The Bad Boy

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Chapter 5


A hour after Vera Rodriguez had scurried out of my car in a hurry, I parked it in my garage and just sat in the fucking driver’s seat. My dick was still covered in her juices and some blood, my mind numb from how fucking good she felt.

God, her pussy squeezed my dick so fucking tightly that I couldn’t stop myself from spilling my cum deep into her cunt. With a mind as dirty as hers, she fucking deserved it and I didn’t miss the way she loved it too.

After taking a deep breath, I tossed my backpack over my shoulder and headed into the quiet mansion. Ten cars might’ve been parked in the driveway and garage, but nobody was ever fucking home here anymore. I always had this place to myself.

I grabbed some beer from the fridge and walked through the living room to the stairs to go to my room. Mom sat on the white, plush sofa, dyed blonde hair in her face as she bent over to pull on some heels.

Wow, she was fucking home for once.

“What’re you doing here?” I asked.

No “Hi.” or “How was your day?” or “Oh, honey you’re home.”

But I didn’t expect it anymore. I didn’t know if I ever did.

“I need you to accompany me to dinner next week,” she said, strapping on some black Versace heels and not looking up at me once. Once she finally stood, she walked over to the mirror and applied some red lipstick. “Your father will be away on vacation and I need to impress some important people at work.”

I gritted my teeth and stared emptily past her, my chest tightening. I didn’t know why the fuck the thought of her even passed through my mind. It wasn’t like she ever fucking cared about anything other than her image in this town.

“No,” I said, throwing my skateboard right on her precious marble floors and heading toward my bedroom. She fucking loved these floors, and I did everything in my power to ruin them whatever change I got.

Mom stormed down the hallway toward me. “Get off that skateboard now, Blaise. You can’t even comprehend how much they cost your father and me.”

Instead of turning around to talk to her, I continued to my bedroom and snapped the door open. “It’s not like you don’t have the money to get them repaired, Caroline. You have someone over the next morning to clean them if you see a single spec of dirt because you can’t do it yourself.”

After I slammed the door closed on her fucking face, she opened it a moment later. “What did I tell you about calling me that? I’m your mother, and I deserve your respect. I do everything for you, Blaise.”

“Respect?” I chuckled lowly. “You’re a fucking joke.”

“You need to--” she started but was interrupted by her phone ringing. She clenched her jaw, gave me another heartless glare, and walked back down the hallway away from me. “Yes, sweetheart, I’ll be there soon.”

She wanted respect but couldn’t even look at me when I saw her for the first time all fucking month. She was a petty bitch and I didn’t give a fuck what I did in her house anymore. It wasn’t like she really cared once her phone rang.

Downstairs, the front door closed, and I had this whole empty mansion to myself for the next few days, weeks, or maybe even months. Who knew when they’d decide to show back up? I didn’t give a fuck.

I tore off my clothes from school, laid back on my bed, and pulled out my phone, scrolling through the notifications from the guys and from Skylar who wanted to come over to fuck me later tonight.

She might’ve given the best head in all of Redwood, but she came and went as she pleased just like my fucking parents. And I was getting tired of her bitchy, I don’t give a fuck about anything either attitude too.

Another message came through my phone.

Skylar: So?? When will you be home?

After deciding to ignore her, I grabbed Vera’s notebook that I had managed to steal while she was all flustered in my driver’s seat and opened to the first page of what seemed like a fleshed out novel.

The 192 page college-ruled notebook had been completely filled, not a single page or line unused. I flipped through it, glossing over the boring parts of the story until I got to the nasty sex scenes that spanned almost ten pages each.

“Crawl, Evelyn. Be a good girl. Don’t make Daddy punish you in front of all his friends.”

Getting down on all fours, I crawled to him, swaying my hips side to side and loving the attention that all my father’s coworkers were giving me. Some held their drinks over their groins while others let me see just how hard they were because of me already.

I knelt by Daddy’s side and stared up at him through my lashes. He was hard through his suit pants, just waiting to be pleased. I pressed my thighs together to ease the ache between my legs as Aiden placed two fingers on my chin.

“Sit on my lap. Show everyone how quickly you can come by grinding your dripping little cunt against my thigh.”

After climbing on top of him, I sat, facing him.

He placed a lingering kiss on my lips. “Turn around, sweetheart. I get to see your face as you come every night. Don’t you think they deserve to see it too? I don’t want to be selfish with you.”

Hell, I didn’t give a fuck about literature, but the pages that I read were straight up porn.

“Come here, sweetheart,” Daddy ordered. “Let Daddy see that pretty face of yours.”

With my face covered with cum, I crawled out from underneath the table. Daddy took my hands and helped me to my feet, then placed me on the conference table in front of all the men I just sucked off and made come.

Daddy maneuvered his way between my legs, unzipping his pants and pulling my ass to the edge. He positioned himself at my entrance and pushed himself into me. “God, sweetheart, you look so”—another thrust—“fucking”—another thrust—“beautiful.”

I never thought that anything that dirty could come from a good girl like Vera. For as long as I knew her--when her mother used to bring her over while she cleaned our house, before my parents fucked that one up too--she had barely mumbled two words. I thought she was a boring nerd.

But fuck, from the way she stroked my cock with her pussy this afternoon, she was a horny little slut aching for cock. My dick stiffened slightly as I remembered how shocked, scared, and nervous she looked when I told her that I had read her writing.

She’d do anything to stop me from telling the entire school her secret, and I planned to use that against her. I planned to make the good girl into my own personal hungry cumslut.

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