Northwind Ranch

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Colt has been running his ranch for about 7 years now. After his wife died 4 years ago he has been juggling raising his kids and keeping the ranch well off day in and day out. The fact that his kids aren't happy with his choice of new girlfriend doesn't help. But what happens when a new ranch hand shows up and is actually great with his kids? One thing is for sure: things are definitely not going to be boring. *** Hey there! Sorry if there are mistakes in the story, english isn't my native language and I'm still having some people proof read the story! I still hope you enjoy it!

Romance / Drama
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New Girl in Town

“What the hell were you thinking, Trevor?!”, Ian could hear Colts voice from the stall he was currently in. Mind you, it was only half way through the barn away from the door to the office his boss was currently in, but it was closed and with the horses shuffling and neighing, there was usually no way private office conversations could be heard on this side of the door.

Then again, the newest ranch hand, Trevor, did indeed screw up.

Big time.

It had been his job to repair a fence at the outskirts of the ranch grounds the day before. Trevor, in his full, lazy glory, simply wound the broken fence wire around the broken fence post, not really caring if electricity would be able to reach the other side of the pasture.

Evidently, it did not, as about 30 pieces of cattle wandered off and onto the grounds of the neighboring ranch. Fortunately the neighbor of Northwind Ranch, Mr Atkins, an elderly rancher and life long friend to the Hayes family, had noticed and called Colt about it.

Still, it was the sixth time Trevor messed something up in the three and a half weeks he had been here, simply out of laziness.

So it came as no surprise to Ian when Colt yelled the famous “Get the fuck off my property!” phrase, once again.

Fifth ranch hand in six months.

If it weren’t so damn important to get at least one more set of hands on the ranch, he would laugh about it and find it utterly hilarious, but after having to pick up the slack the ‘interns’, as he liked to call them, had brought with them, not getting nearly enough sleep, or, lord behold, free time, even Ians humor was nearing the end of the line.

They didn’t necessarily drown in work. They had Wyatt, who pulled his weight more than enough for the last three years. Colt had always worked along with them, plus the whole business side of the ranch. Keeping books, organizing the runs, always checking auctions for better and newer cattle or horses, plus of course, caring for his four kids.

Lincoln, his oldest son, helped out after school, as did Brody, his second eldest. Still, they were only kids, or 'teenagers' as they would protest. Colts two youngest, Melody and Magdalena, were six and nine. They wanted to help, but their help was more a sweet effort to entertain others while they were working.

Essentially it was Colt, Ian and Wyatt managing the 1200 acres, cattle, horses and sheep.

So, yes.

Maybe they were drowning in work a little bit. One more set of hands would make a hell of a difference though, at least for jobs that required a minimum of two people. With only the three of them they had to plan their days down to the beat and or according to Links school times.

Ian was pulled out of his thoughts, when he heard a door open and a yelled “Fuck you!”, followed by an angry Trevor stomping out of the barn.

With a sigh, Ian held his last carrot out for his mare, Tennessee, who, with an approving huff, took the treat happily.

Putting his Stetson back on his head, Ian stepped out of his mares stall, closed the stall door and walked to the front of the barn, where Colts office was under the stairs, which again, led up into the hayloft. He knocked on the open door and took a step inside. “So, guess we’re not having a bar night tonight, eh?”.

Colt was sitting behind his desk, papers, bills and everything scattered all over the wooden surface. Running his hand over his face, his blonde hair a bit of a mess from all the ruffling it had to endure, he let out a tense sigh and pinched his nose bridge, trying to fight off the oncoming headache.

“Yeah.. sorry, ’bout that, Ian… I need to check the listings again. There has to be one damn soul out there, who won’t fuck up every chance they get.”.

“Yeah, well. Northcrest isn’t that big of a town, and you’ve been plowing through most people here actually willing to do dirty ranch work in the past half year.”.

Ian himself felt the work of the last couple of weeks catching up with him, and he was sure it was showing, but compared to the dark circles under his best friends eyes, the 5 o’clock shadow he himself was sporting these days, would be considered more of a fashion statement than a result of overworking.

“You think I don’t know that?”, another frustrated sigh left Colts lips. If he kept frowning like this the wrinkles between his eyebrows were sure to stay the rest of his life. “I doubt we’ll find someone until next week, if at all. I’m probably gonna have to do that run on saturday on my own. Link is gonna have to help you and Wyatt here then.”.

“Ah hell, Colt… you know he’ll say yes, but don’t you think that-”, Ian was interrupted by the office landline ringing in all its annoying glory.

The blonde man behind the desk swallowed some curses and answered the phone, only to get the next portion of bad news of the day, making sure the frown he wore only intensified.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me, Sheriff… Yeah… I’ll get right on it. Thanks for calling.”.

“What’s the word of the law this day?”, Ian asked with a raised brow, leaning against the doorframe with crossed arms. The Sheriff of Northcrest was the same age as Colt and Ian, they went to high school together after all, but only called the Ranch either to inform Colt that Link had gotten into trouble again or to make sure their monthly pool game at Sam’s Bar was still on.

Colt got up from the old wooden chair he used as office chair, grabbed his black, well worn Stetson and hid his messy, blonde hair under it. “Apparently some cattle got out of the pasture down at the road into town and there is a girl messing with them.”.

“A girl messing with the cows?”, both of Ians brows shot upwards. Most people knew that it was dangerous to mess with a herd if you didn’t know how to work with animals.

“Yeah.. shit. I still have to repair the fence that idiot left unattended. Can you go check down towards the road what’s up with the cattle and the wanna-be cowgirl?”.

“Sure. Wanted to check the lower pastures today anyway.”, Ian nodded and took a step out of the office, letting Colt walk out into the barn as well. Following the taller man, Ian made his way back to Tennessees stall, getting his appaloosa mare out and saddling her up.

While Ian was preparing his horse, Colt got a beautiful red brown quarter horse, his gelding Buck, ready and saddled up, putting the needed equipment for repairing the fence in the saddle bags behind the saddle.

“Alright. Call me if there is more serious shit going down. Else I’ll see you for dinner later.”, getting up onto Bucks back in one swift move, Colt didn’t leave any time for Ian to answer before riding off into the direction where the fence next to Atkins ranch was broken.

“Sure.. see ya then, buckaroo…”, it was more a sarcastic statement to himself than anything else, and with that Ian got onto his mare and made for the supposed fence break down at the road.


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