Her Saviour

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Chapter 6

“When is he supposed to come back?” Axel asked, his tone serious. Emilie began walking towards the front doors.

“Not until Sunday.” Axel reached and grabbed her arm gently, holding her back, “I want you to stay here.”

She scoffed, “Axel, what’s the matter with you? Maybe he realized his mistake and he came back to apologize.” She only had to pull slightly to escape his gentle grasp. He didn’t hold on.

“I don’t think that’s it, Emilie,” He said gently, “Axel.. Just leave, okay? Thank you for the lift. I appreciate it, but.. I’m okay now.”

He didn’t say anything as she turned and walked into the building, and she pushed her back against the solid colour door, thankful he couldn’t see her break down a little bit.

What was this effect that he had on her? She had to stay as far from him as possible. She couldn’t control the aching need and desire he brought to her.

She sighed and pushed from the door, eager to see Aaron, eager to hear him beg for forgiveness, that she would pretend to think about and then give it to him and they would make sweet, tender love.

She giggled to herself as she pushed open the unlocked apartment door - she’d give him hell for that later.

“Aaron? You’re home early.” She bounded through the apartment and was unable to find him anywhere, but there was one more place to check: the bedroom.

She smiled and pushed open the door, “You decided the party was too lame without me -”

She cut herself off and held back vomit as she witnessed what was on the bed, a sleeping Aaron, but he was far from alone.

Not one, no, not just one, but two young, blonde girls lay on either side of him. One was as fast asleep as Aaron was, but the other was staring wide eyed at Emilie.

“You.. No..” Emile whispered, tears pooling from her eyes, “No..” She backed up until she hit their nightstand, knocking the lamp over with a loud crash.

It alerted the two sleeping bodies, the girl rose her body and scratched her head, she was almost completely nude, only a thin pair of lace underwear covering her lower areas.

Emilie could only stare wide-eyed as the awoken women noticed her standing there with her heels still clenched in her hand, and her body slightly swaying. She felt like she was going to be sick.

The woman put her hand over her mouth, shaking her head, she stood up off the bed, but Emilie only tried to step back farther, “I swear to you, we didn’t know. He told us he was free.”

Emilie knew it wasn’t the girls’ fault, she knew they weren’t to blame, “Please, we’ll leave right now. You’ll never see us again.” The other woman got off the bed at the words, but Emilie shook her head.

“Don’t leave.” she whispered, and the two girls paused, “Stay. He deserves to see us all in the same room. I don’t blame either of you.”

The girl who hasn’t spoken a word yet had stepped forward towards Emilie, “You are so beautiful, the fact that he could betray someone like you.. he doesn’t deserve you.” Emilie nodded, then reached down and picked up the shattered lamp, and with a sigh, she heaved it at the wall behind Aaron.

He finally woke up completely from his slumber, his eyes still not opening. He’s always been such a heavy sleeper.

Emilie found herself laughing, “You know, Aaron-”

She was cut off by the naked girl, the other still had her tee shirt on, “Aaron? You told us your name was Rich!”

“No, I told you I was rich. I never said my name. You whores just cared about my money.” Aaron was laughing now, staring at all three girls, and just now did Emilie notice how drunk he was.

“You know Aaron, I’m actually so glad you’ve done this. Because Axel was right, I deserve better than trash like you. I deserve someone who will love me, and treat me like a lady, and call me darling in front of his friends,”

“but you know what’s really funny? You couldn’t even tell these girls your name because you were so ashamed of yourself, that you couldn’t face the guilt. Fuck you, Aaron.”

Emilie was so shocked with herself as she grabbed both girls’ hands, “Ladies, you shouldn’t have wasted your night on this shit bag, I think you two should settle down with a man who will make you feel right.” The girls didn’t know what to say, so they just nodded and gathered their clothes.

“I can’t believe I wasted an orgasm on you.” The clothed girl said, reaching for the other girl, and together they left, leaving just Aaron and Emilie in the room, alone.

“I’m leaving. I don’t know where I’ll go, but this is my apartment. So I expect all your shit will be gone by tomorrow at noon, and when I get back, if even a shoe is left, I’ll burn it.” Emilie turned and walked from the room, and she nearly banged into a hard wall, and she stumbled back, strong arms gripped her body and pulled her back into him.

“You were right, are you happy now? He cheated, I’m hurt, and I bet that’s what you wanted, that’s why you’re still here right?” She said, tears were finally escaping her eyes, the sobs tearing through her chest and throat, she was hardly able to see now, and she held onto Axel as he shushed her and soothed her.

His hands gripped tightly onto her body, keeping her upright, because if he would have let go, she would surely fall, “Come on, let’s get out of here, Darling.”

Emilie nodded, but they didn’t get far, “Darling? How can you say I’m in the wrong, you’re just like those two whores who just left. You’re sleeping with this fucking British scone!”

Aaron’s voice was heard throughout the apartment, and she felt Axel stiffen beside her, and she tried to grab him, she really did, but a part of her wanted to let him go, so she didn’t try too hard.

She heard the crunch of Axel’s fist connecting with Aaron’s face before she could look up and witness it firsthand. She just watched as Aaron stumbled and knocked into the wall, but before she could enjoy it too much, Axel had taken her back into his arms and was pulling her out of the apartment, leaving the door wide open.

She didn’t speak as they walked, and neither did Axel, and she bet he could feel the torture and betrayal seeping through her veins, nerves, her heart.

Her tears were still falling silently as they walked back to his car, and they didn’t stop even after he had gotten her settled in the car, her feet bare and her shoes dropped somewhere in the apartment.

“I’m not happy you know. I’m not glad, nor am I proud of feeling better that this is how you had to return home tonight.” Axel’s soothing voice broke the silence, but Emilie couldn’t respond. Her voice gone from all the sobbing, her throat felt swollen.

“I knew those girls were there, I seen a lime green beetle in the parking lot as soon as we pulled up, and it was right next to Aaron’s car.” Axel was trying to explain how he knew, but Emilie didn’t care, he tried to warn her and she was so naïve that she couldn’t listen to him.

“I didn’t know how to tell you that it was going to hurt going up there, because I knew you wouldn’t listen, Emilie. You’re so stubborn.” He took a deep breath as he heard another one of her choked sobs.

“I’m so sorry, darling. I really am. He deserves a lot more than that one punch, and when I see him again, Emilie I swear to you-”

“Please, Axel.. Please just, just stop.” Her voice was muffled and almost sounding like she was speaking into a pillow.

“Just take me somewhere where I can shower and sleep this off.” She was speaking low, and that’s the highest she felt she could go.

Axel just nodded and made a sharp turn, sending her forward a little bit, “Sorry darling, seatbelt maybe?” She turned to look at him and saw his little smile, hiding a slight smirk.

She was honestly glad to see it, and now thinking about it, she was glad he was here. He was taking care of her, even after all the rough things she said to him, he was still being so nice to her.

“Why are you being so nice to me?” She asked, her hands reaching down to pull the hem of her dress over her knees, she was suddenly feeling the cold, and realized she still had on Axel’s jacket. Aaron hadn’t even noticed that, or maybe he did and that’s why he assumed they were sleeping together.

She pulled that tightly around her shrill bones, “Why would I be anything but nice to you?”

“Because I was being so cruel to you, assuming you were trying to read me and being so hard to you, Axel.”

Axel just merely chuckled at her words, “You weren’t that wrong, Emilie. I was trying to read you, and I still am. You interest me, and I still don’t know why. But you do.”

Emilie was once again marked speechless, “Thank you. For everything you’ve done for me tonight.” She whispered, finally looking away from his face, wishing she hadn’t as soon as she did, so she looked back up and saw his smile, his sincere smile.

“Anytime, darling.”

She didn’t correct him this time.

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