Men Will Always Cheat Series: Book 2: Rebel Grows Up

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Our little girl is grown up. She is turning 18 years of age today. She has an attitude that most people do not like. She was raised by the brothers of the clubhouse, and they are protective of her. Rebels brother is 15 years old. He is as tall and big as his father. I looked up to see Rebel walk into the club house straight over to the new enforcer. You low down son of a bitch. You do not have permission to tell Temper to lock my bike in the shed.. That may be, but you are playing with your life when you do trick riding on that bike. I kicked the chair out from under him. Touch my bike again and I will destroy your bike. I hate you Spike. Give me the key to the shed. No. What do you mean by telling me no? We watched as she walked down the hallway and came back carrying a gun. What the hell are you going to do with that gun, Rebel and where did you get it? It is mine and what I am going to do is none of your business. You stay out of my life and mind your own business Spike. Because if you don't. I might just use this gun and shoot you with it. I hate you, and all men. All but a few.

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Chapter 1: Rebel Looses Her Birthright

We have watched Rebel grow from birth to now a young woman. She is beautiful, intelligent a rich. She started her own business when she was 15 years old. She started her first tattoo shop then. She designs her own tattoo's.

Several of the single members are in love with her. Especially Spike however, he stays away from her. Spike stands 6 feet, four inches tall. He is well muscled, with long black hair hanging past his shoulders. He has green eyes that sparkle if he smiles.
Spike never smiles though. He smiled once that was when Rebel was 3 years old and she was giving him hell about our cook, Kathy's food.
He has not smiled much since that day. Spike is 28 years old. Today, Rebel turns 18. While she was at school, he had Temper lock her bike in the shed.
Rebel loves her bike more than she does anyone or anything else. She hates Spike. She avoids him as much as possible. It pissed her off when the members voted him in as the new enforcer.
Today when she got home all hell broke loose in the clubhouse. We saw her walk in the door and straight over to him. "You low down son of a bitch. You do not touch my bike. You had no right to have Temper lock it in the shed."
"The next time you touch my bike I will destroy yours."
"Give me the key."
"What do you mean telling me, no?"
"When you learn to not do those dangerous stunts, I will give you the key."
We watched as she left the bar and went to her room. She walked back out into the bar with a gun.
"Where the hell did you get a gun, Rebel. And what are you going to do with it?"
"I am going to shoot the lock off of the shed. And the next time you touch my bike I will shoot you."
Revenge and Julie are Rebel's parents. I looked over at Julie. "Revenge I need to talk to you. We walked to my office."
"Revenge, do not do what I think you are going to do."
"I know Rebel. She will leave."
"No, she won't, Julie."
"Yes, she will. You will make her choose. She will hate you if you tell her not to talk to Spike like that again. She is right about her bike."
"He had no right to touch it, let alone order it locked up. And he had no right to tell her it would stay locked up until she stopped doing stunts."
"He is not her man, or her father."
"I'm sorry, Julie. But I have to make her understand she cannot disrespect him."
"She is the next president of this clubhouse. He disrespected her."
I looked into his eyes. "You are not going to skip the oldest child just because she is a girl and give our son the title."
"Revenge if you do this. I will never forgive you and neither will she. You always told her she would be the president."
"I'm sorry, Julie but I am going to make Ghost the president."
I stood there as he walked out and told Ghost and Rebel to come to his office.
"Rebel, you will not talk to Spike like that again. I also am not making you the president of this clubhouse. I am making your brother the president."
"Dad, it is Rebel's right as first born."
"I'm sorry, Rebel but I made my choice."
"Fine, I will be moving out of this clubhouse. I will start packing my things. You go out there and tell that son of a bitch to put my bike on the trailer."
"Now I know how you really feel about me. You don't want me to take my rightful place as the president. That is fine. I will never step foot back in this clubhouse. You don't want me. I don't want or need you either."
I turned and walked out the door and up the stairs. I walked to the closet and grabbed boxes and carried them to my bedroom. I started packing my things. I had everything packed and sat the boxes along the wall outside my room.
I called a storage company and had rented a storage unit over the phone. They will send a moving truck to pick up my boxes. I then walked down the stairs and asked four prospects to carry them down and set them on the porch.
Next, I carried my computer, flat screen tv, and Radio and speakers out and put them in the back of my trailblazer. I saw my bike on the trailer and strapped down.
The members, dad, mom, and Ghost watched not saying one word. He doesn't want me here. So be it. I saw the moving truck stop in the compound. After loading the boxes, they handed me a key to the storage unit.
I watched as they took my things away. I walked over slid into my trailblazer and started it up. I drove from the compound out onto the road.
I drove to the motel and got a room. I parked the truck and walked into the room carrying my laptop. I called the kitchen and ordered something to eat. I had a coffee pot in the room, and I was drinking coffee when room service arrived.
I opened my laptop and looked for houses for sale. I found one just outside of town I liked. You can do a walk through online. I called the realtor and scheduled to see the house and do a walkthrough of it for tonight at 5: OO pm.
Back at Revenges clubhouse it was quiet. Very quiet. Ghost is angry, Julie is angry and when Revenge reached over to touch her leg, she turned her head.
"Do not touch me, Renegade."
We all watched as she stood up and walked down the hallway and up the stairs. I walked to our bedroom. I walked inside and sat in the rocking chair looking out of the window.
"My daughter is gone. He took her rightful title from her and gave it to Ghost."
"How could he do that, and then tell her not to disrespect Spike."
"Revenge know what she would do. How it would make her feel. She did the same thing I would do. Leave. I would not stay where I was treated like nothing. Like she was dirt under his feet."
"I cannot forgive him for that."
I walked up the stairs to our room. I opened the door, but Julie refused to look at me. "Julie, I'm sorry. I didn't think she would leave."
"You treated her like she was nothing. Like dirt under your feet. Like she was not wanted here. Not good enough to be the next president."
"I would have done the same thing."
"Revenge, do not touch me, do not talk to me. Not until you set it right."
"That title does not belong to Ghost. He is not the first born. I hate you right now. My daughter is gone. I will never see her step foot back in this clubhouse."
"She will not be here for cookouts, holidays, her wedding, her children will not run around this clubhouse."
"You lied to all of us. I will never hold my grandchildren in my arms. All because of what you have done."
"I hope you can live with that. To live with not knowing she if she is safe or not. All because you don't want a woman as the president of this clubhouse."
"Get out. I don't want to see your face."
I turned my head and stared out the window again. The tears flowing down my face."
I didn't even go down to eat. Anything they brought to me was taken back to the kitchen untouched. This continued for three weeks. The only think I did was drink coffee.
I started losing weight. I looked like a skeleton. I don't care. I want to die. I was not happy anymore. Not since Rebel left.
I have been gone for three weeks. I have no contact with my parents, brother, or the club members. If they come into my shop and ask for me to do a tattoo, they are told I no longer give tattoos.
I design them and that is all I do now. I never talk to any of them. I walk by them as if they do not exist. Once a letter was brought to me. I looked at it. "I wrote on the letter. Rebel no longer works here or exist." I sent it back.
I changed my name. I go by Spirit now. I am no longer human. I am a Spirit to my family and club members. I have no family anymore. I cut my hair off, dyed it purple, and wear contacts.
"I never had a tattoo before. Now I have a sleave, a heart with a knife threw it on my shoulder and words that say, "Show no emotions, never show pain, and never trust."
I know that Rebel is here. Her bike is outside. But the letter came back that she did not work there. I rode back to the club and looked at Ghost.
"Well, did she take the letter?"
"No, it came back with this written on it."
"What the hell does that mean. She doesn't exist?"
"I know she is there Ghost her bike is parked in front of the shop."
"I want a few prospects to watch the shop. I want them to follow her home."
"We did what we were asked. We did not see Rebel in the shop. And the girl that walked out and sat on the bike was not her."
We went back to the club and told Ghost we watched as girl walk out and get on the bike, but she was not Reble. We told him she had short purple hair and tattoos.
"Rebel would never sale her bike, give it away, or trade it in."
"It must be another girl with a bike like Rebels."
"There was a name on each side of the gas tank. Spirit."
"Find out what you can about this girl and get back with me."
We rode back to town and walked to the restaurant. We sat drinking coffee when her name was brought up. We heard two bikers from the Road Iron MC talking.
"Did you ask, Spirit out?"
"I did. She thanked me but said no thank you. She said she doesn't date."
"I don't even know where she lives. I was going to send her flowers. She would not give me her address."
"I asked the artists and they told me no one knows where Spirit lives."
"I asked about her family. They told me she doesn't have any family."
"That she lives alone all but for her Wolf."
"they told me not to bother to keep asking her out. She won't go out with me."
"I asked if she had any friends. They told me two, Donna and Elizabeth and they are just like Sprit is. They only trust each other and never trust men."
"One of the artists laughed. I asked what she was laughing at. She spoke. You know the saying that the only man a girl can trust is her daddy?"
"I told her everyone has heard that saying."
"She stated. Not for those three girls. They told me once, that a girl should never trust anything that a father tells them. They are as bad as every other man. That a father does not protect or tell their daughters the truth, that a daughter is like dirt under their fathers' boots"
I thought about when Rebel left. Their mother said the same thing. That dad treated her like the dirt under his feet. Sounds like three more women don't trust their own fathers either.

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