The Wallflower The Awakening of Daisy

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Daisy a shy final year high school student meets Shawn a boy from her school at a New Year’s Eve party. They connect and form an unlikely friendship. Due to Shawn’s interest in her she unwittingly catches the eye of Luke, the charming, flirtatious and most popular boy at their school. Suddenly she finds herself liking both boys but is quickly discouraged when they are not willing to offer anything more than friendship. Will Daisy resign herself to her eternal wallflower persona or will she find the courage to break free and fight for what she wants.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Daisy frowns as she tugs nervously on the silver glittering dress she was wearing, standing pressed up against the white washed wall behind the drinks table. Why did she agree to come to this ridiculous New Year’s Eve Party anyway? The bodice section was way too big for her and the skirt bellowed like a tent around her, even though it only reached her knees. Her hair was pulled tightly into a high ponytail and her head was itching. Daisy’s shoulders sagged, she looks like a frumpy disco ball. This is not how she would have liked to spend a Friday night, hanging out in the overdone decorated community hall. Nevertheless, she had promised her grandmother to make an effort.

The hall was full of the little coastal town’s residents, all crammed together, chatting and dancing to the local band jamming on the makeshift stage in one corner. The music was ear-deafening and it was hot. The smothering of bodies all pressed together on the dance floor was creating an influx in the temperature of the community hall. Daisy presses even more back against the wall, wishing she was anywhere but here, using the shadows of the blue and gold curtain drapes of the hall to hide herself. Her natural instinct to hide always kicked into high gear when she was feeling overwhelmed. Daisy was feeling more than just overwhelmed, she was suffocating.

Shawn steps into the shadows behind the curtains a few feet away from Daisy pushing his glasses back up the bridge of his nose. They were annoying him, constantly slipping down his nose. He notices Daisy twisting in behind the drapes. He had glimpsed her briefly as he had entered the hall earlier with his parents who had dragged him and his younger brother Michael along tonight. It has taken him over an hour to make his escape to seek solitude. He sighs with relief, welcoming the temporary sanctuary of the shadows.

Daisy seems familiar, he was trying to remember her as he watches her tangle with the drapes around her. He was certain they are in the same school year. Shawn shakes his head, perhaps they have classes together. He does not really pay much attention to anyone at school anymore.

Everything was too much for Daisy, the noise, the heat, the drumming of feet on the floor. Daisy stumbles as she tries to move away from the wall to head to the exit, but her foot gets caught on the drapes around her. The motion of falling sickens Daisy and she closes her eyes bracing herself for the inevitable hard landing onto the floor.

Daisy opens her eyes as she feels herself being caught and pulled against a hard chest. She blinks trying to focus on the white buttoned shirt with a loose black tie. The arms around her were strong holding her firmly.
“Are you okay?” a husky voice asks with a hint of concern. Daisy looks up and her eyes lock with a pair of intense chocolate brown eyes. Even behind the glasses they were beautiful. Daisy swallows as she nods, her voice refusing to work.
“Are you sure?” Shawn raises an eyebrow.
“Yes” she croaks, her voice hoarse. Shawn nods and he releases her. Daisy feels an instant loss of warmth and comfort. She stumbles a bit but manages to remain on her feet.

Daisy smoothes down her dress nervously, looking around. They were behind the next set of drapes from where she had been hiding. She sighs, at least that means her almost embarrassing predicament has gone unnoticed.
“Thank you” she smiles, turning to look at Shawn.

“You are welcome, I am Shawn” he introduces, holding out a hand.
“Daisy” she croaks again timidly shaking his hand, the warmth of his hand enveloping hers.
“Want to get out of here?” Shawn asks, still holding her hand, “It is way too hot and crowded in here and I am sure you can do with some fresh air”.
“Okay” Daisy nods blushing when he smiles.

Shawn pulls Daisy gently with him as he makes his way toward the exit door. He has no idea what the hell he was doing all he knew was that they both needed to get out of this hall. Shawn pushes open the exit door looking over his shoulder. Daisy was walking with her head down looking at their hands. Shawn frowns, catching her had been incidental and unintentional, but the moment his arms had gone around her, his heart had started to beat erratically and he was definitely in need of some fresh air.

Daisy follows Shawn into the dimly lit hall corridor. He was still holding her hand as they made their way down to the main exit. Him holding her hand was not as uncomfortable or awkward as it should have been. It almost felt natural and this was baffling Daisy completely.

Several minutes later they were standing outside on the grass still hand in hand. Both stood quietly as they took in the cool night air, relieved to be outside. They walked slowly over the grass to the stone balustrade edging the community hall garden, allowing a grand view of the ocean. The community hall stood on a hill next to one of the most picturesque beaches on the west coast.

“I should never have come tonight,” Daisy grimaces, tugging on her dress with her free hand.
“That makes two of us,” he agrees. Daisy looked at him, Shawn was looking up at the sky, “I would rather be at home in bed with a good book.”
Daisy notes how the light breeze caresses his dark brown hair. He was fairly attractive and looked fit in the black jeans he was wearing. The glasses he wore added rather than obstructing his already handsome features.

She tugs on her dress again, feeling self-conscious. She was not beautiful, she knew that, and wearing this oversized disco ball was making her feel downright frumpy. Daisy pulls her hand free from Shawn’s reaching up to release her hair from the ponytail. She sighs as her auburn hair tumbles around her face and over her shoulders.

“I would not mind being at home either, in bed with a good book,“ she murmurs, running her hands through her hair, but stops as she becomes aware of Shawn staring at her. Daisy blushes, feeling self-conscious she drops her hands to her sides.
“So are you here alone? Or with someone?” She inquires.

Shawn shifts his eyes away from her hair, clearing his throat.
“Oh, no not really. I am here with my parents and brother.”
“Oh” Daisy blinks, “so no girlfriend?”
What the heck, Daisy? That is none of your business!
Daisy scowls inwardly, mortified for even asking.
Shawn chuckles, “No, no girlfriend. And you? Boyfriend?”

Daisy snorts giggling, “Who me? No, I am not exactly boyfriend material.”
“What do you mean?” Shawn frowns.
“Well, look at me. I am an oversized disco ball. Besides I am not really very sociable and anyway I break out in spots just thinking about talking to a boy.”
Shawn chuckles again.
“Well, I am a boy…and you are talking to me.”

Daisy whips her head up to look at Shawn.
“Well, yes…” Daisy was at a loss for words. He was absolutely right. She has not been nervous once while being with him which was totally odd and completely out of character for her, another perplexing thing. Daisy shrugs then bends down.

Shawn watches as Daisy takes off her sandals and heads for the steps leading down to the beach.
“Are you coming?” She throws over her shoulder as she descends the steps. Shawn smiles, shaking his head as he follows her.

Daisy pauses for a moment when she reaches the last step before sinking her feet into the cool sand. It was a clear night and the moon was shining brightly, lighting up the beach. The beach was one of the few reasons she loves living here, that and her grandmother. Daisy closes her eyes to listen to the waves crashing against the colossal boulders edging the beach on both sides, although she can still hear the faint band music coming from the hall.

Shawn joins Daisy, his shoes in his hands staring at her. She was so pretty, despite the disaster of a dress she had on.
“So do you have any New Year Resolutions?” Shawn asks as he sits down on the sand.
Daisy hesitates for a second before opening her eyes and dropping down onto the sand, falling over backwards to stare up at the night sky.
“Yes, to peel myself away from the wall I seem to be endlessly stuck on…” Daisy grimaces.
“To shed the eternal wallflower persona” Daisy sits up.

Shawn swallows as the light of the moon catches streaks of her hair. He wanted to reach out and touch it.
“What are you doing?” Daisy asks, amusement in her tone. Shawn blinks as he realizes his hand was on her hair, he shakes his head quickly brushing her hair awkwardly.
“Sand…sand in your hair”
Daisy studies Shawn as he shifts awkwardly in the sand sitting cross-legged playing with the sand in front of him.
“Do we have classes together?”
“To be honest, I don’t know,” Shawn grins shrugging, “I don’t really pay much attention at school.”
“To school in general or just everyone around you?”
“Both I suppose.”
Daisy nods, “Well, I avoid everyone and everything.”
“That can’t be fun.”
“No it is not,” Daisy stands up brushing the sand from her dress.

Daisy closes her eyes, listening to the faint music coming from the hall. Here she was on New Year’s Eve, on the beach with a boy from school she did not know. A boy she did not feel nervous or awkward with. This was new. Something she has not experienced.
Daisy opens her eyes and looks down at Shawn.
“Would you like to dance?”
Shawn stares up at Daisy in surprise. Daisy was holding out her right hand to him.
“I don’t know how” he chuckles nervously but takes her hand standing up.
“Perfect! Neither do I!” Daisy grins, placing her free hand on his shoulder, moving to close the gap between them.
“What now?” he asks, his hand sitting awkwardly on her hip.
“We dance.”

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