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Anine, half-fae and half human, was born into wealth. But once her family lost all of their fortune, she was sold to the highest bidder. The King of Fae himself and it just so happened he was looking for a wife for his son and Anine was not interested.

Romance / Erotica
Courtney Coté
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

*the night of*

"Anine, he's definitely looking at you." Amaran whispered. Anine snuck a glance to the man she had been crushing on for months. He was definitely looking at her as she danced with Amaran across the dance floor. He definitely noticed her. Anine shook her hips with the beat, hoping to draw attention to her better than average ass. This is what most parties consisted of these days. Anine and Am would attend one of their parents parties, get drunk, find whoever they were currently fixated on and hopefully go home with them. This guy had been pretty difficult but there was no man who could resist either of them for too long. Both being from prestigious families, beautiful and curvy, it was a no brainer. Life was easy and fun, as it should be for any twenty-three year old who had a well off family.

"Let's take a bathroom break." Anine told Am, above the music, breaking eye contact with the guy she had it out for. Walking out of the ball room of Anines parent's Estate, Am said, "Is he just going to keep checking you out and never make a move?" Pushing through the giant wooden double doors to the bathroom, "I think I might actually approach him when we get back. I've never met a guy that was this difficult. And he's been to nearly every party my parents have had. He just stands there and swirls his drink, watching. But I never see him actually talk to anyone." Anine says, powdering her face in the mirror. Hours of dancing showing through a shiny glimmer on her face. "Yeah when you say it like that he sounds creepy. Too bad he's hot as hell." Am notices, and she's not wrong.
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