10 Dares

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Liam is your normal teenager that loves to go to parties and hates studying. A drunken accident pushes him to accept a dare. While doing his dare, he becomes closer to someone and blossoms a very close friendship. But does this 'friendship' end up changing into something more? Read 10 dares and you will find your answer.

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Chapter 1

Well, fuck my life

My families messed up

My schools messed up

My love life's messed up

My friends been messed up

I don't know anything in my life that isn't messed up. To add a cherry on top my messed up life, I make a messed up decision. Let's begin with the messed up decision.

I am your average boy that goes to school, hang out with popular boys, goes to crazy parties, gets wasted and comes back with bad grades. I wasn't like this before until my fucked up dad got married. I was four years old when my mom died in a car accident. Instead of my dad being there for me in our situation he secluded himself to working and ended up becoming one of the richest man alive. I'm not complaining or anything, I truly am proud of my dad. But that wasn't what I needed. Seven years later, after all his accomplishment he married another woman and following along was her daughter. My step-sister Ruby, is definitely one of a kind. We were named the two famous Carlos's in school but most of our popularity came from my dad's achievement.

I threw my alarm clock at the wall, annoyed by the ringing that woke me up. I watched as the alarm clock fell to the ground and turned off but I didn't care much because I could easily get a new one. Wide awake, I got up my bed and tiredly walked to my bathroom. Switching the light on, I looked at my face in disgust. I scanned the drooling mark that went down to my chin. My brownish hair was up like I just got electrocuted and my pale face looked like a vampire that had just awaken from its slumber. Yep, I was definitely not the type that wakes up looking like an angel descended from heaven.

I got myself ready, brushing my teeth and taking a shower. Searching through my closet, I found a black skinny jean and a black T-shirt. I walked out my room knowing fully well that Savanna would have already prepared breakfast. I shuffled my hair trying to think of ways that I could get out the house without getting caught. The house was very huge that sometimes I wondered why we even needed a huge house like this but it can be helpful when trying to be invisible. As I reached the last stair which took like forever, I looked around the hallway to see if anyone was close by. I reached for the door to open it so I could be on my way to school. The bad thing about the whole plan was that it failed miserably.

"Liam, where do you think you're going?" he asked with his never-ending stern face. I silently groaned to myself, I really did not want to see him today. "You haven't eaten breakfast and it is clearly too early to be going to school." he folded waiting for an explanation while scanning me up and down. I felt intimidated, belittled and worst of all scared. "So...where do you think you're going?"

I shrugged trying to shake away my fear. It didn't work as well as I thought it would so I pulled out my usual smirk hoping it would hide away my true feelings. "Why do you care and what's wrong with me going to school early" I paused a little waiting for a reaction but of course I received none then I noticed savanna standing beside the staircase. She had a scared look on her face like something bad was going to happen. It wasn't even the first time that we argued so why was she making that expression. She always did.

I sighed practically waving the white flag. I try not to get into a fight with my dad when Savanna is around. "Okay, I will eat the breakfast" I decided to break the silence, "I am hungry after all" I lied.

I walked to the dinning room to find my sister already devouring her food. I laughed a little wondering about how she doesn't give a damn about what's happening. She just does her own thing. It's because of this that I sometimes find myself looking up to her. Ruby might seem playful or childish but she's more mature than she seems.

"Liam your here" she said with her mouth already full with food that I was surprised I could understand what she said. "Did you argue with dad again?" Compared to me she had already started calling my dad 'dad' while I still called her mom by her given name.

"You know me so well" I replied sarcastically slumping myself into the dining chair. The table was too long for a family member of four. It had expensive glassware that was probably flown from all over the country. I looked around the table to find different types of breakfasts that were cooked by savanna. Even though, we had maids she still insists on making breakfast. I gladly ate the peanut-jelly sandwich with hot chocolate which Savanna knew I loved. Dad and Savanna finally came back to the dining table and I suspected that they had a conversation, probably about me and my attitude. The room was filled with a complete silence that all you heard was the slight chewing either coming for me or Ruby.

"Ruby, Liam, make sure your back home by 5;30" he said with his tone as commanding as ever.

"Why?" I asked almost immediately. In case he didn't know I already had a lot on my schedule. Cheryl was hosting a party from 5pm to whatever time I decide to go home and I was definitely not planning on missing it.

He glared at me for a quick second but continued. "We will be having a dinner party with the other family members" I groaned loudly in my seat showing my disgust. I've always hated those dinner parties because everyone is always talking about us and showering us with compliments but who knows what their thinking behind their well-crafted mask.

"If the two of you even think about skipping the dinner party, then they will be consequences" he emphasized the word consequences staring straight at me. I felt insulted.

"I'll be there" Ruby responded immediately "there is nothing on my schedule anyway"

I rolled my eyes at her acceptance because now there was no one to side with me. I sighed, "I'll be there too" like hell I would. I knew damn well that I wasn't going to that dinner party.

"If you miss the dinner party then your grounded from going to any parties for 2 months" he warned

"That's not fair! It's just a freaking dinner party and a waste of my time" I argued. Getting grounded from going to any parties is like a nightmare and I shuddered when I remembered the last time it happened. Dad hired bodyguards' that picked me up from school and then they were stationed around the house in case I tried to sneak out. Those guys were real good because for six months I was stuck in the house with no way out. That was not normal!

"3 months" he added


"4 months"

"No!!" I stood up from my chair in shock

"5 months"

"I will definitely be at the dinner party dad" how can he be so petty. I sighed and sat at my chair physically exhausted like I just came back from a 10 year war. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and I took it out my pocket smiling, already knowing who it was.

From Aiden

I am in front of your house. Are you ready?

To Aiden

Thank you. you just saved me from a very awful family breakfast.

From Aiden

That's what I'm here for.

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