Blue Moon

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Cat is an easy-going teenager when her mother is arrested for hanging her father in a sexual fantasy game. She goes to live with her unusual aunties in the town called Blue Moon, where nothing is as anywhere else. Cat, Lady Cathenne, tells her story in a slightly whimsical, tongue in cheek way, and how she came to love a goddess, her cousin, tights constriction, and heat, and live with it for a life time,

Romance / Erotica
Dee Vee Iante
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Blue Moon

This is the story of unusual people born under a Blue Moon in a town officially founded during a Blue Moon and called, no, not Blue Moon City but Lunebleue, which means Blue Moon in French.

No, not named after that seasonal or astronomical Blue Moon, but a nearby active volcano occasionally flares up and tints the moon blue. It happens once every two, three years, occasionally more often, but you are only a Blue Mooner when you are born at night, during a full moon, when it is tinted by the volcanic dust.

. I was also born under a Blue Moon, just like mum, but mum never explained what it meant for us. Mouse and Arunah stumbled across it when they discovered that they too were born under a Blue Moon, but that is in the middle of my story. Hi, I am Cathenne, or Cat, or Kitty-cat.

Have you ever come to love what you hated? Just think about it for a moment. Was there something that drove you crazy when you were young, and you find yourself doing it now? For example, I hated going to bed, and now, I love it. My aunties lived by a routine, and now we are the same. Going shopping was awful, now it is a delight. Being at home on a cold winter night was so booooooring, but now they are the best part of living in Lunebleue. But how did I get to live with Auntys Thelma and Louise?

Mum was always busy making ends meet even when we had everything. With her trips and all, Aunty Thelma and Louise looked after me occasionally, then regularly, then suddenly, I was there all the time. No explanations, not even a proper move. My backpack and I suddenly lived with Aunties Thelma and Louise. Later I found out that mum had been arrested and the house was a crime scene. I never saw the house again.

Did I mention that Aunty Thelma and Louise were also born under a Blue Moon in Lunebleue? When they told me, I still did not know it referred to people who were a bit different, a bit Blueloony. What most people wore in movies and TV was rare for Lunebleuenariens. Everyone in Lunebleue was unique, and in some straightlaced, such a diversity of clothing may be called loony and ripe for the fashion Nazies. My family was into vinyl and latex.

So, I was with Aunties Thelma and Luise and had to go to school. Superficially, they looked like kindly elderly women in their twenties-style gowns, but underneath they were rubberistas. My mother was a vinylista Mistress and my dad a sub. But I only found out much later when I read that mum hung dad and claimed it was sexplay. Did I mention that mum was born under a Blue Moon? She ran the businesses from the house where we lived.

Well, I had no clothes aside from my red vinyl bib shorts and matching jacket and only some clothing leftover from previous stayovers. So, Aunty Thelma and Louise prepared me for school as if I was five.

I was used to latex underwear since, since, well, forever. I always wore a pair of latex shorts and crop top bra. That I had in my backpack as some other underwear. But aunty Thelma and Louise dressed me two sets of soft fluffy pale blue children-looking winter tights and long-sleeved short-legged matching fluffy unitards. Yes, sure, it was cute and warm and proper, but I was a teenager! But whenever I complained about something, Mum always told me not to bemoan what I could not change.

For example, on weekends, I would sometimes have to help when they had ‘guests.’ I had a maid’s uniform in vinyl, and I would serve drinks that dad made while she spanked, stretched, gagged, constricted, ‘guests’ in the various bedrooms. No, it was not a sexy maid outfit but one that covered my everything, including my face. She also gagged me so that I would not speak out of turn. Yep, just an ordinary busy weekend for me growing up. Oh, spiked high heels too.

Well, the aunties stuffed me into my red vinyl bib shorts, a little tight now, and a matching long-sleeved jacket that clashed terribly with my orange-red hair. I do not know what I thought when mum told me to get dressed and get over to my aunties. Yes, it was a mistake mentioning the color class to my aunties. They had me wear a red latex hood and under my jacket’s hood.

Well, I did not mind, and yes, it was a bit warm, but not uncomfortable. I also liked the attention they gave me and my grooming. It was cozy and comforting at a time when I felt something was wrong, but nobody said anything. Anyway, I had only had my house slippers.

The aunties showed me some shoes and well, you know, like sex in the city, a pair jumped out at me and said, I love you. A pair of glossy, matching my vinyl suit, high-heeled ankle boots. They were just so, so, right, but a bit big. No problem that a pair of stockings could not fix, and the look was perfect. I mean, as perfect as having fluffy sky-blue tights and matching top, but I sorta liked it. I mean, the heels said it all, didn’t they?

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