Flowers In the Rain

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He had everything, Until He was given a need for a dose of reality, Once he's thrown out of heaven what will Haru, an 18 year old boy do when all hell breaks loose in his world. ( Second Account post) ( First Book in Series: Second Book Out Now.' )

Romance / Action
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Family Legacy

There is a place in life where you realize the little things, the things that count and the things that just piss you off. One, Your family counts, but at times you want nothing more then move to the other side of the world then to argue with them.

Or People for that matter. You say they count and that you need them, but when things get bad you get ticked off and say that people are nothing to you anymore. Just to go back and talk to the same group the next day.

That's how alot of people are, I have noticed this through each time period, through each prayer and sadly through each eye roll you offer to your parents or teachers.

Sadly my Legacy is different then this, And So is my fathers. I’m not a human; and I don’t plan to be a human anytime soon. Its not what I want, Its not what anyone wants at all. I’m not a fool, I’m not someone that asks for pain and expects it right away.

A am just part of a long line of pain in the necks, that make sure your able to live happily. Isn’t that a great thing to imagine? Whats my name you ask me? Why would you care?

No one cares for ones name unless it means you want to be friendly, And I do not take to friendly well. Why?

Thats not your concern, Or is it? No one whos there destiny right from the start, not even I. We don’t know what will happen tomorrow- If anything DOES happen. Our future is something we don’t know, And probably will not see. It is to crowded with our todays and yesterdays, that we are to blind to see our tomorrow’s.

My legacy is something thats not supposed to be talked about. I am the next in line to something a human would never understand. HA! I’d be surprised if you humans out there would be able to guess what I am.

But as for my name? My name is Haru, and this is just your ordinary day at the Suzachi’s.

Tap, Tap, Tap*

Someone ran hestitantly down the hallway, his breathe wavered and frightened as if something happened. He ran and panted slightly, Two large scroll like items in his hands as he made his way to two large double doors surrounded by gold. He had ran down the long corridor and through the spacious living area as if it was nothing at all.

But now as he slowly ran it was true that his pull and effort had worn him out right away, and he was now paying for it dearly. He panted slightly and swiped a hand across his forehead, dishevling some of his white, gleaming hair. His yellow eyes narrowed at the slight twig of pain that went through his body and he had to calm down as he stopped by the door.

He, was as many people would call him in this large place, A familiar. A servant to whoever was behind that beautifully colored door; and now he was here panting away like some fool and had a headache from the overwork that he had done.

Now he was catching his unretaining and escaping breathe. As he looked up through his fringe he paused and swallowed his last breathe, He regained himself and straightened his posture as he held the large scrolls in his hands. He then pushed through the doors,

Only to fall on his face and whine out slightly from the carpet that he had tripped on. Even after all that he tried to do to look smart and sufisticated, he had fallen anyway. The person grunted and winced slightly before sitting up and wincing out weakly.

" Ah Its you Fruzi. ” A man muttered. He knew where the thump came from, it always arrived around this time every morning. The little person, this servant, he always brought the scrolls even though each time he did he fell flat on his face.

" M-Master!” The person jerked his head up, gulping slightly from how he had fallen once again, he had thought that he had a good shot at impressing the master but apparently that was not the case at all. He was the same old Fruzi as always.

" I have brought the scrolls Master!” The familiar chirped. Now, Every familiar has their own special qualites, Like Fruzi. He was a kitsune Familiar. He had the ears and the swishing tail, He had the Hakamashita on and the two large scrolls in his arms.

" Bring them to me please.′ The man chuckled slightly leaving the little character to gasp and smile slightly as he handed them over. The man had to laugh at this, here in this large shrine did this little Familiar work.

Through out all the red gates and eveything else of that matter, Was this shrine. This shrine and the familiars that scattered the halls. People came to pray alot and everywhere, and the god always had their prayers delivered to him each day. He smiled softly at them and sighed as he cracked one open before pausing and looking up at the fox familiar that was standing attention.

“Fruzi, Have you seen your brother? He was supposed to get My son in here- ” But before the brown haired man could finish the doors were flung and all that could be seen was a fan yanking open and fluttering a bit in hatred.


" Oh nevermind...′


A white haired male with a headband tied through his short cropped hair glared at the man harshly, his eyes slitted in anger. It was indeed the mans son and heir. No, Gods didn’t have to give up their thrones, by all means they didn’t; But this man wanted to. Many would say that he was crazy for doing so, but for him it was a privledge for his son to Experience daily what he did, There was a few problems though.

" FATHER!” The teenager snapped, his white hair shifting in his eyes sight as he gave the older man a dark look that signified he was not happy at all. How could he be? He could not believe this old man had pulled him out of his time to what!? To train to be the next god of this shrine?

He had better things to do.

The teen flipped open a large orange fan and then flopped over on a chair nearbye, He groaned and then turned in it with a lazy look. He smelled like perfume and the father could only imagine where the teen had been before all of this, which made his stomach turn slightly from the fact that his son was at that stage in life already.

“Haru, Please don’t use that tone with me. I wanted you to come here for a reason.′ He smiled slightly while the blue eyed teen sent him an ice cold glare. This left the man blinking in shock before he sighed out wealy. He knew his son was ‘Busy’ But this was important, Now if only his son would listen and act like the man he was supposed to be.′

But that was hard given his son was spoiled, yes. VERY Spoiled. But that was mostly his fault he had to admit. The child was someone that got whatever he wanted; whatever his heart pleased. Anything from the biggest room to the prettiest of women.

He looked at his sons dark glare and sighed out gently, knowing full well that this was not going to go well at all already. Why? That was just how Haru was. Spoiled so much that he didn’t think he had to train for everything; not even to be god of this large shrine. His fathers name was Rui, God of protection.

He protected the humans as they traveled or just lived in their normal lives. With his powers he could do alot of things, and so could his son if he had just tried to learn everything like he was supposed too.

Haru was a white haired teen with blue, electric like eyes. He stared at his father often with these pensive eyes and always whined wth them to get what he wanted. What was the upmost diffeent thing about this child?
He was a kitsune.

The man sighed out and then leaned back, his head now hurting from his sons screaming out and constant fits. It was starting to get out of hand to his dismay, he had to do something or everything was going to crash and burn for them, but what made it worse was one little small fact at the time,

" Haru. I called you to go over your lessons in the human dialec-

" This is what you called me for? To go over this Human crap that I Don’t give a damn about?” he arched his brow, his eyes then narrowed as he whined out and threw his head back in fake agony,

" Your wasting my time on those pathetic idiots!?Really father!? I was just starting to have some fun Father dear, Why am I even here to begin with?” he ground out. His eyes narrowed as he flipped his orange fan out.

This left his father pausing, his eyes narrowed slightly. Really,

" I just told you...” he muttered slightly and sighed out as he looked at hs papers, ” You have human lessons at this moment starting now.” he nodded slightly before he blinked. His son stood up and almost slammed his hands down on the desk, his eyes narrowed in hate and annoyance.

" I told you I don’t give a crap for them, I hate those dispicable people and their short lives. All they do is walk around and pretend everything is okay. They pretend that they’re happy and then die in mear days. They’re fools and I will not be their god!” he snapped as Rui paused. His eyes wde as Haru twitched darkly,

" I will not serve them... Never Will I father.′ he stood up and straightened his spine, a dark smirk forming on his face as he flipped open his orange fan and sent his father an almost mocking look, ” Besides. When I become the god, I shall make things so much better. ” he laughed darkly and then looked at the man, ” I’ll ditch the humans and make everyone notice me.′

" Haru!” Rui suddenly snapped but his son waved his off, His ears flicked slightly as his tail waved cutely, to and throw,

" I have said what I said Father.. Now if you excuse me. I do believe I said I was busy.′ The teen nodded, his white hair bobbing. His family crest head band seemed to bounce slightly, the feather tied to the end almost smaking him in the face as he turned his back and stormed out.

The doors left out a resounding loud noise and Rui paused, his eyes wide as he stared forwards. He swallowed weakly, his stomach turning in panic as he watched the door, But he knew Haru, and he was not going to come back and take his words back. He was too immature to do so, he was to much of a spoiled bratt to come back and admit his wrongs to anyone.

And now this teenager of his hated the humans with a passion, what was he to do with this situation? He wasn’t sure and he had to bite his lip slightly from the shock of it all, But he should of seen it coming anyway.′

Every since the childs childhood and how he was raised; he should of seen the arrogence building up and forming on his face and in his eyes; and now the humans themselves would suffer for Haru’s stupidity.′

The god winced, the look going across his face for a moment before he looked back up with he heard the door open. He paused and felt his mouth go dry from who he saw, his eyes nearly narrowed but he stayed quiet as the person stayed unknown to the world,

" I suppose you heard all of that?” Rui glared at the person who sighed out slightly and then leaned on the doorframe. He looked down and then stared at the god in the eyes a bit,

" You know you have to do something.”

” I do.′ Rui nodded slightly and slightly pushed himself up from his sittng position, ” In fact I should of done something years ago when this situation, you know how I feel about this after all.′ he muttered and tucked his hands in his sleeves.

" Ah, I do... I do.′ The man muttered slightly and then slightly looked up through his hair. His eyes narrowed on the god and he once again swallowed the dry taste in his mouth.

" And what are you planning Rui?” he glared as the god jerked his head up and then sighed out longly. He looked past the man and then narrowed his eyes slightly,

" Something I should of done a long time ago.′ he whispered and then looked down at is papers and then a picture of Haru. The child was laughing and laying in a feild of flowers, talking to his wife at the time. He looked up, his eyes blank as he thought about the cheerful woman that was now sickly.

" Yes..′ he whispered, ′ Something I should of done a long time ago..′ he whispered and sighed out.

So be it.′

Haru blankly looked down as he laid on a red bed in a perfumed area, his eyes blank as he stared forward, letting hs claws slightly almost touch his face. His white hair seemed messy but he was still clothed as a woman pouted and nuzzled him. He stared ahead blankly as his personal servant sat in the corner, looking down a bit.

" That old man..′ Haru muttered slightly as the girl pouted and looked at him,

" Haru... You’ve been out of it ever since you came back.′ She pouted as Haru rolled his eyes and then sat up, his eyes blankly staring at the wall,

" I’m not in the mood.′ He snapped leaving her to blink but nod. She looked down and bobbed her head as he got up, and grabbed his head piece off the side table. He tied the blue headband on, he fixed it so the feather was to the side of his face, he then fixed his outfit and took his orange fan in his hand.′

“Come now Peasant..′ he muttered blankly as his servant then stood up. The girl whined but stayed silent as Haru then walked out of the room with his servant following his heels,
” That damn old man.′ Haru ground out, his fox like eyes widly narrowing as he then paused and jerked his head back to look at his man servant,

" The nerve he has! Why would I? A son of a god want to take care of those measly humans. ” he snapped and then bawled his hand up around his fan. It let out a small groan and almost splintered as he walked forward,

" Of all things, hes already giving me the throne. Why must he push these things on me so quickly?” he muttered darkly as he walked. His servant had a blank stare but listened intenly, maybe he would get some good gossip for when he went back to the servant courters tonight.′

Haru kept walking forward his eyes blank as he did so. He didn’t have time for humans or anything else of that matter, his heart was not into it to help them. They were sad creatures and mostly they had no sense in their minds. They were like flowers...

They bloomed and lived their purpose before dying off. That was his upmost opinion of them. Of the humans, that was what he thought of them- and always would think of them. Haru breathed out and closed his eyes, He looked out the window at the flowers in the gardens flowing past the windows and smiled a bit.

But then he frowned darkly when he pictured all the human in the place of the beauty he saw, how disgusting to think of them in the place of the beautfy he saw in those gardens. How...


Haru sighed out and flipped around, walking back towards his room, only when he looked up he froze up when he saw Familairs carrying stuff out of it.

What the hell.....

" W-Wha- STOP!” He snapped darly, his eyes turned dark and he growled out before he looked arond and saw his father helping.... Wait.. Helping, Why? He paled and then twitched slightly,

" FATHER!!” he snapped darkly, the wind picked up around them as his father looked at him blankly. Why did his son always have to cause scenes? He didn’t know but it was rather troublesome at the time. He sighed out blankly and shook his head while Haru growled darkly.

A fox spirit had emence power but Rui knew one thing, and that was that he was not scared of his son crying and screaming out like this. There was no chance, He didn’t mind at all at the moment acutally.

" Haru..” he muttered slightly as the teen ran up, panting slightly with evil eyes,

" WHATS THE MEANING OF ALL OF THIS!!” Haru snapped, ” WHATS GOING ON FATHER!?” he screamed as the man sighed out and nodded at Fruzi. The familiar winced but continued doing as he was told to do..

Then Rui turned and grabbed Haru’s arm. The teen blinked, his eyes wide before the man swallowed and then yanked the jewel and head band off his sons head. The fabic fluttered to the ground, slightly torn until it touched the ground, almost loosing color... The teen paused, his eyes wide as he slightly looked at the cloth, he slowly touched his forehead and then looked at Rui shocked,

" W-What?” he whispered before the man bit his lip and then sighed out slightly,

" You Haru... Are here for banished from Rui Shrine, In fact... From the spirit world itself, Until you Haru; can learn to love humans. To learn their fleeting lives, and to know why they are to be protected and loved..” he nodded sharply, ” As the god of this shrine, you will be banished to the lower regions of the earth. You will loose all your magical ability and live as a human until you learn to understand a humans heart. You will not return until then, and if you never learn this..′ he narrowed his eyes, ” You shall live and die your short years out as a human.′

Haru froze up, his eyes wide.. he tried to wrench his hand away from his fathers but it was impossible.. he felt his strenght flee making him panic. He choked, his eyes wide.. What did he do to deserve such HELL!?
” W-WHAT!?!” Haru screamed in shock his eyes wide, ” ARE YOU CRAZY!!” he snapped, ′ ARE YOU ACTAULLY EXPECTING ME TO GET ALONG WITH THEM!? TO ACCEPCT THEM!? THIS WON’T WORK!!” he screamed, ” What about all of this!? I’m to be the next god father, you’d ban me for something so simple!?′

He stared his father in the eyes, his own shivering before the man bit his lip but then breathed out softly,

" You are hereby banished Haru. Along with something else that should help you learn a humans heart..” he nodded sharply before Haru paled, He jerked his head to the side and saw two familiar guarding something... Then they stepped apart and revealed a child no more then three. The child was a kitsune and looked up ever so slightly,

" I hawve cwome to servwe my master.′ he nodded ever so cutely while Rui snickered slightly,

" Oh no... Haru wll serve you.′

" WHAT!?!” Haru snapped and almost screamed before he gasped out when his father tightened his grip on his sons arm. He then sighed out gently and shook his head a bit,

" This child will turn into a human as Well Haru.′ he smirked slightly and then sighed out softly, ” This is for your own good Haru, when this little boy turns human his intelligence with drop to a three year olds..” he then looked at the teen.. he saw his terrified look, his white hair hanging in front of his eyes before the man breathed in sharply and sighed.

“Take him away...′

" FATHER!!” Haru screamed out but he was soon forced to bend down as his father left. He screamed in shock.... being made to bow before his father, being made to leave... No.. No.. NO! WHERE WAS HIS MOTHER! SHE WOULD STOP THIS! SHE WOULD!! Haru choked weakly and trembled before Screaming out.

Only then was he forced outside.. A familiar followed, his head bowed with a scroll in his hands. Haru yelped when some familiars started... to get rough with him. He paled weakly and screamed when his robes were torn from their once beauitful state, and the holy beads and jewels on him was throw down in the mud,′

Hiru stared down in shock before they started to push him towards the line of the spirit world and the human, he paled.. panic in his eyes as he quivered slightly. The child that was to go with him following behind slightly, his eyes all but serious until they stopped at the edge and pushed Haru on his knees.

He screamed out when he fell face flat in the mud and winced when his hands stuffed into the brown liquidly substance. He gagged and shivered before looking behind him at the shrine... He saw the gardens and then shvered out weakly as rain hit the petals...

He looked up and blanched when rain poured down his face slightly. It left him in a state of confusion, and it deprived him of the warmth that he once had in his polyester robes.

He winced when they jerked his head towards the familiar holding the scroll, he slowly opened it with shaking hands before looking at Haru slightly,

" Haru Suzachi. Under order of the god of Protection, Rui. You are hereby banishd until you find out the true meaning of the humans and their world. You will not return until you do so. This is the royal order.. Be gone with you to the other side.′ he muttered as the familiars stood Haru up and before he could scream he was pushed over the line.′

Haru gasped out as a bright line shone and his hair floated about him, then a sharp pain surged through his body. His body was covered in light before he screamed out as something went through his tail and ears... His eyes grew wide and he choked out, The slits in his eyes turned to a human pupil as his robes all but dissappeared.

The next thing the teen knew was the feeling of the cold hard ground... he shivered, his body hurting as he laid there, but as he went to push himself up he found that his arms had very little strengh in them, this left the teen shivering slightly and then feeling his conscience slip..

“F-Father...′ Haru whispered as his eyes nearly fluttered, then another flash of light sounded through out the air and he passed out slightly...

As the rain beat down on his bare skin.′

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