I'll Be Right Behind You

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Chapter 3

“Oh come on Nicole. SHE’S CUTE.” Ophelia almost yelled as Nicole walked back to the living room.

“She’s right Nicole.” Helios backed up his sister for the first time.

No.” Nicole started. “No, not you too!” She exclaimed.

“I’m not taking their side.” He defended himself, but stopped abruptly. “Well, I am but I’m not gonna force you into a relationship.”

Nicole groaned in response as Helios continued. “They’re not wrong, okay?”

Nicole, once again, groaned in disapproval and disappointment.

“See even Helios sees it.” Ophelia jumped in. “You need this.” She added, dragging out the ’need’.

“Yeah, she’ll be good for you.” Helios commented.

“I barely know her.” Nicole reminded them with a shrug. “You barely know her.” She pointed towards Ophelia. “And you don’t even know her, like, AT ALL.” She said to Helios.

“Yeah but that doesn’t mean you – and us too – can’t get to know her.” Ophelia pointed out.

“Oh my god, please stop.” Nicole said as she began walking towards her bedroom, the Blakes trailing closely behind. “I’m not looking for a relationship right now.”

“Relationships aren’t that bad.” Helios told her.

“I’m sorry, Helios.” Nicole stopped mid-stride and turned on her heel to look at them. “Who are you seeing at the moment?”

He sighed in defeat and Nicole took it as a cue to enter her room. Closing her door almost all the way, she poked her head out, “And besides, Alex doesn’t do relationships.” With that she closed her door – well, almost – when Ophelia practically yelled, “BUT I SAW YOU TWO SWAP PHONE NUMBERS.”

“That doesn’t mean anything. She seems like a decent person and I wouldn’t mind just hanging out or something, you know?”

“No Nicole, I don’t.” the brunette deadpanned. “I really don’t. When there’s a girl like Alex, single and very much dateable right there, why do you want to ‘just hang out’?” She added, making sure to put air quotations around the last bit.

“Good night O.” Nicole shut the door leaving Helios and Ophelia alone.

A second of silence passed. “I will get them together.” She told Helios, her voice full of determination.

“And I don’t doubt it.” Helios sighed as he walked over to the couch and sat down while Ophelia walked over to the kitchen for a glass of water. Determination looked cute on his baby sister.

“She left her phone here.” Ophelia said to no one in particular, picking up what Helios assumed was Nicole’s phone from the kitchen counter; her voice quiet and dripping with excitement.

“Don’t do anything Nicole wouldn’t want you to. Please.” He told his sister knowing very well that’s exactly what she was about to do.

Within a couple of seconds, she had unlocked the phone and opened the messaging app and began typing; reading it out quietly to Helios as she typed, “Hey…Alex…its Nicole. I was…wondering if you…wanted to-” She stopped at looked up at Helios and asked “Drink, dinner, movie?”

Helios thought for a moment before replying, “Movie followed by dinner?”

“Calm down bro, its just the first date. I’d say just movie but there’s nothing good on right now, unless they wanna watch something here or at Alex’s place but I think it’s a bit too soon for that. So dinner?”

Helios nodded as his sister continued typing, “wanted to…grab dinner with… me-” She stopped again, “When?”

“Keep it open, let her decide.”

“Hmm, good thinking” She muttered. “with me…sometime.” She stopped and looked at her brother who nodded in approval. “And send.”

“And when are you gonna tell Nicole what you just did?”

“Once I get a reply.”

Alex had just pulled up at a red light when her phone buzzed. Please don’t be work please don’t be work please don’t be work. She pulled it out from her pocket and unlocked the screen without looking at whom the text was from.



Hey Alex, it’s Nicole.

I was wondering if you wanted to grab dinner with me some time.

Scanning her eyes over the text, Alex was taken aback and had to read over it another couple of times just to be sure she was reading it correct. Wait, is Nicole asking me out on a date…? Alex was sure she’d made it clear that she wasn’t one for dating and from what she could tell, neither was Nicole. Maybe this wasn’t a date? Just two people getting together for dinner? That seemed like unlikely in Alex’s mind, this sounded more like a date. She sighed, thinking what to reply with, wanting to say no but her fingers began tapping on the screen before she could tell herself to stop and pressed sent. Spending time with Nicole didn’t seem too bad.



Yeah sure. My place? Tomorrow night if that’s all right?

“She said yes!” Ophelia literally jumped with excitement.

“What’d she say?” Helios asked from the couch.

Ophelia looked back down at the screen and recapped briefly, “Her place, tomorrow. If Nicole’s okay with that.”

“At her place?” Helios asked, impressed. “This could go your way O.”

“Nicole’s not busy tomorrow night, is she?”

“Nope, don’t think so.”

With that, Ophelia typed out a reply and sent it to Alex. Just as the phone said ’delivered’, she called out “Nicole you left your phone here.”

A split second of silence later, Nicole’s room’s door flew open as she almost ran over to her best friend. Helios hid his face behind the couch, not wanting Nicole to think he had anything to do with this.

“O, please tell me you didn’t.” She hoped desperately. But the grin on Ophelia’s face said otherwise. “Oh my god, what did you do?”

“I asked her out.” She said simply. “Well, you asked her out.”

WHAT?” Nicole exclaimed, taking the phone from her. “AND YOU LET THIS HAPPEN?” She said to Helios who didn’t respond. She quickly unlocked her phone and without looking at the texts, began typing out an apology.

“Stop typing, she said yes.”

Nicole stopped, her jaws clenching. “What?

“Dinner at her place tomorrow.” Ophelia replied casually, not paying attention to the look in her best friend’s eyes which undoubtedly said ’I’m gonna kill you’. “So if you are gonna text her, ask what she likes and maybe get some takeout or something.”

“No, no.” Nicole started. “I’m starting off by apologizing for you.”

“Then ask her?” Ophelia tried again, not paying attention to the anger apparent in Nicole’s voice.

The blonde sighed, “Fine.” And walked back to her room, closing the door behind her.

Nicole made her way to her bed and lay down. This wasn’t a good thing right? Well, she definitely didn’t want to go on a date with anyone but for some reason she couldn’t get herself to text Alex telling her what had actually happened and cancelling. What is it about her? Yeah, it was kinda frustrating but Nicole had to admit, at least to herself, that there was something about Alex that was…pulling her towards her…? Well if I know one thing, it’s that that sounds stupid. Closing her eyes, the only image she could see was Alex. She could draw that face forever without getting tired of it. And what about that jaw? Its like god himself chiseled it. She could almost feel it flexing under her fingers when they ki-. Jesus Christ Nicole, what the actual fuck? Her mind snapped at her just as her phone ringed. Fuck, she thought as she looked at the called ID, Alex.

“Hey,” She heard from the other side.

“Hey,” Nicole responded, “Listen about the text-”

“It was Ophelia wasn’t it?” If Nicole didn’t know any better, she’d say there was a hint of disappointment in Alex’s voice.

“Yeah.” She said slowly.

Alex kicked herself for even thinking that that could’ve been Nicole. She’d thought it’d be best to give her a call asking about tomorrow night once she got home but on the way there, it dawned on her that it could’ve been Ophelia, well there was a better chance of it being Ophelia rather than Nicole.

“But,” Nicole suddenly cut in. “I’m up for it if you are. I mean I know you don’t…” She really didn’t know how she could say it without making it sound like either she wanted it to be a date or that she was just doing it because she felt bad for what Ophelia did and this was just a pity not-date.

“Yeah, yeah.” Alex’s mouth blurted out before her mind could register. “…if you’re okay with it, that is.”

Nicole wasn’t really sure what was happening but she agreed. “So pizza and a movie?” She wanted to keep it casual, didn’t really want to push like Ophelia was and make things uncomfortable.

“We could do that or…” Alex leaned in to her pillow and closed her eyes. “…we could swap the movie for Game of Thrones maybe?” She hesitated.

“I LOVE GAME OF THRONES.” Came Nicole’s response causing Alex to smile.

“I’m just getting into it, I mean I’ve read the first five books but never watched it. Its great so far.” She couldn’t help but smile at Nicole’s enthusiasm.

“How far into it are you?”

“Still on season one. Two more episodes left.”

After that, neither of them are sure how long they talked for. Only when Nicole heard Ophelia almost yelling in the living room did she hang up. “There’s something going on with Ophelia and Helios. I’m sorry, I should really check it out before it ends in murder.”

“But give me a call if that does happen.” Alex joked.

“Will do, detective.” Detective? Really?

There was a certain ring to Nicole calling her detective. “I’ll see you tomorrow then?”

“Yep,” She heard the blonde, Alex could almost hear the smile in her voice.

“Who’s texting you this late?” O enquired as Helios stood up from the couch and made his way to the door. “Helios?” She asked again trailing behind him.

“No one impo-” Ophelia cut him off as she snatched his cell phone from his hand and unlocked it. “You can’t read my texts O.” He sighed. “And why do you know my pass code?”

Ophelia didn’t think it was necessary for Helios to know why. Ignoring his question, she tapped on the screen a couple of times before practically exploding, “You AND ROBIN? WHAT THE FUCK?”

“It’s not what you think.” He tried.

“Fuck it isn’t.” Helios was starting to realize his sister was getting angry; and that was never a good thing, for anyone involved. “This is fucked up. Like seriously. And you didn’t think to tell me? Does Nicole kno-?”

She was cut off when Nicole’s door swung open and she padded towards the Blakes. “I heard swearing.” She explained. “And yelling.”

“Helios here is fucking our best friend.” Ophelia crossed her arms over her chest and glared at Helios.

“What?” Nicole choked on her words, managing to only get out one, her eyes widening in surprise.

“Please tell me you didn’t know about this.” Ophelia clinged on to hope that at least one of the three people she trusted with everything would not keep something like this from her.

“I had no clue.” Nicole responded, still recovering. “Wait,” She looked at Helios. “Seriously? O’s not just saying that?”

“It’s not like that.” Desperately, Helios tried again.

Ophelia was fuming with rage so Nicole decided to interject. “Okay, then explain. What is it like then?”

Helios opened his mouth to answer but his sister beat him to it. “I don’t care what it’s like. All I know is, my older brother and one of my best friends have been sleeping together for a while and neither of them thought to at least mention it to me.”

“How long…has this been going on?” Nicole dared ask.

Helios sighed. “A few months.”

“MONTHS?” With that, Ophelia lunged for Helios but thankfully – for Helios – Nicole wrapped her arms around Ophelia to restrain her.

“Okay lets not get physical.” She said to her friend before turning her tone to Helios, her arms still around Ophelia. “Helios, go. Give her till the morning to cool off or she’s gonna rip you to shreds.”

“And you should let me.” Ophelia hissed, not moving even the slightest but Nicole still holding on to her.

“Fine.” Helios nodded and headed out the door.

“And if you go to Robin’s place, Helios, I swear to god-”

“I’m going back to my place.” He said, closing the door behind him.

Once the door closed, Nicole let go of Ophelia, as there wasn’t anyone she could hurt in the apartment. Nicole might need to text Robin telling to stay away until she talked to O over the phone or something. Same with Helios, but he probably got that message.

“How could they not tell me?” Ophelia sounded disappointed as she walked up to the couch and slumped down.

Nicole sighed, sitting down next to her and wrapping her arms around her friend, pulling her into a hug. “I had no idea O. You know I would’ve told you, right?”

“I know.” Ophelia sighed, letting her head rest on her friend’s shoulder. “We knew Robin was seeing someone, like it was a casual thing. But with HELIOS? SERIOUSLY?”

“I didn’t think Helios was seeing anyone.”

“At least one of them had the decency to tell half the truth.” The anger was gone from Ophelia’s voice; now sounding more hurt and disappointed, something very rare for her. “If they’d told me, I wouldn’t have been mad to be honest. If anything I’d be happy for them; I mean Robin’s closer to Helios’s age than ours and it’d be nice knowing Robin was seeing someone decent for a change.”

“Are you mad at Robin?” Nicole asked.

“Yes.” Ophelia simply stated to which Nicole only nodded.

After a few moments of silence, they pulled apart and the brunette looked up at Nicole. “Okay now give me something to make me feel better.”

“What’d you mean?” She asked, sitting up straight.

“Alex. Did you call her?” Ophelia said as though it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“Yes.” Her friend only nodded.

“And…?” She pushed on. “Are you two getting together tomorrow night?”

The blonde nodded. “But she guessed it was you that sent the text.”

“Doesn’t matter.” Her friend waved her hand, brushing it off. “So dinner?”

“Pizza.” Nicole nodded. “And Game of Thrones.”

“She watches Game of Thrones?” She asked, her eyes wide and mouth wide open.

Nicole nodded hesitantly.


Nicole looked up at the ceiling and let out an exaggerated sigh. Okay fine, it was no secret that Nicole was more than a little into Game of Thrones. If she started talking about it, it was not so easy to get her to stop. Ophelia found it adorable and Robin said she found it annoying but both Ophelia and Nicole know that’s not true.

“It’s FATE.” She said once Nicole looked back at her.

“Shut up. Its not even a date.” She couldn’t help the laugh that left her lips. Ophelia seemed all right for now but she knew it wouldn’t stay that way the next time she saw Helios or Robin.

“Not a date? Okay. What is it then?”

“Just two people getting dinner and watching an awesome show. I don’t know O, but I read somewhere it’s called hanging out.”

“Not when you’re both single and someone as gorgeous as Alex is involved.”

“Shut up and lets go to bed.” Nicole said standing up from the couch and holding her hand out for her best friend. “You can sleep with me tonight if you want…after that thing with Helios and all.”

Her friend gave her a goofy smile. “You love me.”

“And to this day,” Nicole started as they began walking towards her bedroom, their arms linked. “I ask myself ‘why?’”

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