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Finding out your uncle has bankrupted your fathers company is bad enough but then he expects you to marry a stranger to fix the mistake he made.So what do you do, you run away from your own wedding.

Romance / Drama
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Am I really going to go through with this?,Run away from my own wedding. I still remember the day uncle Chris and aunt Mary told me.

The day was peaceful. I was reading one of my favourite novels when Charlotte came in.
"Since you are not busy,mom and dad want to talk to you",said Charlotte.

The first part of what Charlotte said I wasn't shocked by it. Books don't generally exist in Charlottes' world let alone reading one for fun.It was the part where my uncle and aunt wanted to talk to me that was shocking.

They generally liked to pretend as if I didn't exist.Ever since childs' services brought me here at 13,I've been living here like a shadow. I basically raised myself. So the fact that my uncle and aunt willing agreed to see me let alone talk to me comes as a shock.

I reach uncle Chris study and knock. Few minutes later I hear his voice,"who is that"
"It's me ana".
"Come in Anastasia",said uncle Chris.
Immediately I enter I am shocked because for some weird reason my uncle and aunt are smiling at me and they never smile at me.

Uncle Chris is one of the meanest man alive. The man didn't allow to go to my parents funeral just because he had important things to do not to mention Aunt May she is the worst of both of them.

"Quit standing at the door and sit Anastasia",said Uncle Chris.Now there is the uncle I know.
"There is no need to call me Anastasia,call me Ana",I said.As always he ignores and start talking.
"To put it in a few words Anastasia your fathers' company has gone bankrupt",said uncle Chris.

I stare dumbfounded,my father and mother lifes' work has been ruined by my uncle. This wouldn't have happened if my uncle gave me the company as he was meant to do.My father for some weird reason trusted my uncle to look after me and all his properties including the company and the house and now he is telling me that he has lost everything.

I wished back then immediately I graduated from business school I had filed a case against my uncle but no one was willing to go against him and now I am paying the price.

"How did the company go bankrupt",I asked.
"That doesn't matter what matters is that we have a solution",He said.
I was so grateful that my uncle already has a solution.
I asked eagerly,"What's the solution".
"You have to get married".

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