Her Saviour

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Chapter 3

“I thought he was leaving after Monday.” Emilie hissed to Stephen who was leaning over her front desk. Stephen rolled his eyes and looked behind him, watching how Axel smiled slightly as he spoke to Angela and Ian, another co worker of theirs.

Stephen sighed, “Maybe he’s staying to check out the place, who knows. All I know is that he’s freaking everyone out!” He whispered, and just as he finished his complaint, Axel walked through the glass door, and stopped right in front of it.

“Hello, Stephen, are you on a break?” Axel’s deep voice was only a little bit of swoon compared to the slight British accent Emilie didn’t realize she craved the sound of.

Stephen gulped, and gave Emilie a little wave as he disappeared back into the cubicle room. Axel stepped forward until he reached Emilie’s desk, but she didn’t look up, instead she continued to type away on her computer.

“Hello, darling.” He spoke in a low voice, so no one would hear, she assumed. She sighed and finally looked up, knowing she’d get completely lost in his deep green eyes.

“How come you failed to tell me you were my boss?” Emilie said before she could stop herself, and after realizing the way she spoke to him she let in a little sharp breath of air.

He just placed on his famous smirk, “How come you failed to tell me your were my secretary?” He responded, his voice even lower.

“I would have if you would have told me you were the son of the owner of Riley & Co.” She hissed even lower.

“You’re welcome for the coffee, darling.” He whispered, his smirk turning into a smile. He began to walk away, but she stood up, the chair bouncing when she got off of it, and he turned to the sound, waiting.

“Thank you.” She whispered, looking down at her shoes, the confidence she just had was gone. He nodded slightly and then was gone again, disappearing toward the elevators.

She groaned and slumped back in her chair. What a great impression she placed onto him. He was such an arrogant prick, but he was also so... She didn’t even know how to describe him.

He calls her darling, he buys her entire office coffee, unknowing it was for her entire office, and he smirks at her like he knows something she doesn’t.

She didn’t understand. She put her head in her hands and sighed. She could almost feel her heart beating out of her chest. She didn’t like the way he made her feel, she didn’t like the way he made her feel down there either.

She was taken for crying out loud, why is she feeling this way about a man she met only 24 hours ago?

“You okay, Em?” She heard someone ask, and she lifted her head from her hands and met eyes with Aaron, who reached down and placed a mug of coffee in front of her. How sweet of him...

“Yes, I’m okay. Thank you.” She took a sip of the hot cup and sighed. He leaned over the desk towards her, “So, listen. A few buddies of mine are throwing a party this weekend, and I’m gonna go with them.”

Emilie shrugged, “Okay. Don’t stay out super late, I don’t like keeping the door unlocked.” She eyed him suspiciously as he nodded.

“The thing is, Em.. The party is all weekend, and they’re throwing it on Scott’s boat.” He explained. She narrowed her eyes and sighed, “You’re telling me you’re gonna be gone all weekend?”

He nodded slightly, “Yeah.. But I promise you I’ll keep in touch. It’s only until Sunday night.” She sighed and looked down at her hands, “Okay, Aaron.”

“If you get lonely up there, try inviting a few of your girl friends, to keep you company?” He offered, she just nodded and forced a smile and with a cherry voice, “I’ll do just that, have fun Aaron.” He smiled, glad to see her complying. Then he leaned to give her a peck on the head and walked away.

She hated staying in the house by herself, it only made her anxious and restless. The downside to sharing an apartment with him, he had a lot of friends, and liked to party a lot. I think this was the third weekend in a row that he was out partying, but this was the first time ever that he was gone for the entire weekend.

She sighed loudly, maybe she would finally accept her mother’s invitation for that spa day.

Her mother was a lively spirit, and has always been. After divorcing her husband, and Emilie’s father, when Emilie was only 4, she began to be more open and carefree.

Emilie loved that about her mother, she was easy to talk to and got along with everyone. She realized now that she missed her mother, and was actually eager to spend some time with her during the coming weekend.

Her smile perked up as she distracted herself once again with her tasks. Maybe the getaway was just what she needed.

Two days later and just a day before Aaron was leaving and she would be leaving as well with her mother, she was sitting at her normal area, when she spots Angela scurrying towards the glass doors, eyeing Emilie with wide eyes.

Emilie furrowed her brows, what was going on now?

Angela reached the door and pushed it open, panting as she reached Emilie’s desk, “Emilie, you’re not going to believe this.”

“Believe what? Believe what Angela?” Emilie asked eagerly, was she getting fired after all? Was Axel leaving and never returning? Was Liam
Hemsworth inside?

She almost laughed aloud at her last thought. Hey, she was allowed to hope right?

“Chase Blake is retiring, after all! And Axel is taking over the entire company. He’s going to be our new boss!” Emilie gasped as she stood up, “How did you find this out?”

“I heard Axel on the phone with his dad. He walked by my cubicle speaking louder than me, and that’s saying something.” She was a tad bit out of breath as she spoke, eager to get it all out.

“What did you hear him say?” Emilie asked, slowly sitting herself back down in her chair. Angela smiled slightly, “I hope you have no plans this weekend, Em. Axel is going to announce his father’s retirement today, and the party is tomorrow night. Here, at the office.”

“Party?” Emilie asked, more like squeaked.

Angela nodded, “He’s throwing his father a surprise retirement party.”

Emilie narrowed her eyes at her co worker, “Angela, how did you find all this out by five seconds of one phone call?”

Angela blushed a deep shade of red, “I may or may not have slowly followed behind him until I got to the kitchen.”

Emilie face palmed, there was the Angela she knew, “So do you think he’s going to invite everyone here?”

Angela scoffed, “Of course he is. He has to. We all work here.”

“But say one.. maybe has plans?” Emilie spoke so low Angela had to lean closer towards her, “Like I said, Em. Better cancel ’em.”

Emilie groaned and nodded, “I’ll cancel them once I know for sure.” Angela just laughed as she began to walk away. Her deed had been done, her gossip had been delivered.

Emilie sighed, there goes the plans with her mother. She almost picked up the phone right away and cancelled, but she needed to know for sure. She shouldn’t just take Angela’s word on it.

Speak of the devil, Axel Blake waltzed right on through the front doors and headed towards the glass ones into the cubicle area, but before he did, he stole a glance at Emilie, and only then did she realize she had been watching him.

He smirked, and made his way over to her. She sighed, great...

“So, you have plans this weekend?” He asked, her breath caught in her throat, she shook her head, “I sure did, until I heard about the party you’re throwing for your father.”

The colour nearly drained from his face, “How on earth.. Where did you hear that from?” Emile was almost delighted to see that she had done that to him, she finally confused him and got him asking questions and stuttering answers.

Emilie shrugged, “You should never speak too loud when you’re on the phone. People hear, and around here, Axel, word travels.”

He smirked, “Axel? Shouldn’t you be calling me Mr.Blake?” Emilie flushed.

“Is that what you would prefer?” He shrugged, “From you? There’s many things I would prefer.” With a wink, he pushed away from the desk and walked through the glass door with a final call back of, “See you tomorrow night!”

She caught a few heads turn to stare at her at his final request, and she ducked down behind her computer, great, just what she needed. Rumours to fly.

What did Axel mean by that? There’s many things I would prefer..

The man brought so many questions in her mind, he was so confusing and such a contagious being. She found herself almost excited to see him, and not wanting him to walk away.

This was disgusting. She was a taken woman for crying out loud! How could she do this to Aaron, who has done nothing but love and care for her?

What was she going to do? Quit her job? No, she couldn’t possibly do that. This was the best job she’d ever had. How could she leave just because of one man?

One man she’d only known for 4 days, and endlessly craved and lost words over. One man she wanted to know more about, she wanted to know everything about him.

She gulped to herself, this was going to be a lot tougher than she thought..

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