Her Saviour

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Chapter 5

Emilie wasn’t drunk. No way in hell was she drunk. She was a little tipsy, but it took more than three cocktails and a couple shots to get her drunk.

Axel believed she was completely drunk, and almost enjoyed watching her topple around in her bare feet, her shoes dangling from her hand.

He believed it had something to do with her boyfriend. He didn’t even know his name, but he already knew she deserved better. Better than someone who ditches her for some dumb party, and although this was just another dumb party, she deserved the time spent. She was worth it.

He held tightly onto her arm as she walked. She was going to fall if he let her go, and with the way she tried to pull from her, he knew she wanted him to let go.

But what could he do? Let her topple down? No way, he was a gentlemen, or so he thought so.

The vibe he gave off to Emilie, she thought the complete opposite. She believed he was a player, an arrogant, self loving player, who was really only into it for the sex.

That stunt in the elevator left Emilie eager for more, but also needing escape. She couldn’t crave him the way she did, not even Aaron made her feel that way, feel the arousal that Axel made her feel.

She couldn’t let him drive her home, what if he just wanted to know where she lived so he could rate advantage of her intoxication, and have his way with her?

The next morning he would walk right by her, no smirk, no smile, no darling.

Her lips tightened at the thought, by now Axel had gotten her to his car, his fancy black Range Rover, and she was finally able to pull her arm free from his grasp.

“How come you call me darling?” She asked. Letting the alcohol be the blame, she crossed her arms and planted her feet in the spot.

The concrete numbed her bare feet, and she looked down to realize she was still shoeless, “Emilie, you’re going to get frost bite.” He said, mentioning to her feet.

“I want to know.” She demanded. He rolled his eyes and as quick as lightning, he had reached down and lifted her up off her feet, bridal style.

“Axel!” She gasped, grabbing onto his shoulders. She turned her head to face him and realized once again, for the second time that night, her face was mere inches from his.

“You’re going to get sick.” He whispered. she couldn’t speak, so she didn’t, and she let him place her into the cab of his car, giving her a small smile as he shut the door and slowly walked to the other side.

She spoke as soon as her mind had been clear of his closeness, and her cloudy , inappropriate thoughts no longer blocked her vision.


His eyes flicked to the side to see her watching him, “If you want me to stop, I can.”

“I would like that, thank you.” She said, her faux confidence was obviously working, her arms still crossed over her chest, she realized her body was shaking slightly.

She hadn’t grabbed her coat on the way out, and her feet were still bare, she definitely was going to get sick for sure.

“Where do you live?” Axel asked, starting the car up and turning the heat on full blast, Emilie silently thanked him for that, and felt the car slowly warm up her frail, frozen bones.

“Near the lake, you know where that really fancy gazebo is that everyone takes pictures at?” She asked, and then giggled at her own explanation, and Axel started laughing with her, and before they knew it, there were tears coming out of both their eyes, and they were both holding their stomachs.

“No I don’t know where that is, you’re going to have to direct me, ma’am.” He said, finally putting the car in gear and making a U-turn in the parking lot.

“Make a right at the exit of the lot.” She said, watching as they drove right by her little car.

He nodded and followed the instructions, “I call you darling because you deserve to be treated like a lady. No offence, but your boyfriend doesn’t seem like the nicest lad around.”

Axel spoke so quietly but with such urgency that Emilie didn’t know what to say. She opened her mouth to respond but unknowing what to say, she closed her mouth again.

When she didn’t reply, Axel turned his head to the side for mere seconds before looking back to the road, “Emilie?”

She cleared her throat and raised her arm to motion to the right, “You make a right here.” Axel tightened his lips together, but made the proper turn.

“You haven’t even met him.” She finally spoke, her eyes straight ahead, but somehow she could still feel the burn of his eyes on her.

“I don’t need to, and I don’t think I want to. I already see the way he treats you, and you deserve better, Emilie. The man left you high and dry to go to some dumb party, and didn’t even give you the time to argue your point, am I right?” His voice was hard and stern, and it brought a tight feeling in Emilie’s stomach.

“You don’t know anything about him.” She had to stick up for him, that was her boyfriend, her loving and caring boyfriend. So why was her stomach so uneasy and why was she seeing so much more clearly? He had clearly got a huge reading from her that she didn’t know she gave off.

Axel didn’t respond, and when she finally looked his way, she could see his tight smile, and how he was trying to keep from speaking by biting his lip, “You may think I am so easy to read, Axel, and you may think you have all the information you need to get into my head, but it’s not going to work, I know how you work.”

“How I work?” Axel was quick to answer, as quick as he’s ever been, she could feel the frustration and anger bubbling from his body, and it should have scared her, confrontation usually did, especially with Aaron. She usually ran and hid from Aaron when he got upset and said what she had to, but with Axel, she knew she didn’t have to keep him around, in fact she wanted him gone.

“Yes, how you work. You’re so sure of yourself, that you can just figure out every girl you come around and they’ll be jelly at your feet.

“Well you’re wrong. You’re so far from figuring me out, Axel Blake, and you missed the turn.”

She huffed out a sigh and crossed her arms over her chest, feeling the anger in the car more than ever now, but she knew it was all her own now.

Axel turned the car around and made the right turn he had missed, but he didn’t answer. He kept quiet, and somehow, that was scarier than the yelling, screaming, anger.

“You can stop anywhere along here.” She said, still not looking towards him.

“I’ve far from figured you out, Emilie. But you just made it much more interesting.” He whispered, and she flicked her head to the side at the words. The car rolled to a stop, and Emilie didn’t waste a second before she gathered up her shoes in her arms and bundled out into the cold.

She didn’t notice Axel had followed her out until she felt her shoulders become heavier with the weight of Axel’s jacket resting over her shoulders.

Despite everything she’d just said to him, he still wanted to care for her.

“Who are you really, Axel Blake?” She whispered, staring up at his face, she watched his small smile disappear, and then was replaced with a hard line, “Let me get you home, darling.”

“I told you to stop calling me that.” She grumbled, and was actually surprised to hear his low chuckle as she walked down the sidewalk a block before she got to the large, looming apartment building.

“Nice place.” He said, Emilie scoffed, “Flattery will get you nowhere.”

His tight smile returned.

Suddenly Emilie stopped in her tracks, and let the coldness of the pavement seep through her feet, Axel felt her mood change and stopped with her, immediately looking around for any signs of danger.

“Emilie?” Axel’s soothing tone surrounded Emilie and she let out a sigh, “Aaron is home early.”

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