The Bad Boy

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Chapter 6


Since Mom was working a double shift at the diner today, she wouldn’t be home for dinner, which meant that I had to scavenge through the canned goods in the cupboard for some ramen or corn or something we bought a long time ago for my brother and me.

Tonight, I watched Joao’s sister for three hours and made back what I had spent on that damn Plan B pill. But it was something that I could put towards saving for a computer, even if it was a cheap one.

Someone knocked on the front door. “Vera! Open the door. I have food!”

After hearing Maddie’s voice drift into the front room, I hurried over and opened it up for her. She held two brown bags filled with Chinese takeout in one hand and a bottle of root beer soda--my favorite--in the other.

“Is your mom home?” she asked, walking in and setting the bags down on the table.

“No, she works until eleven tonight.”

Maddie frowned. “Awh, I bought extra for her.”

I stared at my best friend and smiled, so fucking thankful for her. She might’ve been from the rich side of town with parents who would give her anything under the sun, but she was nothing like that arrogant, smooth-talking boy from World History named Blaise Harleen.

“I’ll put it in the fridge for her,” I said. “She’ll love you.”

My brother, Mateo, glanced out from his bedroom in the hallway. “I smell food.”

“I got some for you too,” Maddie said, handing him a bag.

He scurried back into his room with his chinese food and shut the door. That boy was three years younger than me but ate as much food as a grown ass man.

Once we sat by the coffee table, I pulled out some food and my homework. “I’m dreading history tomorrow,” Maddie said, scanning her english textbook to complete her homework. “The Grinch partnered me with Alec, out of all people. It’s going to be annoying as hell working with him.”

“At least you don’t have to work with Blaise.”

Maddie chuckled. “Yeah, I guess I don’t have it as bad as you.”

“Haha,” I said, not laughing once.

“What was that during history anyway? Blaise just walked right into the room, pulled up a chair next to you, and gave you that heartbreaker smirk. What’d he even want from you? Didn’t he tell you to meet him after school?”

Instead of answering her--because I didn’t even know if I would be able to say anything without being completely embarrassed--I continued my homework with my cheeks flushed and my heart racing. Maddie would freak out if she found out what happened, and I didn’t know if it would be in a good or bad way.

She lifted her head from her laptop and looked over at me. “Oh, god. What happened?”

“Nothing,” I whispered.

“Bro, don’t do that to me,” she said, slamming her laptop shut and narrowing her eyes. “You have that guilty look on your face like you had that time in third grade when you stole my favorite pencil.”

“How the heck do you still remember that?”

A grin stretched across her face. “Well, if you hadn’t stolen it, we wouldn’t be friends today. I wouldn’t be able to forget something like that. That was my favorite pencil ever. I still have it. Now, stop avoiding the question. What happened with Blaise?”

I took a deep breath and peeked over at her. “He, uh, found out that I write smut.”

“WHAT?!” Maddie said, straightening her back and leaning toward me. “How?”

“Sometimes I write scenes on scrap pieces of paper and shove them into my notebook, and…” My heart pounded inside my chest, my throat drying. Six hours had passed since my little thing with Blaise, and I couldn’t stop thinking about how stupid I had been. “And he found them when we were racing to World History.”

Maddie stared at me through wide green eyes. “You’re shitting me.”

“God, it was so embarrassing! I can’t believe that he actually picked it up and read it. And it wasn’t even a tame scene. He read one of the dirtiest scenes that I had written to date.” I covered my face with my hands, still embarrassed. “I don’t know what to do.”

“What a lucky bastard,” Maddie said, shaking her head. “You don’t even let me read your stories.”

“He is not lucky! He’s blackmailing me with it now.”

“Nice,” Maddie chuckled, grinning wickedly at me. “You need some spice in your life.”

“No! I do not!”

“God, I’m so excited to see how this plays out,” Maddie asked, opening her computer back and still grinning like a madwoman. “Piper is going to have a field day when she learns you’re being blackmailed.”

Piper might’ve been the third-wheel to our best friendship, but I didn’t want her to know anything about my situation with Blaise. She could make anyone’s life hell in the snap of her fingers, but I just wanted to keep it on the downlow for now.

“What’s he want from you anyway?” Maddie asked. “For you to do the entire World History project by yourself and the rest of his homework?”

Not wanting to answer again, I scribbled my answers on my AP statistics homework. And obviously--because she picked up on everything--Maddie looked back over at me and raised her brows. “That’s it, right?”

“No,” I whispered, cheeks in flames again. “He, uh… wants me to be… his…”

I wanted to throw up at the mere thought of it.

“His plaything, I guess.”

Maddie smacked her hand down on the coffee table. “No, he doesn’t.”

“Yes, he does. He… he… made it very clear after school in his car.”

She stared at me in shock for the longest moment of my life. “Bitch. You did not fuck him.” When I stayed quiet, Maddie shot to her feet and tugged me up to my feet as well, violently grabbing my face in her hands and letting her mouth hang open. “Tell me you did not lose your virginity today.”

“I…” I started, mouth dry but the heat grew between my legs as I remembered every filthy word that Blaise said to me in the passenger seat of his car, how his huge cock felt being pushed into me for the first time, how he used me so… well. “I can’t tell you that.”

There was absolute silence for a solid three minutes. A wave of emotions crossed Maddie’s face and through her piercing green eyes. She pressed her lips together and opened her mouth so many times that I couldn’t even count anymore.

After another moment, she grabbed my hand and dragged me to the front door. “I’m calling Piper. We’re bringing you out for milkshakes. And you’re going to tell us every single detail of what happened today, because I’m literally in shock.”

“Maddie, it’s a school night! And Mateo’s going to be here alone if I leave him.”

“Mateo! We’re leaving. You gonna be good here yourself?” Maddie shouted into the hallway.

He grumbled something incoherent from his bedroom, which almost always meant that he’d be fine. One of his friends was supposed to come pick him up anyway to play video games later tonight.

“You’re not getting out of this one, V,” Maddie said with a wicked grin. “I want to know everything. Every. Last. Detail.”

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