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Oh boy

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Edward had left his mom and dads house to escape from his ever failing attempts to please them. He wanted to make them proud but just seemed to fall short at each trial. His brother and sister was perfect at everything. He couldn’t take it anymore so he had decided to move. He wanted to be alone so that he couldn’t wreck anyones life. He seen a magazine that had an add for a farm hand in Wyoming. This would take him from his busy life in New York. The job would be to work the farm of a lady whose parent had passed away. As hick as this sounded he knew he had one thing going for him and that was muscle. He had always been muscular and had worked hard at the gym to not lose it. He had plenty of money his family spared no thought on setting up accounts for him. However, unlike Ross and Tara he rarely spent any.. His father wanted him to be in the investment business, while his mom wanted him to open business after business. But for Edward he wanted life and simple quiet life. He hoped that is what he would find in the ad.

Romance / Drama
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New adventure

Saundra couldn’t understand why her baby needed to leave for Wyoming to work.
“Edward you have money at your exposure you can have people work for you!”
“ Mom, I appreciate you and dad and the money, I just need to get out of the city and this life style. While it works for Ross and Tara, I need something different. Please try to understand. Besides it’s only until December and I’ll be back. It’s only 6 months.”
“ Well I guess I’ll never understand, but you must message me and call me everyday!”
“ Everyday mom.” He hugged his mom.
He walked over to his dad. “ Dad?”
“ Son, you will make us proud no matter what.” Tears we’re in Derrick’s eyes. He hugged his son as if he were 3.
“ Thanks Dad. “ Edward choked back his own tears. “ My plane leaves in the morning at 9:00. “ Edward went to finish packing.

Edward didn’t want to pack much he wanted to keep it simple. So after about a weeks worth of clothes and his boots he needed nothing more. He left his walk-in- closet behind full of designer clothes and watches his parents had gotten for him. His clothing choices were tee shirts and jeans. He grabbed his favorite ball cap, a gift from his grandpa that was faded red. No slogan nothing special his grandpa wore it and one day handed it to him and told him to keep it. Edward loved it and wore it as often as he could.

He sat on his bed and thought about how he was disappointing his parents but he wanted them to be proud of him but all the things they wanted him to accomplish was just not in his heart. A ranch hand must be hard work. He was ready although he wasn’t sure what to do he knew he could learn.
He got ready for bed with butterflies in his stomach yet in a way relieved. He fell into a restless sleep with thoughts of his new adventure.

Colin knew she couldn’t run the ranch alone but how dare her ranch hands just give up. She had a neighbor who had been helping her the past few weeks but she needed a man who could show authority. She hated that women were not looked upon as business women. But if she wanted to keep the ranch until spring and make sure she and Tyke could make it, so she would have to send for a husband. She didn’t want anyone from Chugwater , not there were many young men her age but those that were her age was not her type. When her parents died of pneumonia she was 17 and Tyke was 11. Her uncle and aunt ran the ranch after that until he was injured when a tree fell on him in a storm. This took him and her aunt to the city for therapy. Now Colin was 22 and Tyke 16 , had both worked sunup today sundown to take care of the cattle and the farm. She knew she had only asked for a ranch hand in the ad but knew it would be inappropriate for them to live together so she would explain when the gentleman got there. The plan was
To pick him up, head to the judge right after she explained. Hopefully he would be willing. She had just finished up supper dishes and Tyke had went to the barn to finish his evening chores. This gave Colin time to think. She laid out a dress that was at least charming on her, Light blue maxi with cap sleeves. Her sandals were under her chair. She looked in the mirror at her reflection. She admired her soft skin tone browned by the sun, her hazel eyes set off her light brown hair. She was 5’5 and had more muscle than most girls. Colin knew she wasn’t the prettiest girl in town but she hold her own. She also loved that there was more to her than dressing up and attracting the men in town.
She brushed through her hair and braided it so that it would be wavy for her trip to town. Her truck was dependable but not fancy she would drive to Cheyenne tomorrow to pick him up at 1:00.
Tyke had come in she heard him in the shower so she decided to go set on the porch. She knew she should take advantage of nice weather it wouldn’t last long. She sat in her rocking chair and wondered what it would be like married. Or worse what if this guy was ugly or mean. She decided to think positive and then laughed, what if he was a squirt and couldn’t carry a stick of wood. She laughed out loud hopefully no one heard her.
Tyke come outside with his towel drying his hair. “ what you laughing about?”
“ What if Edward is too skinny and can’t carry a stick of wood?” She laughed.
Tyke laughed too,” Put him back on the plane!”
They both laughed.
“ Colin are you sure about this?” He asked more serious.
“ Well not really but I have to try. If we can survive the winter and sell in the spring we would have a chance.” The money would give enough money to buy the house in Cheyenne so Tyke could finish school and would give her enough money to live off of until she got a job. The farm was too much for them but she needed to make it to March. Area farmers felt that this would be the time to sell. Colin had already sold so much of the land to survive that she was now limited to the land she had to graze.
“I just don’t want you to be miserable because I want to go to school. “ Tyke said. “ You shouldn’t have to marry someone to make my life happy.”
“ I can’t have a stranger living here and not be married that would cause more problems than I need” Colin said. “ Besides if he isn’t happy in the spring he can leave. “ Colin shrugged. “ I’m going to bed, don’t worry thing’s are going to work out. I promise.” She hugged her brother and went to her room. She changed then went straight to bed. Cutting hay and feeding the herd crowded Colin’s thoughts until she fell asleep.
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