Marry my truelove

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Jane ask Corey to marry her and he’s said yes

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Chapter 18

The next morning Jane woke up rollover and smooched Corey on the lips and said good morning gorgeous. Good morning baby girl Corey said kissing Jane. Jane said the baby would you like a fry up with your coffee Yes please baby girl Corey said Jane went downstairs to the kitchen and turn the radio on the DJ on the radio play Westlife uptown girl. Jane turn it up and sang alone, Corey come downstairs and walk into the kitchen and saw Jane singing and dancing and smiling at her and Jane turn around and saw Corey smiling at her, Corey said you have a great singing voice oh thank you, baby boy, said, Jane.
Jane said to Corey go and sit down I brought your breakfast to you, ok baby girl Corey sat down and wait for Jane to bring his breakfast Jane brought Corey his breakfast enjoy baby boy. Corey said baby girl what do you want to do today what is the weather going to be like today baby said to jane, Corey look at the weather for today and said it will be warm jane said ok baby let's take a drive down to the beach sound like a good idea so Jane went to the bedroom and put her bikini on and put her shorts and T-shirt over the top and wear her trainers and Corey wore he's a blue T-shirt and blue shorts and he’s wearing he’s black trainers and he’s got to towels and said baby are you ready I’m ready said, Jane. Jane got the car keys and said I love you baby boy and kiss Corey and walk to the car they both got in the car and Corey said oops I forgot to lock the front door he got out of the car and went and lock the front door and got back in the car and Jane started the car and Dover out the driveway and drive to the beach she said to Corey you're the best, Corey smile and said you are to baby girl .it took Jane an hour to drive to the beach when they got there Jane park the car and got out and got the bags out of the boot then lock it, Corey said here baby I carry the beach bag aww thank you, baby boy, said Jane .they walk down to the beach Jane took her shorts and top off to go for a swim .wow baby so sexy said Corey, thank you, baby boy. It was about
1 clock Corey said let’s get some lunch, ok baby boy Jane got her shorts back on and they walk down to the chip shop and they got some chips to share. Jane Smile at Corey and said I’m so lucky to be your girl. I’m the lucky one baby girl said, Corey. Jane holded Corey's hand as they walk down the beach with chips they stayed on the beach for 4 hours then they went back home it's was about 5 .jane said baby I've booked an appointment at a restaurant for 7 o'clock? Why baby girl said Corey it's a surprise ok babe, Jane said wear your best suit ok baby girl .it was about 6.00 Jane said let's get ready for the restaurant ok baby said, Corey. Corey wore a black suit with his black shoes. Jane wore her red short dress with her red flat shoes It's was 6.39 when they were ready to go, Jane said the baby boy would you like to drive tonight yes of course baby so they both left the house and Jane lock the door and they got in the car and Corey drove to the restaurant it to an hour to get there .when they got to the restaurant Corey park the car and they walk into the restaurant and Jane said to the waiter and table for 2 under the name Clarke oh yes said the male waiter is way .he took them to there table. would u like anything to drink yes plz rum and cola for me said, Jane? You sir beer, please? The waiter when off to get their drinks. Jane said to Corey, baby I have something to ask you and she got down on one knee and said Corey Clarke will you marry me? Corey looked at said, of course, I will marry you and the whole place cheered, Corey helped Jane up and kissed her and they wanted for their drinks and Corey couldn't stop smiling at Jane the waiter come back with their drinks thank you, Jane, said as the waiter place there drinks on the table, the waiter asks what food would u like today. we would like to share a lobster please said, Corey. Nice choice said the waiter as he left to get their food .10 mins later the waiter come back with there food. Enjoy your food said the waiter, thank you Jane said to the waiter and the waiter left the table. Jane and Corey enjoy there lobster, corey ask would u like dessert baby No thank you baby I am full let get the bill and pay ok baby , corey call the waiter And said bill please , ok the waiter said! He brought the bill over it was $50 Jane paid for the meal and said and let the waiter and $10 tip and they left the restaurant and corey drove them home and when they got home corey when on Facebook and said me and Jane are engaged and post it and jane said to corey I love you so much and they sat down and watch ghost rider and cuddle up it was about 9.00 and corey said would u like a tea or coffee baby girl? Tea plz baby boy , Corey went in the kitchen and made Jane tea and sat back down and cuddle Jane and watch the film and it was about 11.00 and Jane said thank you baby for the nice tea .your welcome beautiful and they watch all of ghost rider and they watched spiderman 1/2/3/4 then it was about 2.00 and Jane said let go to bed ok baby girl so they when to the bedroom got in there pjs and they went to bed and went to sleep
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