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I'll Be Right Behind You

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Two unlikely people meet by chance. They seem to get along pretty well right from the start, becoming fast friends. But do they both have something in their pasts that might stop them from being more? A story about two broken souls who had given up on love, realizing it wasn't possible when they had each other in their lives. This story shows their journey as their relationship develops and we find out what might be holding them back.

Romance / Other
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Chapter 1

An unexpected knock on the door brought Alex back to reality from her Game of Thrones binge watch. Although she had read the first three books, Alex had never really watched the TV adaptation until now. That paired with the fact that it was a slow week and not much work to do over the weekend, it was a no brainer really. Second day in, she was halfway through season 2.

She paused her episode and turned her head towards Lincoln’s bedroom door – which remained shut. Reluctantly, she swung her legs off the couch and stood up with a sigh.

The person on the other side started speaking even before she could open the door enough to see who it was. “O, I swear to go-” But stopped abruptly at the sight of Alex. “You’re not O…” The blonde with the impossibly blue eyes pointed out, letting her shoulders drop “…or Lincoln.”

Friends of Lincoln’s, should’ve known. She thought to herself. Although Alex wanted to respond, she seemed to have gotten lost in those blue eyes. Someone clearing their throat a second later brought her back to her senses. “Sorry,” she muttered shaking her head. “Can I help you?”

The girl, who Alex could only refer to as the blonde, seemed distracted when her friend – who she didn’t realize was there till now – spoke. “Is there a Lincoln here or do we have the wrong place?”

Not a hint of hesitation in her voice considering how they could’ve possibly knocked on a stranger’s door. As a matter of fact, she actually sounded…mildly pissed off. What…? “Yeah, yeah Lincoln’s here. Come on in.” She held the door open for them. The mildly pissed off one – fine, the brunette – entered first with the blonde trailing close behind who muttered a small thank you. “I’ll go get him.”

Alex walked up to Lincoln’s bedroom door, a couple of feet away from the blonde and the brunette who were now standing in her living room – their names still unknown to Alex – and knocked. “Lincoln?” She called. “A couple of your friends are here.”

Walking back to the two girls, she spoke, “Lincoln’s friends or Ophelia’s?”

“Ophelia’s so Lincoln’s too I guess.” The blonde replied with a smile. “I’m Nicole by the way.” She held out her hand for Alex.

“Alex,” she replied, shaking the blon-…Nicole’s hand.

The two probably held on for a moment too long because the brunette decided to step in once again. “Robin,” She said with a small smile and Alex shook hands.

Lincoln’s door swung open a moment later, “I’ll leave you guys to it.” Alex managed a polite smile before walking to what Nicole and Robin could only assume was her bedroom and closed the door.

“Damn Lincoln. That’s who you’re crashing with?” Robin said to Lincoln before turning her view to Ophelia who was standing right next to him. “If I were you, I’d be worried.”

Lincoln and Ophelia met about a week ago at her brother’s coffee shop, The Hourglass. They had clicked instantly and both Nicole and Robin seemed to have approved of him. He told them he was new in town and still looking for a place so he was crashing with a friend – but they had never mentioned who the friend was.

“Hi Robin. Its nice to see you too.” Lincoln started. “And it’s not like that. Alex’s like a sister to me.”

“And besides,” Ophelia stepped in. “It’s not like she’s into Lincoln…or any guy in general.”

“But her shirt sai-” Nicole started but got was cut off by Lincoln.

“My sister got it for her as a joke.” He explained.

Nicole only nodded in acknowledgment. However, Robin’s face took on a look both Nicole and Ophelia knew all too well. “Robin.” She warned her friend.

Pretending not to have heard her, she continued. “Is she…seeing anyone?”

“No bu-” Lincoln started but was soon cut off by Robin.

“Well isn’t that a coincidence.” Faking her innocence was one of the very few things Robin Reyes was actually bad at. “Neither is Nicole.”

“Please stop.” Nicole made another desperate attempt at stopping her friend from playing matchmaker…again.

“Yeah.” Ophelia agreed, slowly nodding. “and Nicole hasn’t be-”

However, before she could finish, Nicole cut her off. “I’m already mad at you O, don’t make it worse.”

Robin had opened her mouth to speak but Ophelia beat her to it. “Wait, what? Why are you mad at me?”

Robin’s face changed in a flash as she crossed her arms and looked disapprovingly at Ophelia.

“Bell’s apartment?” Nicole tried to remind her.

Realization dawned on her. “Oh…”

“You down right abandoned me and Nicole to help him unload and unpack his stuff.” Robin exaggerated.

Helios Blake, Ophelia’s very protective, very loving older brother – kind of like a brother to Nicole too – the coffee shop owner, had just moved into a new apartment and the three of them – Ophelia, Robin and Nicole – were supposed to help with unpack today; only Ophelia completely ‘forgot’.

After a few seconds of silence, Ophelia spoke up, seemingly perplexed, “Wait, you guys came all the way here to what? Tell me off…?”

Nicole rolled her eyes with a sigh as Robin threw her head back and groaned.

“Movie night, O.” Lincoln spoke up.

“Remember? You, me, Nicole, Helios, Lincoln.” Robin reminded.

“Martin and Casper might join us too.” Nicole added.

“Hey Lincoln?” From Robin’s suggestive tone, it sounded like a ‘brilliant’ idea had come to her.

Nicole knew what that meant, “Robin don’t.”

Robin, once again, pretended not to have heard her best friend and continued. “Would Alex maybe like to join us?”

“Oh god no.” Nicole whispered, falling onto the couch and letting her head fall into her hands. “Lincoln, I like you.” Her voice was muffled through her palms, “Please stop listening to Robin so we can keep it that way.”

Lincoln also pretended to have not have heard her. “You know what? You’re right.”

“Aren’t I always?” Robin asked rhetorically, not missing a beat.

“It’s been a while since Alex was seeing someone and she could use a break from her work.”

“OH. MY. GOD.” Nicole exclaimed, her voice low and deep as she brought her head up to look at her so-called friends. “O, help.” She let out a whine, probably a bit too loud and hoped Alex couldn’t hear that through her door.

However, Ophelia did nothing but watch with an amused smile on her face. Her boyfriend taking Robin’s side and going along with her ridiculous plans to set Nicole up with his ridiculously hot roommate? Well, that’s not something you see everyday.

“I’ll ask her.” Lincoln said with a smile as he began making his way to Alex’s bedroom.

“I hate everyone.” Nicole said to no one in particular nodding with a slight shrug like it was a known fact.

“Lex,” Lincoln knocked on her door.

“Its open.” Came her voice from the other side.

Opening the door just enough to pop his head inside he started, “You met Nicole right?”

Looking up from the file she had been writing in, Alex replied, “Yeah, why?”

“Movie night at her and O’s place. They were wondering if you wanted to join us.”

“Uh…” Alex was looking for a semi-believable excuse to not go. She really just wanted them all to leave so she could go back to watching Game of Thrones…but there was a small part of her that wanted to. There was something about Ophelia’s blonde friend, – umm, Nicole – which Alex couldn’t quite put her finger on.

“Not too many people. The three of them, Ophelia’s brother, and me. Also maybe two of their friends. They don’t bother showing up half the time.”

She thought it over, contemplating whether this friend of Ophelia’s was worth getting dressed and leaving the house for.

“I know you don’t have much work this weekend.” Lincoln reminded her, trying to tell her she didn’t have an actual excuse. Maybe she shouldn’t have told him that.

Finally sighing in defeat, Alex gave in. Nicole apparently outweighed Game of Thrones and she’d only known her for what…10 seconds? For all she knew, Nicole was straight. “Fine, give me a minute. I’ll be right out.”

Lincoln gave her a small smile as he closed the door behind him and walked back to the girls.

They were all staring at him intently when Ophelia spoke. “Well?!”

“She’s in.” He let them know. And Robin let out a triumphant yes.

“O?” Nicole called.


“I don’t like your boyfriend anymore.” She said simply. Obviously she was joking and Ophelia and Lincoln knew that. If anything he’s probably one of the nicest guys Nicole’s ever met.

Ophelia feigned seriousness “I’ll let him know.”

Alex put her file down once the door closed and stood up. It took her less than a minute to change out of the shorts she had been wearing and into a pair of skinny jeans (she wouldn’t have bothered if it wasn’t getting a bit chilly outside). Contemplating whether she needed to change her t-shirt, Alex looked down at the one she was wearing. Oh. My. God. Was I really wearing this t-shirt in front of them? A t-shirt that said, “Boner donor” with a red cross on it probably didn’t make the best first impression. Why am I even wearing it? Hopefully Nicole – and Robin – hadn’t noticed…? If they had, they didn’t say anything.

A couple of minutes after Nicole had realized her friends were probably the worst people ever, Alex’s door opened as she walked out to meet them. Fuck, Nicole thought as she caught a glimpse of her. I am so fucked. She was probably staring but couldn’t really make herself look away. Yes, she had realized Lincoln had a really hot roommate when they first got here…but Alex looked so much better with her hair down; soft brown curls, framing her perfect face perfectly…

“Aww I liked the other shirt you were wearing.” Robin said to Alex, faking disappointment and brining Nicole out of her thoughts.

Nicole shot her a look, which undoubtedly said ‘shut up’.

Alex looked away from Robin uneasily. Her eyes moving between Ophelia and Nicole as she tried to break the awkwardness, “So…what are we watching?”

“Helios,” Ophelia started before realizing Alex probably didn’t know who that was. “My brother, he’s picking tonight.”

“War movie probably.” Robin chimed in. “He has a thing for it.”

“I think we’re watching Fury.” Nicole said.

“Oh I haven’t watched that one yet.” Lincoln spoke up.

A chorus of ’watched it’s and ’I have’s erupted from the girls.

“But it’s a good movie so we’re up for watching it again.” Nicole spoke for the rest of them as they nodded along.

“So me, Lincoln and Alex are gonna take his car;” Ophelia said as they walked up to their parked cars. “you and Robin take yours?”

“Yeah,” Robin said with an over enthusiastic smile.

“Oh no.” Nicole shook her head. “Not after what you just pulled. You’re gonna drive me nuts.”

“Umm okay.” Lincoln interjected with a smile. “Then she can ride with us.”

Alex seemed confused and Nicole really wanted to explain but didn’t know how to do that without making things awkward. “What? So the three of you can scare her off?”

“I don’t…” Alex muttered, speaking for the first time since they’d left her apartment. “I don’t think they can scare me off.”

Ophelia and Lincoln nodded before Ophelia spoke. “Okay. Then the three of us,” She said indicating herself, Lincoln and Robin “will take Lincoln’s car. You and Alex can take yours.”

Nicole narrowed her eyes at O. Clearly there was no way she was winning tonight.

“I’m more than happy to take my car if…” Alex pointed out but was cut off by Nicole before she could finish.

“No no. They just really hate me.” Nicole smiled. “Besides, parking’s a bitch at our place. And you guys,” she looked at O, Lincoln and Robin, “can scheme away in peace and I’ll have nothing to do with it.”

“So you’re okay going with Nicole?” Ophelia asked Alex.

She just shrugged, she didn’t really get what the big deal was. “Yeah why not?”

“Nicole?” Ophelia asked, making sure her best friend was okay with it, not that it really mattered when it came to things like this.

“Yeah. If it means not having to listen to you guys for a while, please.”

With that they all got into their respective cars and pulled out. After driving for a solid minute in complete silence – a comfortable silence weirdly enough – Nicole spoke “I love them. I really do.” She glanced at Alex for a split second before turning her eyes back to the road. “And they love me. This is just how they show it. Although it drives me crazy…” She trailed off.

Alex only nodded before blurting out “What were you guys talking about back then?” It probably had nothing to do with her so she added quickly, “Sorry. Its probably none of my concern.”

“No it’s alright. Half the time I don’t even know what’s going on.”

“Are they like planning a murder or something? ’cause I should know stuff like that.” Alex feigned seriousness.

Nicole did a little double. “If they were planning a murder, why would want to know? Wouldn’t you want to be as far away from that as possible?”

“I’m not a hired gun if that’s what you’re getting at.”

“That’s a relief.” Nicole joked, going as far as letting out a sigh of relief.

Alex smiled. I really am fucked. Nicole thought. That smile can probably light up the worl- fuck? I just met her…? Maybe slow down a bit. “So what do you do and why should you know if someone’s planning a murder?”

Alex’s smile widened at the ridiculous blonde sitting beside her. She doesn’t really remember the last time someone had that effect on her. “Homicide detective.” She replied.

“That’s so cool!” Nicole exclaimed.

“And you?”

“Med school.” She replied matter-of-factly.

“Impressive.” Alex noted.

They drove in silence for a few more minutes before Nicole spoke again. “Oh right. You asked me what they were talking about.”

“Oh yeah,” Alex hadn’t really forgotten, just went along with Nicole. “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to though.”

She did want to tell her but that could potentially make things awkward between them. “They were talking about setting us up together.” Nicole said factually

“Us? As in the two of us?” Alex asked in confusion.


“Oh. “ Alex was almost certain Nicole was straight. “Wait, why?” She asked quickly.

“Does Lincoln do that a lot?” Nicole wondered if he was as bad as Robin and Ophelia.

“Not usually. Was this his idea?”

“Robin’s. Lincoln was the first one to back her up though; and Ophelia just stood there and watched.”

The car stopped at a red light. “According to him, you haven’t really been with anyone in a while.” Nicole stated.

“He’s not wrong.” Alex stated, not missing a beat as Nicole continued.

“And according to my friends, I haven’t either.”

“Are they wrong?” The moment the question left her mouth, she wanted to take it. This wasn’t her place.

“Well…I guess one-night stands don’t really qualify as ‘seeing someone’ so no, they’re not wrong.” From Nicole’s tone, it didn’t seem like she’d minded Alex’s question. “Sorry, this is getting weird.”

“No no, its fine. I’m not really the dating type.” Alex said trying not make it sound like she wasn’t interested in Nicole. “And Lincoln knows that. Its just…work. It takes up all my time.”

“I know what you mean. Well not work-work, study-work. The fact that I can take the night off to watch a movie is a miracle.”

Alex nodded with a small smile.

They drove in silence up until Nicole pulled up by her and Ophelia’s apartment. “Here we are.” She pulled the keys out of the ignition and they both got out.

“Hey,” Nicole called out as she watched Lincoln’s car pull up by her’s.


“I’m really sorry about Ophelia and Robin tonight. They like to play matchmaker and will probably drive you insane. So if you want to leave in the middle of the movie, I’d completely get you. Just…take me with you…?”

Alex gave her a small smile “Will do.” Nodding she added, “Or if they embarrass you too much and you need to step out, I’ll be right behind you.”

With that they walked inside and waited for the others to join them.

“Oh and Alex?”

“Hmm,” She hummed in response.

“The other shirt was cuter.” Nicole tried to not laugh but failed.

Alex only rolled her eyes.

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