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Their Destiny.

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Chloe is seventeen years old and destined for allot of things.. When her mother was going to give birth she got into a horrible accident! She was to be dead at the scene as well as her Babygirl inside her womb. But something or someone changed that and saved them both.. but the Babygirl got a strange birth mark meaning she is destined for so much coming her way… They are coming her way.

Romance / Drama
Melissa Montgomery
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Before I was born, My beautiful mother fell in love with a man, his name was Elias. She told me stories on how strong of a man he was and loved by everyone in the town.. He was healthy and loved my mother for her personality and didn’t care of her background.

But one day my father disappeared on my mother leaving her pregnant and alone.. She had to move back with my Aunt who took care of her and supported her through all her decisions.
One cold winter night, My mother was walking home from work when she shouldn’t have been when a drunk driver hit her head on.
My mother should of died that night.. I should have died in her stomach.. but there was a weird breeze that night and my mother said a woman came to her telling her that she will save her and the baby but on my 17th birthday something big will change that my mother will have to accept. Of course my mother agreed as she wanted to keep me alive and keep her love for my father alive.. So she took the deal.

That’s how it was told by my mother, and here I am walking home from boring school just so I can do boring homework, cook dinner with my Aunt while my mother works night shifts at the hospital.
I sighed opening the door to the home as I heard my Auntie talking to someone. I dropped my bag on the couch and moved to the kitchen where my Aunt was with a man in a really decked out suit.
My Aunt stood looking to me worried than to the man.

“Chloe.. Your mother will be home soon and this man wants to speak to you both..”
She says worries staring at my eyes.

I raised an eyebrow at her, Mom coming home early from work on a Friday?
“Um.. and he needs to speak to us about?”

She was about to open her mouth to reply as my mother walked into the front door quickly as she dropped her purse and moved to the kitchen staring at the man who stood up with a smile to greet her.

“Mrs.Daniels.. I’m Jerry. Your husband sent for me to get you three and bring you back home..”
He stood proud smiling at her as he bowed.

My mother dropped her keys bearing my father was alive and well was a big shock but she also looked very mad.
“He..is alive… Home?”

“I promise to explain as much as I can.. for right now you have to pack your things so we can leave in the morning..”
He said with a nod.

“Woah..WOAH! You expect us to just go with you? You could be a killer..we don’t know you nor know if you are telling the truth.”
I laughed rolling my eyes.

The man went into his pocket and handed my mother a letter which she took with shaky hands, she opened it as her eyes widened at the letter. She closed her eyes and put the letter to her chest sighing loudly.
“It’s him..”
She whispered.

“Your certain??”
My Auntie asked putting her hands on her hips annoyed some.

“I am..We must pack our things and go ..I need to see and make sure this is real.”
She says walking off and down the hall to her room.

I gave the man a hard glare as I turned on my heel chasing after my mom as my Aunt followed in toe

“Momma.. you can’t be serious! He can be lying.. You said daddy has been gone for years.. why would he come back now and how can he even find us?”

“I agree with her Cassandra..”
My aunt sighed watching my mother walk around packing a bag.

“Rebecca.. I know it’s him..He left something in the letter only me and him know.. Chloe, My Babygirl please trust in me.. If I’m wrong you can shove it in my face but please.. I need this, I never ask for anything from you two..”
She begged staring at us both.

I looked to my Aunt an sighed heavily rubbing my head.
“Fine.. I’m in. But if this is a hoax, I’m getting right back on that damn plane and leaving!”

My mother smiled kissing my head than looked to her sister with begging eyes. Aunt Rebecca groaned loudly giving in as she smiles hugging all of us.
“Okay Okay I’m in.. it’s like a little vacation I guess huh?”

My mother smiles at us than rushed off to pack her back.

“So.. where are we headed exactly??”
I asked moving across the hall to my room.

“Right North Dakota..It’s where I used to live with him..My home..”
She says peaking out from her closet.

“North Dakota!!” My aunt and me yelled at the same time before looking at one another as we groaned.

Aunt Rebecca sighed heavily.
“Well I’m gonna finish our meal tonight, Let the man know we are going.. set a alarm for early.. and call in family time for work..”
She grumbled walking down the hall.

I watched her walk away as I looked to my mom.
“If this isn’t a hoax.. Auntie is gonna hit him and I hope she does…Hope this is a waste of time..I’m gonna take a bath planes freak me out so if I’m relaxed before the flight the better.”
I shut my door before she could speak as I sighed moving towards the bathroom.

I turned the hot water on and let it fill as I turned looking to the mirror, Dark brown hair..beautiful blue eyes. My mother has brown eyes so I guess I get it from my father.
I slid my clothes off as I ran my fingers over the 3 leaf clover weird Birth mark on my hip.. I always thought it was really cool but my mother hated it in a way but never told me the reason why she did.

I sighed closing my eyes relaxing in the hot water as I was nervous to what is to come..What if this was for real and I was gonna see my dad? Or should I say.. dead beat.. either way I was praying this is a hoax and just a normal vacation..but we will see right.
But little did I know what was coming to my life.

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