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Romance / Drama


Cooper and Dylan stared at their brother, astonished by his emotional state. Biologically they were cousins but after being raised in the same house, by the same woman, eating at the same dinner table, sharing the same clothes, the same friends, liking the same girls, having beef with the same guys, graduating high school around the same time and experiencing some of life’s most amazing and most tragic moments together, they didn’t think it suitable to call each other anything but brothers. When they made their pact 6 months ago to go on a hunt for wives, they never thought Wyatt would be the one to get his heart broken. As Wyatt sat on the sofa in Gammy’s living room, he fought back every emotion he never thought it was possible to experience. Fear, anxiety, confusion,regret,anger,and disappointment all invaded his mind and heart. He could deal with those feelings, but the one that was causing the issue, was love. How could he have allowed himself to fall in love with her anyway? He questioned himself over and over again. He had a list. 10 requirements. He had never compromised before but he did with her. She didn’t even meet half of the qualities on his list but he loved her. Why? How? This is why he was always content with his bachelor “playboy” lifestyle until now. There were no obligations, no emotions, no expectations. Just a good roll in the hay and she was gone the next day. The smell of Gammy’s award winning peach cobbler baking in the oven couldn’t even pull him back to reality. Since as early as 5 years old, it had been the one thing Gammy could do, to make him feel better no matter what was going on. When he was 7 and he fell out of the tree house and broke his arm, it seemed that the peach cobbler made his bones heal a little faster. When he was 13 and the girl he wanted to take to the 8th grade dance suddenly had to move and go live with her father, there was a peach cobbler baking in the oven that night to soothe his disappointment. When he failed college algebra his freshman year and had to take the class again along with some extra electives to regain his 3.7GPA, Gammy kept the peach cobblers coming but this time, it simply wasn’t enough. He would much rather suffer a grumble in his tummy if it could stop the aching in his heart. Cooper and Dylan looked periodically at each other, hoping that one of them would think of something to say that could comfort him but they were both at a loss. Vulnerability was not something wyatt had ever shown, especially not when it came to the various women he entertained. Dylan left the family room to go and call Angela and tell her not to come to dinner this Sunday. He knew that his brother was in no mood to see him closely cuddled with his lady since he had just lost his own. Cooper didn’t have to call Chelsea because she had already canceled after being called into work. The cancellations were becoming more and more frequent but Cooper tried to be as understanding as possible since he was dating an ER nurse. Gammy stayed in the kitchen, praying that somehow, some way, her youngest grandbaby would be ok. She had seen countless women come through her home over the years and she was hoping that maybe her grandkids would settle down and marry so that she could have some great grandkids before her high blood pressure and diabetes took what little life she had left. Wyatt was the last one she thought would fall in love but by the looks of things, that’s exactly what had happened. She had only had the privilege of meeting Melanie once but the girl seemed to be exactly what Wyatt needed. Unfortunately Gammy knew at that time that Wyatt would realize it too late. They all gathered at the dinner table once Gammy announced that everything was ready and they sat down to enjoy their dinner. This was the first time since the boys could talk, that there was no bickering over who would take the last piece of cornbread, which NFL team was going to the super bowl, who would be MVP of the NBA finals this year,or who was better looking out of the three brothers. Gammy hoped that the joy that once surrounded the dinner table would somehow,in someway, soon be restored.

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