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Mistake Not

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Get through Senior year. That's all I needed to do then I would finally be able to get out of Oklahoma. Head down and keep quiet. That's all I had to do and I would survive. That was my strategy. Until I caught the attention of the wrong person. Mercer Petrov. King wasn't the word for him at Durant High. He ruled the hallways and no one dared to cross him. Not if you want to see the next day. And I did the one thing I didn't mean to do. I made the mistake of deceiving him. And he was going to make me pay with no regrets.

Romance / Drama
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Prelude: Halloween


I feel exposed. Naked. Almost downright slutty.

Ugh, why did I have to listen to Demi?

"Stop fussing," she pushed my hands away from my costume. Groaning in frustration, my arms fell to my side.

The vibrations of the music thumped loudly beneath my feet, covered in the tall black leather boots I had on. I was unsure by now that dressing like Catwoman was the best idea. My once red dreadlocks were replaced by the natural color of jet black, loose down my back. The sequined lace black mask with the funny cat ears. The leather was tight on my body, hugging me in places that I was not used to.

Sighing, I pulled at the thin leather jacket. "Let's get drinks."

Demi smiled, linking arms with me. "That's the spirit."

The dim mansion was full of people. Some from Durant and many from other places I did not know. Some even looked like college students. Not that I'd be surprised. This was a Halloween party, thrown by the high and mighty himself.

Mercer Petrov.

The soulless, yet sexiest, built, man I've ever laid my eyes on. Such a beautiful face with a hideous personality.

"Vodka or beer?"

I frowned. "Punch."

Demi laughed, amused. "Live a little, Gen."

As if I didn't hear familiar sayings. Whenever a person tells you that, you end up doing something you'll regret in the end. Possibly humiliating yourself.

Pulling me over to the drink table, she grabbed hold of a red plastic cup before going over to the nicely stacked vodka bottles with dark art on them. Creepy looking shapes if you asked me. And the skulls didn't make it look any more pleasant.

Demi poured herself and I a drink before handing me the red cup.

"Is it a flavor?" I asked her, holding the edge to my nose and sniffing.

"Nope," she held up her cup. "Straight. I think it's better in my opinion anyway. You feel everything without the flavor."

My lips turned, suddenly unsure about drinking for the first time. Perhaps I should take a breather and listen to her. Live a little. Let go.

Besides, the past few weeks have been fucking hell for me.

I raised the cup to my lips and drank. The burning sensation was fire but the outcome was easing my nerves.

Horns sounded throughout the large haunted mansion, getting everyone's attention and me to jump, almost choking on the liquid. Clearing my throat, I looked into the direction of where the sound came from and my heart began to race to another speed.


I knew it without a doubt. Dressed in nothing but all black and black matt heavy boots. Beneath the dark wicked mask, he had, disguising his upper face. His nose piercing glinting brightly due to the neon lights. Those alluring blue eyes held deviance. The frown on his pink lips made it clear that he wasn't interested in whatever he had to tell his guest.

"The game starts in three minutes. Everyone knows the rules and if you don't, you better find someone who can tell you. Once your out there, your on your own. Anyone can get you."

Alarmed by his words, I turned to Demi who was frowning as well. What did he mean? What were the rules? Anyone can get you? You're on your own. God help me. I knew coming here was a mistake.

"Demi, what...?"

"I was unaware of this stupid game. I thought they would go for something different but I guess for memories." she sighed, turning to me. An apologetic look making it's way to her face. "I'm sorry, Gen. We can hurry and..." her voice trailed, looking forward.

I followed her gaze and my body stiffened when I saw people barricading the front door. My heart was not beating at the regular humanly pace. What the hell was going on?

"Get ready boys!" one of the boys in the group of them shouted, all dressed in black that was around Mercer shouted, enthusiasm in his tone.

I swallowed, no longer wanting to bee here anymore.

"There has to be a back entrance." I muttered, panicked.

"Most likely barricaded by now." Demi sighed, playing with the feathers of her swan custom. "I'm sorry, Genevieve. I didn't know that they were going to do this. I just heard it be a chill party."

Obviously, that was no longer the case. Now, was trapped inside and I had no idea what was going on.

"Do you know of this game?" I asked her quickly.

"Yeah, but—"

"What are the rules?"

Her eyes widen. "I thought—"

"I need to know. Just in case."

She nods, understanding. "It's similar to hide and seek. The only difference is, you can't get caught. If your caught, no matter who your captor is, they get to do whatever they want to you. No matter what you say. We have exactly two minutes to hide from the seekers."

"In terms of whatever they want...?" my mind was sinking to dark thoughts.

Hopefully she means hookups like this was a childish game.

She grabs my hands in panic. "Whatever they want."

"L-Like...What if it's to cause harm to someone?"

Her silence was answer enough. If I wasn't so scared, I scream at her for even dragging me here. I blew out a harsh breath, trying to keep calm. I can't just blame her. What was I thinking coming to a party organized by the one man who treats me horribly?

"We can hide up—"


Horns blare and everyone scattered, knocking me back and causing me to drop my drink to the floor. My heart dropped the moment I looked up and saw that Demi was no longer in front of me. Where was she?

The clock was ticking. I could see the bold red numbers at the top of the door entrance.





"Hey!" someone shouted and I looked forward. I wish I hadn't.

The room was clearing out quickly and I managed to get the attention of the large group of Seekers.

"You better start running." a sickening voice filled with amusement caught my ears.

Icy blue eyes pinned me. The dark glint that flashed with anger made me sweat as I backed away slowly, trying my best to quickly think on where to run to. Despite the room getting lighter and lighter of people, his gaze never left mine.

Like he knew it was me.

Or did he...? I had the mask on and my hair was different. He couldn't tell.

His lips moved, speaking what seemed to be a command. The Seekers all nod and my face paled the moment he stepped in my direction. He was coming. Coming for me.

Not wanting to continue being the deer caught in the headlights, I took off with no idea of where to hide.
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