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They call me the wolf, and say I hunt at night. But my hunting days are over, or so I thought. My new prey is a beauty that's been in my life for years. Only this time when I hunt my prey down, I'll devour every inch of her whole. Until she is consumed by me. Until we are one. Until I am hers, and she is mine...forever.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

A lot of men consider themselves the bad guy. All of them want to be seen as hard, unfeeling, unemotional, a motherfucker with hands at weapons. I for one am one of the bad guys. Not because I do not feel, but I often feel too much. It's a curse. A damning curse that makes me act irrationally.

"Let me go, Nate!" the woman that I'm dragging shouts as I pull her into the humid night air. Our feet crunch against the rock gravel around us, echoing into the night. I head for my car, with one thought in mine. Claiming.

"How long have I been gone, Jezee?" I say as I push the woman up against my car and cage her in with my arms. My eyes scan every inch of her angry face. Even with a scowl that would have most men fleeing, I find every inch of the stunning beauty in her face.

"Long enough, Nate." Jezebel says as she deflates against the car behind her. My eyes scan down her delicate body and I clench my teeth. Her eyeliner gives her eyes that catty look. Her lips are painted black, but it's becoming on her. The dress she wears stops just below her ass, but the slit went up to her hip. She should have never came out of the fucking house like this. Every guy inside the club was staring at her when I arrived. I didn't want to kill them—only wished to make their lives a living fucking hell. That's a fate worse than death.

Death is absolution.

Jezebel eyes don't dare connect with mine, but I can read her face and body language like a book. And I plan on reading every fucking page of it.

"You know I had to go, right? You knew I had to leave, Jezee." I ask and state as I grip her chin making her fierce eyes meet mine. The silence between us bleeds into frustration quickly. My breathing picks up, my chest heaving. Jezebel continues to glare at me, and damn if I don't want to kiss her stupid. But I know this woman.

If I do some shit she doesn't like, she'll try to cut off my fucking balls.

"I didn't know a damn thing," Jezebel finally says on a sigh. "One second you were here, the next gone. And we both know that you lack basic communication skills when it comes to your business."

"Because you are valuable Jezee. Your dad will fucking kill me if you get hurt. It's bad enough I'm fifteen years your senior."

"You know how I like my men." The purr in Jezebel's voice has me smiling. It's been two years away from the young girl who walked into my life after I lost my brother. She was at his funeral with my niece. I knew she was young, but I couldn't bring myself to care.

Jezebel Moore has been mine since the day she was pushed from her mother's womb. We only had to find each other, and we did. The only problem was and is the fact that I do dangerous work.

Work that got men and their women killed. So I had to leave and settle some things so that I could have a life. A life with the woman I want to push out our beautiful children.

"Like your men? You mean man.” I snap as I pin my body against Jezebel's. She groans but continues to glare. "I better be the only dick coming near you."

"That it," Jezebel snaps suddenly before pushing me away. "I'm going home. My parents are expecting me, and you, Nate, can fuck off. I won't allow you to walk in and out of my life like I'm disposable. I'm the fucking shit."

"You are?" I playfully ask as Jezebel walks away from me, pulling keys out her small purse. She looks back at me with a glare that sends chills down my spine and causes my confident demeanor to faulter.

"Yea, I fucking am, Nate. And like I said, I don't have time for your S.H.I.T." My eyes hone in on her full ass as she walks away from me. I know she was a virgin when I left, but is she now? I'm not sure and I damn sure don't want her to tell me. I'll find out, then I'll kill the asshole who took what wasn't his to take.

To my surprise Jezebel stops walking and stalks back towards me.

"Look, I really don't want to deal with you anymore." she grits out and I can hear the defeat in her voice. "You may think it's weird that I'm not going crazy or screaming and crying, but...I healed, Nate. I cried myself to sleep for nights on end, but I healed. And I don't need you coming into my life and ruining shit. So, just leave me alone."

"I'll never leave you alone." I bite out as Jezebel shakes her head. She stalks off once again, and this time I don't stop her. Instead I watch as she heads toward one of the many cars that are stored on her fathers' estate, and leaves in it. When she is out of sight, I kiss my teeth before getting into my own vehicle. My phone chooses now to ring, and I pull it out to see my brother's name on the front screen.

"Yes, Pace." I heave as I start my car.

"Xavier beat up one of the Russians downtown. We had a shoot out, the cops are everywhere." My younger brother rushes out on the other side of the phone. He's obviously out of breathe from running no doubt.

"Why are you calling me?"

"Do not play stupid, bro. Call off your fucking dogs!"

"They aren't my dogs. The police are not in my back pocket anymore." It's a lie and I truly just want to scare the fuck out of the little asshole. He and Xavier have a special talent for landing themselves in the spotlight. Something I don't need.

"This is the last time I'm dragging you two out of fucking trouble. I'm trying to be different. Jezee wasn't too happy to see me." I grit out the last few words and grow agitated when I hear my brother chuckle.

"You mean little Miss Jezebel isn't as ruthless as her father, uncle, and brothers when it comes to her emotions? Shocker." Pace's voice is laced with sarcasm.

"Say one more word and I'll let them haul your ass to fucking jail." I sneer.

All I hear is sirens from the other end of the phone before I hang up so I can do what my brother asks. An hour later I'm walking into my penthouse and sure enough my brothers are there. The whole place even smells like them. Which isn't a good thing.

"I want my shit cleaned up by the end of the day tomorrow." I say as I walk towards what looks like a plain wall with a mirror on it. When I put my palm against a certain spot, it opens slowly to what is the master bedroom. My room smells fresh. Untouched. Lonely.

"So, you saw Jezee?" Xavier asks as he walks into the room behind me. I start to undo my button up without responding. He knows I hate stupid questions. "Did she tell you about Jose?" My body stills as I turn to look at my brother.

"Who the fuck is, Jose?" I ask as I stare my brother down.

"Her boyfriend, and from I hear, the heir to the cartel empire. Which means, if you are going after her, you're going after problems. You need to let her go."

"Never!" I shout as I lunge at my brother, but stop short. The tall man doesn't even flinch. "Fuck Jose, and fuck the cartel! Jezebel Moore is mine! And I'll kill every motherfucker who comes within an inch of her!" My body vibrates with anger as I shout to no one in particular.

"Whoo! Good to have you back!" Pace says as he steps into the room.

"It's good to be back," I say as I remove my shirt. "It'll be even better when Jezee is in my bed. Until the, fill me in. I need to know what I have missed."
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