For the Love of Sarah

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Sarah has been in a loveless marriage for a few years. Living with an abusive husband can get tiring to say the least. Things weren't always bad between her and her husband, Marshall. No, it was only when their son was diagnosed with Aspbergers at a young age. Since then, Marshall has blamed his wife, Sarah for it all. Late nights at the office turned into drunken indescetions. Then those became affairs and not so discreet. But with someone like Cameron Nix as a friend and her husbands boss who loathes him, you have a way out.

J. L. Cooper
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Chapter 1

Sarah Bray stood looking over the veranda towards the infinite space of Cameron Nix’s backyard. The soft sound of music, wine glasses tinkling, and chatter of the amiable sociable guests who overtook the mansion surrounds her—almost suffocating her.

She breaths in the warm summer breeze coming through, swirling the skirt of her pink Vera Wang dress around the calves of her legs—Sarah closed her eyes to imagine herself someplace else. Anywhere but here pretending to be happy when she hadn’t been in an awfully long time. Sarah wished to be home with her nine-year old son, Austin. She wondered aimlessly what he was doing at this moment, would he be falling asleep watching his favorite shows?

Nothing else completed her more than her son, not her husband who could care less about either of them. It was Austin who made her the woman and mother she’d become.

Her heart ached when she thought about how Marshall continued to ignore his own son. Autism became a disease to him when Austin was diagnosed at two years old. Since then, Sarah was to blame for it, Marshall went as far as having a vasectomy behind her back to prevent her from having any more children with her.

When Austin was first born, Marshall was the happiest father she’d ever seen but that soon changed with his diagnosis. He took to working late nights, continuing weekends at the office or in his study at home. His drinking worsened and so did the mental abuse towards Austin and that’s when the physical abuse began as well for Sarah. A slap here and there, a push in the right direction, he would call it. Or even a pull of her hair. Nothing though to this point left a mark on her which Sarah was grateful for not needing an excuse.

She was almost certain of his off and on affairs, but Sarah could never prove it. Why she stayed she couldn’t offer any reasoning explanation. It wasn’t for the benefit of her son or for her but still she stays.

In a way she could say she feared Marshall, but it wasn’t enough for her to leave. The fear continues though as his drinking worsens.

Sitting back against the soft cushion of the chaise lounge, Sarah turns her attention to the cloudless sky above her. With a calm breath in, a deep voice interrupted her exhale and she choked in her sudden fright.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to frighten you.”

Cameron Nix, Marshall's boss, a man worthy of all those sexy dreams. He’d always been respectful while in her presence, but she’s heard all the rumors of his extra-curricular activities with women. Women who fall heels over head for his olive skin, dark shoulder length hair and kind, almond-shape ice blue eyes. “It’s okay. Why aren’t you in there with your guests?”

Cameron sat down in the chaise lounge beside her and took in the sky above them, smiling as he took a full breath in. “For the same reason you are out here.” He challenged himself to lift his brows as he turned to face her. “So, how is my favorite gal?”

Sarah smiles back and took a hefty sip of her white wine, “I just needed some fresh air. And I could be better, how about you?”

“Yes, me too.” Cameron chuckles as he lights a cigar. On a puff of thick smoke, he turns to Sarah, “do you mind?”

“No, it’s fine, I happen to like the smell of a good cigar.”

At the corner of her eye, she could see Cameron’s length took up the entire chaise lounge and then some. Tall and lean, like a swimmer's body. Guilty over her thoughts, she looks away and focuses on the landscape in front of her and the sound of the brook flowing near-by. “If I may ask, where is this brook I hear?”

“That is about fifty yards passed the tree line. I can take you one day if you want to see it.”

“You know we can’t do that.” Sarah laughs lightly at his flirtatious ways.

“What would you suppose people would think if they saw us out here together? I can’t walk down the street without being accused of sleeping with someone’s wife or girlfriend.” He chuckles over his own misfortune while he takes another pull from his cigar.

“Yes, that must be very irritating for you, countless women at your disposal.” She joked

Cameron sighs and shakes his head, “not you too? You know me better than any female, have you ever known me take another man’s woman?” Extinguishing his cigar in an empty ashtray beside him, he turns to face her by swinging his long legs over the edge of the lounger, “look, I have been with woman, I’m not discounting that fact. But believe me when I say, I have not been with anyone’s wife or girlfriend and certainly not as many as the media says I have.”

“I’m no one special you need to explain yourself to, Cameron.” Sipping back the rest of her wine, she put the glass down on the table beside her next to his ashtray. With a side glance she lifts one side of her lips in an all too knowing smile.

“You are probably my most prized female friend—if ever. Now, I know deep down you don’t believe all the hype of multiple women keeping me warm at night. Do you know what keeps me warm?” Cameron waited only a half second not really wanting her to respond. “My blanket—not a single woman stays the night with me and as I’ve stated earlier not as man as the media is claiming.” Cameron stands and takes her glass, “if I don’t see you before you leave have a good night.” Sarah watched as he walked away and then turn back around.

“Oh my—that man is so gorgeous.” Naomi Mueller sat in the seat beside her and got that dreamy look in her eyes as they followed Cameron until he was out of sight. “What was he doing out here with you?” If Sarah didn’t know Naomi well, she would’ve taken offense to the condescending tone she used.

“We’ve been friends since Marshall started at the firm, you know that. Besides, he just came out for a smoke.” Sarah fingered the hem of her dress as she kept the image of Cameron in her head for a tad bit longer.

“What did you talk about?”

“The women he’s been accused of being with, not a topic I would’ve chosen but it just sort of happened.” Naomi leaned in more, curious and wanting to gossip more but Sarah wanted nothing to with it.


“And nothing.”

“He didn’t mention any names?”

“No, he didn’t, and I didn’t ask. That would be inappropriate of me to ask such a question.”

Sarah could see from the corner of her eye the sarcastic nudge of her head as if mocking Sarah. She knew though the kind of person she could be and was always careful of the information she provided her so-called friend to. Done with the conversation, Sarah stood and walked to the balcony in hopes of her getting the hint and leaving.

“Oh, I would love to get him underneath me, Sarah.” Shocked and surprised even for Naomi, Sarah looked over her shoulder at her brash words.

“How can you talk like that, Naomi, you are a married woman?”

“She didn’t seem to take offense to being called out, waving her hand as if swatting away a fly, “oh, you know what it’s like, Sarah. I’ve been married to the same man for twelve years, there’s no excitement.

“Then put some excitement back into your marriage, you don’t go and have an affair.”

“Lighten up, Mary Poppins.”

Sarah looked towards the backyard once more, not wanting to look at the coldness she was sure in her friend's eyes. She could never have an affair no matter how hard things got with Marshall.

Sarah waited until she heard the click of Naomi’s shoes drift farther away before turning around and walking back inside to the party.

She caught Marshall in a corner talking with Naomi’s husband, Robert Mueller, partner to Cameron Nix, and a woman from the office she’d never formally met but seen around.

Naomi was talking it up to Jonathon Saks, another partner off Cameron’s and a playboy in every sense of the word but a gentle man if there ever was one.

Sarah walked almost undetected to the bar, and she made her order before Cameron stood behind her ordering another Jack and Coke. “We really need to stop meeting like this, people will talk.” His whispered breath fans across her cheek and she shivers from the closeness she hadn’t experienced in such a long time. Sarah accepted her apple Martini as Cameron reached around her to grab his.

“People wouldn’t talk if you didn’t stand so close.” She joked as she slid an inch to the right.

“Touché, Sarah.” He laughs. “I’ve come to a conclusion, Sarah.”

Cameron turns and leans onto the counter of the bar with Sarah.

“And that would be?”

“I like you.” Cameron scanned the room as if his words held no meaning at all.

“Well, seeing how we’ve been friends for years now, I hope you like me or at least tolerate me. But I’m a married woman, Cameron.” Jokingly she flashed her ring near his face to drive her point home.

Cameron leans on his side against the counter of the bar. “I didn’t say I wanted to sleep with you...well not aloud of course. But I do enjoy your company.”

Sarah found it extremely hard to resist the charm of Cameron Nix but still her marriage to Marshall flashed in her head like a neon sign. She shook her head and scanned the room for her husband but was nowhere to be found and neither was Naomi. Sarah had her suspicions of Naomi and Marshall but as always, she could never prove it.

“Cameron?” Sarah continued to look around the room nonchalantly even when Cameron moved an inch closer to her. She smelled the soft aroma of his aftershave, taking small dosed in as she breathed lightly the air around her. Intoxicating...she thought.

“Hmm...” He mumbled as his lips form over the rim of his glass. His bottom lip pouting as he drank a large mouth full.

“The women you...well do you...” The words fail as if they fought to stay safely in her throat. Cameron moved in even closer until his elbow brushed aside her arm.

“The women...” He prods her, Cameron urged her to keep going. He seemed almost anxious to get her to say whatever was on her mind.

“Don’t you want something more meaningful in your life? Taking different women to bed every night, doesn’t it get a tad tiring on the soul?”

Cameron’s brows peak as his lips form into a laugh yet to sound. “Tiring on the soul...never heard that before.” Taking a generous sip from his glass, he tips it forward for the bartender to fill and then turn back to Sarah once more. “Like I told you earlier, I don’t take a woman to my bed every night. But yes when I do I end up hating myself for it. But it is what it is and until I find someone special who can tie me down, I will continue to do what I do.”

“Nice speech.” They both laugh and clink their glasses together.

“Well duty calls. It’s been a lovely evening, Sarah, I enjoyed tonight.”

“Good evening, Cameron.”

She watched as he strode past his guests, stopping to make small talk for only a few minutes at a time before stopping next to Jonathon Saks, his partner. Cameron said something close to his ear before turning back to her only for a second.

Sarah eyed the door, in hopes of escaping but knew she would have hell to pay if she snuck out on Marshall tonight. Even though they’d barely spoken since they arrived.

Every so often, Sarah scanned the room for Cameron and would catch him looking away from her the minute she turned in his direction. There was no way she could get caught up in his flirtatious charm but even as she said the words to herself, she knew trouble would be finding her soon. She could feel it, trouble brewing on the horizon. Whether Cameron was involved or not she didn’t know. All she knew, there could be a momentous change in her life soon.

Jonathon and Robert circled Cameron as they talked quietly near the veranda door, so there was no escaping that way. Sarah glanced towards the archway leading to the hallway and caught Naomi and Marshall walking through. A look passed them as they went their separate ways. Sarah’s eyes followed Naomi and watch her as she glides like a princess to her husband while waiting next to Cameron and Jonathon. They each greet her with a chaste kiss on her cheek except for Cameron who ignores her. Jonathon notices and glances away to hide his amusement. At this Sarah found herself proud of Cameron for not giving her what she clearly wanted.

“Do you not have any manners whatsoever?” Sarah glanced beside er and caught Marshall leaning towards her ear. She caught the distinct smell of liquor all over him plus the scent of a perfume Sarah knows she’s smelled before tonight. If she were home, she would’ve leaned away from him but here she must act like the doting wife.

“What does that even mean?”

“Why don’t you your eyes somewhere else besides your friend's ass.” He seethed his annoyance.

“Are you claiming I am checking out Naomi?” Sara seethed back in disbelief.

“No, I’m talking about your male friend and my boss.” His voice lowered as he was now directly in her ear.

“You are...” Sarah looked away and dropped it so the disagreement wouldn’t spark any interest from the other guests. But it was too late, Cameron’s entire group was now looking at them. Cameron clearly upset at the scene they were causing at his party. “Can we discuss this at home? We are at your boss’s party, and we are causing a scene.”

Sarah glanced back towards Cameron and saw Naomi with a snide grin watching them, with interest. A cold, drab hand circled her elbow and for a second, she thought about wrenching herself away. There was no telling where he would take her and what on earth, he would accuse her of doing next. So, there would be no scene she decided to follow his lead as he escorted her out of the dining room and into the hallway.

“If I catch you and him talking anymore tonight, I will show you how awful it can get when you go against my wishes.”

“How do you even know what I’ve been doing? I haven’t seen you all night.” His lips turn up in a terrifying grin. “Naomi...”


“Don’t ever threaten me again, Marshall.”

His face shoots forward and into hers. His cold hands lock around the tops of her arms and pushes her against the wall as hard as he can.

“You’re hurting me, Marshall.”

“Good, don’t threaten me darling, you have no idea what I’m capable of, not even close.”

“I haven’t done anything wrong. Before you decide to throw accusations around you should first look at your own indiscretions.” Sarah tried to push back so she could at least get away from his grip, but he didn’t let up. His lips are at her ear, and she holds back vile at the stench coming off him.

“Darling, it’s only half of what I’ve done. But don’t bother your pretty little head over my indiscretions because they are not your concern.” His grip tightens, and Sarah finally cries out in pain. To any onlooker it looked like a couple in the throes of making out.

Sarah went to pull herself from his grip when footsteps evaded any plans Marshall may have in mind. His grip loosened, and she ripped away from him, walking right into Cameron’s strong able chest. As soon as they collided, she backed away in fear Marshall would do or say something stupid. “I’m sorry, Cameron.”

“Everything okay in here?”

“Why wouldn’t it be, boss. Just me and my wife having a little fun.” Sarah’s top lip curled up in disgust before she turns away and walks back into the dining room. The room was still in high spirits as the guests had no inclination anything happened. She took another drink and went to the balcony once more. The fresh air calmed her racing heart. No matter how unhappy she became it wasn’t in her giving up on her marriage. She had to be the better person and keep on with an outwardly happy appearance. Even though deep down she dies a little each day with that monster as her husband.

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