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Obsessive compulsion

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Mairai Von Caplan fell hot and heavy for a man deemed dangerous. Despite her instinct to stay away from him, her desire to be in his life cost her dearly when he pushes their relationship to a close. Bitter and angry she leaves Italy and starts fresh in Germany to deter her heartbreak. Elsewhere the Italian heartrob regrets the past decisions he made to her departure. When his true identity is revealed that is the least of his problems when he sees Maia standing before him in a wedding dress. "I have travelled many places to track you down and when I finally catch ya I find you engaged to someone else! But to make it worse your names not even Maia!"

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter 1: Please forgive me

I should have realized this relationship was too perfect to be true. As I stand here in front of his office watching him fuck his secretary aggressively I choose whether to strike him over the head with a lamp nearby or punch his best friend Seth, who clearly wanted me to witness this cheater before me.
Seth had a smug smile when he told me to walk on in my boyfriend's office (aka asshole cheating sumbag) to give him his birthday gift, which I clutched tightly in my hand.
Thanking my dad for putting me in the baseball team back home, I took a perfectly placed stance at my invisible base while imaging the gift as my baseball. With a strong right arm flexed it back and threw it directly at his head.

I didn't stick around to see his or the whores reaction as I ran out of there like a bat outta hell. There was limited time till he followed me back and I needed to pack my stuff asap.
As I ran on by, Seth was sitting on the whores desk waiting to see what was happening.

" I actually thought of you as a friend! Tell him that I regret the words I wrote in his gift and to never bother me again! Rot in hell the both of you."
Slapping his bitch face, I ran for the opening elevator doors.

Matteo's P.O.V

I really didn't want to fuck my secretary, but her blackmailing had taken the situation to a whole new level.
I ordered Seth to do two jobs, first to send Maia my beloved flower to break her heart in order to protect her.
The second she walked in on us, Seth would be busy recording the entire blackmailing scenario and sending it to the police including the mafia my father currently ran. With both sides in on the situation she would be ruined publicly and dead by tomorrow.
My secretary Amanda Cullman, if that was her name had gathered info on my family's business in the underworld. Seth's sole responsibility was to protect me, yet he failed to see her deceiving ways.
Seth's life would also be on the line come tomorrow.
Maia had been getting closer to me these past few weeks. I desired her the moment we meet and the end of the week, I loved her. Yet I couldn't help but wonder if her carefree lifestyle would be ruined by my family lifestyle I so craved.
Amanda had threatened to show her the evidence and taking a careless decision, I seduced Amanda and let the plan fall into action.
What I didn't think about was Maia knocking me out with a heavy object nor Seth strangling Amanda when I came conscious.

"For fucks sacks STOP SETH!" Gathering my strength I took hold of his grip on her skinny neck and pushed him back.

As Amanda fell backwards barely breathing, Seth stopped by the way of my glare and helped me to my seat.

"Where's Maia?"

Seth's facials composed to sadness and shock his head in defeat.

"As we speak she's probably finished packing her clothes and on her way to the airport."

"Why the fuck didn't you tell my security to stop her via packing and at the airport! You fool!"

All I wanted was to protect her, but I may have gone about it the wrong way. As always I never did think far ahead of the consequences, no wonder my father didn't give his reign to me yet.

"Boss, it's not that simple. Maia never went back to the house, she went to her apartment. The guards did go after her only to find they were late. She was long gone."

Seth looked at a semi conscious Amanda in hatred and continued talking.

"She took a few belongings and when I sent a alert to the airport authorities, when she scanned her passport we could stand Maia down. Problem is, that's not her real name she gave you..."

The agonizing pain in my head and this confession was messing me up.

"What the fuck does that mean?"

Looking down at the object that hit me, I saw it was a photo framed of us and the words written on the broken glass saying "I love you".

"Who the hell did I fall in love with?"
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