Her Saviour

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Chapter 9

“You’re quitting?” Angela’s high pitched voice was more irritating to Emilie today than other days.

“I have to. There’s too much history with Aaron here, and too much with-” she cut herself so suddenly, not wanting to reveal anything with Axel. But Angela, being the gossiper in the office, didn’t miss a beat.

“With who? Were you cheating, too?” She fished, Emilie rolled her eyes at the girl, and realized she might actually miss her, despite how annoying she could be, she really did care about Emilie.

“No, Angela. I wasn’t cheating. I’ve just had a lot of drama in the past few days, and I don’t think staying here is the best idea.” Emilie looked down into the box filled with her belongings. She only had a few more things, a picture of her parents and her when she was small, a little cactus plant, and a pen holder, but the box was so full she couldn’t even stuff them in.

She sighed and tucked the frame under her arm, and dumped the pens into her little box, leaving the holder on the counter, and held the cactus in her hand, the box held in her other arm.

She looked up, ready to leave, wondering how she was going to tell Axel, if she would even tell him, when she spotted him coming out of the elevator.

She sucked in a sharp breath, and Angela turned immediately towards her gaze, “Did you not even tell the boss you were quitting?”

Emilie shook her head and her eyes went down to the ground, she placed the box back down onto the table. She felt Axel’s presence before she could see him.

She sighed and looked up, he was standing there, staring at the box filled with all her belongings, “My office, please, Emilie.” Then he twisted and disappeared through the glass doors.

Angela slowly turned her head to face Emilie, she didn’t let her get a word in though, Emilie just turned and followed him through the glass doors and all the way to the end, where his office was.

He was standing at the door, holding it open for her, and watching her walk towards him. Emilie looked away for mere seconds and saw that nearly everyone in the office was watching her go.

She figured everyone knew by now, that things had happened between them, they had left the party together, he so bluntly called her darling, and she would bet that everyone else could see the chemistry they had for each other.

She inhaled deeply before she walked past the threshold of his office, and as soon as she had entered, the door was shut and her back was pressed against it. Her arousal was almost instantaneous.

His heavy, hot breathing was giving her chills down her spine, where it blew on her neck, “You’re quitting, and you decided to just go, and not tell me?”

The hardness of his tone, the intensity of his question made Emilie almost speechless. She tried to even her breathing as she felt him grip her waist and pull her body against his, but then he was pushing her back against the door with his hips.

“I was going to call, Axel.” She whispered, she felt his smile, his hard smile against her neck, “But just now, you were going to leave. Tell me the truth Emilie.”

“Yes.” She admitted. Her breathing became more shallow, her arousal became more pronounced as her eyes fluttered closed, his lips pressed ever so softly against her neck, and then she was cold, because he was gone, his body separated from hers.

“You couldn’t stand the look of me any longer? Had to make sure you fucked me, right Emilie? Was that a deal with you and Angela?” He demanded. Emilie was so shocked by his question that she couldn’t speak right away.

Then finally, “Believe it or not, Axel Blake, the intensity and arousal you give me is undeniable. I don’t know what it is about you, why the connection is so fucking strong,”

“but I knew you were no good for me. You couldn’t be. I mean, look at you!” Axel couldn’t speak, so he didn’t, and Emilie continued, “Axel, you look like you just hopped out of a fucking Calvin Klein magazine.”

He chucked at this, actually it was more of a bark, a quick laugh that had her cocking her head at him.

“And you’re too different for me? Someone like you would never work with someone like me, right?” He leaned back on his desk, crossing one leg over the other, “You don’t think that we could be something?”

“You wanted something more?” Emilie asked immediately, and Axel’s smirk disappeared, his head turned towards the ground, “So why did you say what you did this morning?” She said, much lower.

The volume to their argument had dispersed, Axel sighed and stood from the desk, walking around to the other side and running his hands through his hair. He absentmindedly smoothed out his tux, “I admit, I’ve never felt a connection with a woman like I felt with you,”

“And there were plenty women in my life,” Emilie scoffed, her arms crossing at her chest, “but never any like you, none of those women could make me feel the way you do.”

“So what, you admit our sex was good and then, what Axel? We start a relationship, you make me love you, and then you realize it was just sexual attraction and then you move on? That’s the way it would work, wouldn’t it?” Emilie said, her voice raising an octave again.

His hands were laid flat on the desk, and his head was down, but he didn’t say anything to argue, so she scoffed again, “That’s just it, Axel. You made me love you, congratulations.”

With that, she turned and walked from the office, almost running as tears flew from her eyes, she was completely aware of the many eyes watching her go, and was even aware of Stephen calling her name, but she ignored it all, she even ignored the box of her belongings, and ran for the elevator instead.

She banged on the button, knowing it wasn’t going to come any faster, and she remembered the first time she met Axel, and wished she hadn’t. She wished she had just looked up as she entered that stupid coffee shop.

It finally dinged, and she quickly got inside, pressing the ground floor button just as much, if not more than before.

“Emilie!” She looked up, her tears clouding her vision, the doors were closing, and she didn’t try to stop them as Axel came running for them, but he was too late, and the doors were shut and she fell to her knees, the sobs so free from her chest now, the aching in her heart searing through her like never before.

How could she move on from this? How could she love someone so undeniably, uncontrollably and so quickly? She wasn’t the rebound type, and she wouldn’t do that to Axel. She couldn’t let him feel like a rebound to her, after Aaron, she knew that’s what she would even think if she saw another in her shoes.

She pulled herself from the elevator floor as it dinged, announcing her arrival. She tried to mask that she’d been crying, but there was no use, she couldn’t hide it anymore.

As soon as the doors were open she was out, but she bounced back when she hit something, “You have a habit of bumping into me.”

She looked up at Axel, and before she could reply his lips were crushing hers in the most needy, loving and devastating kiss she’s ever gotten. She could feel his heart break as she held onto him, and in that moment, she surrendered. She surrendered to his love, to his touch and his desire and need.

“It’s not me you want, Axel.” She whispered, and she felt his head shake as he pulled her away from the elevator as the doors closed behind her, “You’re wrong. You’re all I want and more, I tried to deny it too, Emilie. Back at my place, what I meant, before I spoke those lies right to you, I was going to admit the connection I felt when you touch me. When you kiss me, or even smile at me,”

“I can’t describe the way you make me feel, the electricity that soars through my body when you’re near me. Emilie, you’re all I want. Don’t run from me anymore.”

She wanted him just as much as she tried to hide from, and she couldn’t do that anymore, “I love you, Axel Blake.” She whispered, her voice broke. And she heard and felt his body shake slightly in a chuckle.

“As I love you, Emilie Campbell.” Her body ignited, she felt warmth radiating throughout her, and she couldn’t control the ear reaching smile, and he only kissed down her jaw and to her neck.

She felt her feet leave the ground and felt a chill as they slipped from her shoes, she landed back down in her bare feet, “Something else you always end up doing. Shedding clothes for me.” She rolled her eyes and pulled him in again, engulfing him in another kiss.

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