The Bad Boy

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Chapter 8


Five minutes before the first bell rang at Redwood, I sat in my Ferrari F8 with my hand around my cock and read the last page of Vera’s notebook. After spitting on it, I stroked it faster and faster, grunting.

After Skylar left, I pulled an all-nighter and read every page of this notebook. Every fucking page. And I still couldn’t wrap my fucking head around how Vera Rodriguez, the nerdy unpopular, innocent girl from World History had this much of a filthy mind.

How could I corrupt a mind like hers? She’d probably get off on me blackmailing her.

“Fuuuuck,” I groaned, wrapping my hand around the head of my dick.

Everyone pulling in in their cars around me was already rushing into the buildings to get to class. I could sit here all fucking day and jerk off like a fucking idiot and nobody would notice. But I couldn’t seem to fucking stop.

Glancing out the windshield, I spotted a flash of yellow rain boots hurrying across the street. With her ripped coat zipped all the way up to her chin and a pile of books in her arms, Vera cut through the student parking lot from the street and hurried toward the entrance to Redwood Academy’s main building.

I closed my eyes for a brief moment, stroking my cock faster and faster.

God, I was a fucking loser for sitting in this car and fucking jerking off to this story when I could be fucking Skylar--or even Vera now--in the school bathrooms. I wanted to be inside her again, wanted her whimpering and crying into my ear.

All night, I hadn’t been able to stop reading, stop thinking about the way she felt, the sounds she made, how her pussy tightened around me when I came deep inside her cunt. It was the first fucking time I lost control like that, the first time I came inside anyone after promising myself that I wouldn’t, at least not without a condom.

Chocolate brown hair blowing in the breeze, Vera clutched her books tight to her chest and took two stairs at a time up the main staircase to the front door. I threw my head back and grunted, my warm cum spilling out into my fist.

I never thought she would be the one I lost control with. Since I had known her, she had been quiet and reserved and innocent, someone that I would never, ever think about touching nor blackmailing.

After sighing softly, I relaxed against my seat, wiped the cum off on a spare sweatshirt that I never wore anymore, and tucked myself back away in my pants. Two minutes before first class started, and I would actually be on time for once.

Spotting Vera one last time, I turned off my car. Before she could enter the building, Joao Roche--leader of Poison--grabbed her wrist and pulled her back. I tightened my hand around the steering wheel and watched him move closer to her as he handed her something.

She stared at him for a few moments, exchanging a couple words with him and giving him her full attention. Unlike when other people talked to Poison, Vera wasn’t shaking in fear of Joao. Instead, she talked to him like she knew him… a bit too well.

“What the fuck,” I growled, throwing on my backpack and opening the door.

As I hopped up onto the curb, Vera disappeared through the front doors with Joao. I picked up my pace and stepped into the school, pushing and shoving whoever the fuck got in my way until I made it to the main hallway. I stared around, hoping to find her but she was gone in the hundreds of students.

I rushed down the maze of hallways, trying to find either Vera and Joao but coming up empty handed. Skylar stood at my locker with her arms crossed over her chest as she must’ve been waiting for me. But I didn’t have time for her shit right now.

When she saw me, she pushed herself off the metal lockers and hurried after me. “Listen, I’m sorry about last night. I wanted to come over and help you feel good. You’ve been more stressed than normal lately, Blaise. I can see it.”

“You wanted to feel good about your fucking self,” I said, pushing through a group of students to see if I could find them. I didn’t know what the fuck I was doing, or why I was doing it, but I couldn’t stop. “Leave me alone.”

“Blaise,” Skylar pouted, grabbing my elbow and stopping me completely.

This bitch was going to ruin everything.

The bell rang throughout the halls, and I ripped myself away from her. “Get to fucking class. I have shit to do. We’ll fucking talk later.”

After giving me another eyeroll, Skylar walked down the halls to whatever class that she had. I decided that I wouldn’t find Vera like this, so I did the one thing that I knew how to do: flirt with the ladies in the office to get Vera’s schedule.

I strolled to the main office, passing Principal Vaugn on my way there and throwing my skateboard on the ground in front of him just to piss him off, then I found my way into the main office and leaned against the counter, flashing a smile at the older women.

“I’m looking for Vera Rodriguez’s schedule,” I said to the woman in the main office.

“And why is that, Mr. Harleen?”

My lips curled into an even wider grin, and I waved a few hundred-dollar bills of my parent’s money at her. Eyes widening in greed, she tapped a couple buttons on her keyboard and printed out Vera’s schedule for me. After exchanging my money for the schedule, I walked out of the office and found that now Vera would be on the third floor in AP biology: a class that Joao Roche wouldn’t even be able to get into.

Though my first class was on the first floor, I walked up two flights of stairs to floor three and into the science wing toward AP biology. Instead of checking through the door window to make sure that Vera was here alone and not with Joao–I would have to talk to him later–I opened the AP biology door and stepped right into the class.

From Allie Hall to Imani Abara to some nerdy kind named Akio, everyone stared at me through wide eyes and began to whisper. I scanned the room until they landed on Vera who sat with her best friend, Maddie Something in the middle row.

Vera sucked in a sharp breath, cheeks flushing as she looked at me. She shifted around uncomfortably, tucking some brown hair behind her ear and shuffling her yellow rain boots on the squeaky, tiled floor.

The graying science teacher cleared his throat. “Who are–”

“Wrong class,” I said, keeping eye contact with Vera and backing out of the room.

While she might’ve been in class alone, I wasn’t going to let it go that easily. I wanted to know what they were talking about, why she was so comfortable with Joao, and what the fuck he wanted with her.

Because Vera Rodriguez wasn’t going to give anyone her attention but me.

A/N haha Blaise is kinda OTT but we love an obsessed bad boy, don’t we? At least I do!

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