Bright Star and her Rubber Android

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Mouna Lisa Kaspersky's mother was driven to make her daughter a star, by hook or by crook. She controlled every aspect of her daughter's life and was determined that Mouna would make it or die trying. Instead she died and Mouna was not capable of taking care of herself especially with her secret.

Romance / Erotica
Dee Vee Iante
Age Rating:

Pagent Star

Child Star

So, the funeral is over, and I am at home in my own museum, or is it a mausoleum? Trophies fill every cabinet of me as a baby, toddler, child beauty princess. Advertisements featuring me hang on walls not taken up by cupboards with awards. A rack of videos or my child and toddler commercials and seven posters for each year since Star Bright and Andromeda started. I have no friends and only know a life managed by my mother.

I have never been without mum by my side, and now I feel lost. Yes, I am nineteen, yes, I have a gig to live for now, yes, the house is mine, yes there is food in the fridge, but my mother is gone. I can not remember a time when she was not around me or by me before Star Bright and Andromeda. In its seventh season, I am Andromeda, the Android.

Until the third season, Mother homeschooled me, was there for all my dance classes, dressed me, washed me, put me to bed, made breakfast, and even told me what to think, say and behave. As you see, I was perfect for the role of the Android. She was not like the other movie mother, the Joan Crawford story, and aside I did not know different.

Mother’s life was not easy either. Once, she was a fully ordained silent nun, secluded twenty-four-seven from the outside world. People said she was not quite right, and her parents thought this was the best option. Then she became pregnant with me. I am not sure why she decided to become a movie star; I never thought to ask. Did Tiger Woods ever ask his father why he got him to play gold rather than, say, tennis or dancing?

Cathenne and Elizabeth will return soon to help me pack my things. I should be doing something but two decades of doing what other people tell me, mother, directors, judges, camera person, etc., made me a perfect doll or model but not very decisive as a human. That is why Cathenne told me I would be living with them. She and her mother Elizabeth even prepared me for the funeral. I am so hopeless.

Of course, Cathenne knows what I am, and she is the only other person in the world since my birth who has seen me naked. Cathenne and her mother stayed with me the past few days helping with the funeral arrangements. They were the only ones who came to the funeral and were out now to get some food.

Cathenne is fine with me and the way I dress. I suspect that she is a bit like my mother; why else would she like me. Cathenne enjoys dressing me, like her little sister, although we are the same age. Cathenne is the star of Star Bright and Andromeda the Android, and we have been together almost every day for seven years, except at night.

I only met Cathenne when I was in the Android suit. It is tough in the suit, and had mother not prepared me, I may not have gotten the role. No one could fit into the suit except me, but I was still too fat. No, I am very skinny, everyone tells me, but the suit had a tube waist, like a pipe. It fit me perfectly, and I knew how to toe walk, but the waist size was impossible.

Mother told me, and she was right, that no one could fit into the suit and that they would change it, then more would fit. If I fit into this suit, I would get the role. Mother organized a second appointment for me, and we started reducing my waist to a tube that large hands could fit around. It was painful, and I cried a lot, but when we got to the wardrobe, despite my double layer of nylon tights and leotards, I fit in tightly, but I fit in.

Some of the others managed to walk on the heelless ballet boots required for the long-legged small-footed Andromeda Android role, but mum had me in those since I started ballet at age six or seven. I even wore them to bed. Mum said that success was ninety-nine percent preparedness and one percent luck. If you are not prepared, that lucky break will pass you by. And she was right. This is the seventh season of Star Bright and Andromeda. Did I mention that I was Andromeda?

No one knows who Andromeda is. It is meant to be the big secret that keeps the gossip going. Mum and the studio go to elaborate lengths to keep my face hidden. Well, mum did; she is dead now. Anyway, no one on set knows me as anything other than Andromeda. I always have a black nylon mask with mouth and eye holes over my head. Even under the suit, I have that on. Even in my off times, when mum has me exercise, I wear the Andromeda suit. She says, said, I had to eat, breathe, and sleep Andromeda and be her, so I am. Well, I am not wearing the suit today.

I can’t remember ever having street clothes. Cathenne and Elizabeth got them for me for the funeral and wake even though only the three of us were present. Elizabeth said that grieving is an essential part of living when someone close dies. They are very caring for me through this process, but I understand. We still have thirteen episodes before the final episode where Andromeda is destroyed, and Star Bright dies. I wonder what I will do then?

Should I undress? No, I am uncomfortably comfortable. Yes, another from mums wisdom like always be hungry and never sated. If you have nothing to do, dance. In a way, she will always be with me, in my head, as will the pain of my small tube waist and the over-tight, thick nylon cloths. But this too is now who and how I am.

Cathenne, my Star Bright, dressed me this morning. I did mention that, didn’t I? She helped me manage that ugly growth then, just as mum, helped me into the tight spanks, black 200D tights, and leotard with high neck and sleeves with finger holes. Then we put on my tube corset, and she tightened until her hands could go around my waist twice. Her hands were smaller than mother’s, and it was more painful than usual, but that was good. It distracted me from my fear of what my future holds without my mother.

After the corset always comes a pair of nylon gloves, then the outer tights and leotards. Used to the heavy rubber Andromeda suit, I get cold quickly, so Cathenne had me wear two more layers before putting on my black ballet heels. While Cathenne dressed me, Elizabeth managed my accounts and social media. She said she would have her people tend Andromeda’s posts. Most were scripted anyway.

Elizabeth chose a dress for me for the funeral. It was nice. I wore a pair of sheer loose trousers then a long dress, also a bit sheer. I wore my usual nylon face mask and a veil under the dress’s loose hood. But it was a cold day, so I wore a long black coat and one only saw the bottom of the loose trousers.

Cathenne is a real beauty, not like me, a flat straight board without my corset. Well, That is why they chose me for the role, my androgynous look. Not like Data, the Borg, or Vulcans but more like a robot with biological bits that served its mistress Star Bright, unquestioningly. Although lately, that had also changed. I was developing a dangerous glitch in the series.

Cathenne had a perfect figure, strong athletic hips, nice breasts that were perfect under her combat suit, a perfect hourglass figure. She never used a stunt double and never complained when we had difficult scenes and long hours of wirework. Well, I didn’t either, but that was mainly because I did not speak my lines; someone else did. The android suit’s head was tight, and only my eyes showed. Sometimes when we did a lot of falling and flying, I used a comforter to keep the pain to myself. No pain, no gain, spoke my mother’s voice in my head.

Anyway, Bright was sexy and kind, intelligent and loyal, and I idolized her from the first scene we had together. Of course, she had millions of admirers, well over five million, and Andromeda one-and-a-half million. As she developed over the years, her suits turned interesting. Oh, she did not show more than her face and hair, but she was the sexiest teenager alive, at least for me. Oh, here they come. I wonder what is next.

Oh, she was beautiful coming into mum’s bedroom. Well, it was mine too. I will be living with them from now on. Elizabeth is my new manager, and I will sleep in Cathenne’s bedroom. Thye offered me a room all to myself with a separate bathroom, but I have never slept by myself. Cathenne offered me to sleep in her bedroom, which is really lovely. She is helping me up and holding my hand, just like mum, except it is much nicer with her. We are off to my new home, her home.

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