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Red Zone - Dual Threat Series book two

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This is an excerpt of the book. This will be released in full, including never read before scenes on Amazon Kindle and paperback May 27, 2022. Family comes first always. Whether it's by blood or love. The Drake's and Bradford's along with their friends are one big family. They stick together through thick and thin. As a death and bad news hits, the family is blown up from the inside overnight. Coming home from his honeymoon, Blake Bradford wonders what he will be facing. As NFL's top quarterback, he has finally gotten it all. With a baby on the way, and now married to Emma Drake, the love of his life, he has a new contract with the San Francisco 49ers. His world is going exactly as he wanted until they got new that rocked them all. Matt McConnell, Blake's manager and best friend has been a part of the Bradford family since he was a kid. Now he wants Chelsea, Blake's sister and will soon know what it's like to be a Bradford. With a booming business that is expanding faster than he can handle, Matt struggles with how to balance love and work as Chelsea's past comes back to stalk her. Does this family have what it takes to survive the pressure of the Red Zone! Book 2 of the Dual Threat Series **Adult content readers advised - language and sexual situations **

Romance / Drama
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I've loved Blake Bradford most of my life. He has been everything to me. From the bane of my existence to the love of my life, Blake has always been front and center in my life. After a lot of fights, pain and wasted years, we've finally made it. Now, he's my husband.
It was perfect, almost. Our wedding was everything we wanted and a few things we didn't. I've learned to take what I get and make the most of it, especially when I've got all eyes on me. Between Blake's security crew and Matt's diplomacy, the press was kept at bay for most of the night. Blake and I were married and had the wedding we wanted before he swept me away from all those prying eyes and we were alone at last.
That doesn't mean we didn't know they were waiting in the wings for a story or that we didn't end up with a problem waiting at home for us. But this week away, on our very own private island, certainly helped to put things into perspective. Family comes first always, but not knowing there's a problem, still makes a problem in the end. Blake, however, was determined nothing and no one would ruin our honeymoon.
There's nothing sexier than to wake up every morning knowing that this amazing man next to me is finally mine. We thoroughly enjoyed every inch of this amazing house. I think we made love on every flat, and not so flat, surface. Being at the end of my first trimester, we quickly discovered that my hormones are in overdrive. Just a nice side benefit but I'm also finding I'm the biggest klutz. I'm glad Blake was efficient enough to hire a cleaning crew to clean up behind me. Too many nights we spent spilling champagne and chocolate over surfaces we couldn't lick off.
Blake has spoiled me rotten this week. He almost succeeded in making me forget what we left behind and were coming home to. Our first night was the best, but Blake made sure every day after that was just as good. When he told me I would only need a couple bikinis, he hadn't been kidding. I don't think I was in clothes all week.
"All this needs to come off, baby. I told you clothes weren't needed here." Blake whispered against my skin. He pulled my zipper and slowly slid it down my spine. "No dresses, no heels and definitely no interruptions. I want you naked until we have to go home." Blake's lips kissed along my now bare skin, while he struggled to unlock the front door.
He was as anxious as I was. His hands roamed down on me before we even got in the front door. As soon as he managed to get the door open, the race was on. Scooping me up into his arms, my dress was left in a heap on the doorstep, my bra had been flung into the bushes, and my panties were dangling off my left shoe. Blake quickly carried me up the stairs to our bedroom and laid me down on a very soft, silky bed sheet. His mixture of romance and urgency was overwhelming as he pulled at his own clothes, desperate to remove any barriers between us.
"Mine." Blake growled, as his body covered my own.
Possession and dominance filled his eyes. I've never seen anything more exciting and alluring than Blake at his full power and authority. No wonder he was such an intimidating player in the field. His need for control was lost as he whispered words against my skin. It was nothing I could completely understand but every word was about beauty and love and belonging to him.
We woke the next morning to a gorgeous sunrise over clear blue water all around the island. It wasn't until late that afternoon when we finally got out of the bedroom. Blake gave me a leisurely tour of our new vacation home, he had gotten me as a wedding gift. Needless to say, Blake does nothing halfway. It was huge and I know I'm gonna end up getting lost at least once while we're here.
Dinner was on the patio, I had on a silk robe, another gift from Blake. It was the only thing I could find to slip into. It seemed all my clothes had disappeared. I knew who had taken them but didn't mind, since once dinner was over we were in the jacuzzi tub in our bathroom. Any notion of clothes was quickly out the window for the rest of the night.
We were both insatiable for the first few days. I almost forgot about not having my phone. Almost. It was when Blake had gone to the kitchen to get us a snack, when I heard an incessant noise coming from the nightstand. I crawled over to open the drawer only to find both of our cell phones going crazy. Blake was not happy or amused that I found them.
I heard Blake set the tray down on the table and felt as he crawled onto the bed behind me. With a not so gentle swat on my bare butt, he got my attention. I yelped but it went unnoticed by him as he climbed onto top of me. Kissing down my spine, he created wave after wave of goosebumps and an aching need that grew to each kiss. No matter how hard I tried to hear the messages, Blake kept me distracted.
"Blake, listen!" I insisted on turning on the speaker for him to hear one of many messages. "Emma, it's Tyler. I'm sorry, I was trying to get Blake but he isn't answering. And since you aren't either, I'm gonna assume you haven't gotten any of our messages. We've got some problems here and... I know you're on your honeymoon, but I don't want you coming back to this unaware. Jake is gone. None of us can find him. Both Mike and Alan are searching, but he's off the grid. Also..." There was a long pause before Tyler continued. "Matt's spiraling, he's bad, guys. After what happened at the wedding with Chelsea, it messed him up. Anyway, I don't want you to be blindsided when you get back. We're dealing with it all. If we find Jake, I'll let you know."
That doesn't sound good.
~ ~ ~
That wasn't what I wanted this morning. I've enjoyed a nice quiet morning with my favorite blonde, a romp in the jacuzzi, and some hot and sexy in the springs. But a bad call from home just screwed up my day. I know I'm being selfish but it's our honeymoon. Can't they take care of this stuff for a week without bothering us?
"Blake, I have fifteen more voicemails from everyone." Emma sounds so worried, I know I'm gonna have to do something. "Why did you take my phone, Blake?"
I hate phones. They inevitably always destroy the perfect moments. I decided on this trip to turn off both of our phones as soon as we got on the plane. I proceeded to hide them once Em had fallen asleep. Nothing was going to ruin our honeymoon. I knew we would both check in with family eventually this week, but we didn't need to have them on all the time. So I took Emma's phone on the plane, shutting them both off until two days later. It was then we learned just how bad things had gotten.
"Let me call Tyler at least. I'll see what's going on. If it's something I can make a couple calls to fix, I will. But Em, this is our honeymoon. We aren't leaving until the week is up. Unless someone has died, we aren't going back." I explained this to her, much to her chagrin. Yes, I'm putting my foot down. Yes, I'm being controlling. I don't care. This is my time alone with Emma, I'm not losing it.
Both of our voicemail boxes were full with messages from the family. Now I wish I hadn't turned them back on, but given where we are, there is really nothing we can do. Everyone would have to figure things out while we are gone. In no way, am I going to go back without having my time with my bride. We deserve this break from everyone.
It took a bit of persuading and taking away all of Emma's clothes, but she finally agreed with me. I think it had something to do with tying her up to the bed, after I talked to Tyler, that convinced her. It didn't take much to get her phone away from her and resume our love making. If Emma hadn't already been pregnant, I can guarantee she would have been now. A fact I'm very proud of.
~ ~ ~
As we rode home, I curled against Blake's side. Happy and satisfied once again. My hormones and pregnancy cravings kicked in as soon as we had boarded the plane. Blake maneuvered me to the back of the plane, to the bedroom, and got a carton of my favorite chocolate ice cream out of the freezer. We had a whole new experience with it.
"I don't want to go back." I whisper against Blake's bare chest. His chest is very sticky from the ice cream and my cheek is sticking to his skin.
"We need a shower, sweetheart. Before I can think of anything else. As fun as inducting you to the mile high club was, I need to get clean." Blake moved me off him and pulled me up from the bed. The look on his face says it all, he's dreading going home too. "Come on, I'll get you cleaned up."
We took a quick shower and were back in our seats in time for landing. Blake is already monitoring the internet and news reports on us and the family. It wasn't good news. Courtney was pushing Blake's return for the Play 60, which was nice for the kids but it was the way she was going about it that was questionable. Exploiting Blake's past, she highlighted his bad boy days, bringing up Taylor and all that happened with her death. It wasn't necessary but that is how Courtney works. She said she repaid his dad whatever favor she owed him.
"I thought Matt was supposed to handle her?" I say reading the article over Blake's shoulder.
"Yeah, I think Matt is avoiding her at all costs. After what happened at the wedding..." Blake stopped mid sentence and didn't say anything else. He didn't mean to say that much.
"Blake, you never told me what exactly happened. I know Chelsea got upset and it had something to do with Matt. You want to explain this before we get off the plane?"Putting a slight warning tone in my voice, I watched Blake rub his face. He doesn't want to tell me. Knowing now what happened, I don't blame him.
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