nodded and leaned on the counter, whipping out his phone and distracting himself immediately. She rolled her eyes and walked back into the main area.

As soon as she walked in, she wanted to walk back out. Why was he back?

The man she so desperately couldn’t control her swooning over, Axel Blake, was back in the office, and she had not seen him come in.

She gulped and walked to the desk right to her left and leaned over to where Stephen lay perched with his feet resting on the top of his desk. He jumped when Emilie cleared her throat.

“Heading for lunch with Aaron, Stephen, and by the way, Axel is over there, might wanna lay those feet flat.” She said, giggling a little. He just nodded and fixed his tie, dismissing her with a wave of his hand.

She walked back out to meet Aaron, who was still standing in the same position, his eyebrows furrowed as he did something on his phone.

She stood there for what seemed like at least ten minutes before she snapped her fingers in front of his face, “Hello? I only have an hour you know.” He chuckled and pocketed the little device, “Sorry, babe. Let’s go.” She sighed, but rolled her eyes and followed him out.

She twisted suddenly, feeling a hard stare on her back, and met eyes with Axel, as he leaned against the pillar by the door. Why was he watching her? She gulped and looked away quickly, desperate for escape.

She didn’t look back again.

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