Perfect Deception

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Annie struggled to move on from a failed relationship and find love again, but it seems impossible when she finds herself falling for her cold and strict devilish handsome boss. *** Annie started working as a personal maid for a billionaire's son who was on wheelchair, after losing her job at a bakery. Soon, she found herself falling for him but his arrogance and coldness made her withdrew from him. He was a flame that ignited the memories of her failed relationship. Still, they had to deny the attraction they shared especially when things seem out of hand. But how long can they keep this perfect deception?

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1


My mind drifted back to the past where it all started as the bus drove through the road, tyres humming so low you could hardly hear it. It all started the moment I decided to travel out of LA. I sighed deeply and folded the piece of paper in my hand, the paper was so old that if I wasn’t careful it might have torn. It’s been three years since he sent the letter and the words were becoming hard to read. I should have burned the letter a long time ago, I know I should. Everything he promised was a lie, a promise never fulfilled, but still why was I waiting for a promise that I know it can’t be fulfilled?

He had told me he loved him and can’t live without me, but still he has moved on and forgotten about me.

I kept the paper inside my bag and tried to focus my attention on something else. I brought out my phone and checked the time.

“Ma’am, aren’t you getting down now?”

I raised my head and saw the bus driver looking at me. “Yes?”

“We are at the last bus stop.”

“Oh.” I looked around and noticed I was the only passenger still in the bus. Gosh when did the bus even stop. I quickly picked my bag and got down.

The driver smiled and waved at me. “Have a nice day, ma’am.”

Nice day? It would have been if I could see Rick again.

I walked the familiar path to the bakery where I worked as a cashier. Tessa, my co-worker, was decorating some cupcakes when I walked in. She passed me an apron which I quickly wore.

She wiped a chunk of butter icing from her neck. “Good morning Ann. I’m glad you arrived early today. Mr Weston just ordered three boxes of strawberry cupcakes.”

Mr Weston was one of our regular customers, he always ordered in large quantities.

“Good morning Tessa, you look stressed.”

She puffed and continued decorating the cupcakes. “I sure do.”

“Hurry Annie! Let’s start mixing the dough before the customers start to come.”

“Okay, I’m coming.” I brought out the bag of flour and took some scoop from it. I poured it into the bowl and looked around for Matthew who was also a co-worker. He usually tidies the bakery.

I turned to Tessa. “Matt, isn’t in the shop. Did he go for delivery?”

She shook her head. “No, he called in sick today.”

Matthew was a sickle cell patient, he usually felt sick almost every week.

“I hope he gets better.”

Tessa nodded. “Me too.”

Since Matthew wasn’t around, the work was much for us. Matthew usually served the orders, while Tessa and I baked and placed the order on the counter.

Although the bakery was small, it had huge customers every day. Tessa agreed to serve the orders, while I placed it on the counter. Soon, people were already entering the bakery and not quite long, the bakery was buzzing with customers.

I rubbed my palm against my floral apron and took my favourite glove from the counter. I removed the pan of cupcakes from the oven and placed them on the counter.

I loved to bake, I had learned how to bake since when I was a kid. My mom used to bake for us every Sunday before going to church. Then we would gathered around the kitchen counter mixing the batter and laughed at each other’s funny jokes. But such memories seem long forgotten and only brought painful thoughts. It was before everything changed.

I arranged the cupcakes on the tray, it was a mixture of strawberry and vanilla. Tessa came to the counter.

Tessa studied the cupcakes. “Nice work Annie, those cupcakes look tantalizing.” She gave me a thumbs up.

I gave her my best smile.“Thanks.”

Tessa winked and went to take the customer’s orders. “You’re welcome.”

I heard the doorbell jingled, I raised my head just in time to see Mrs Will and her little daughter, Eva, approaching the counter. Mrs Will always stopped by at the bakery after work. We got along pretty well. She was a witty woman in her thirties, she was twice married and once divorced.

“How are you doing Annie?” Mrs Will asked.

I smiled. ” I’m good, thanks for asking.”

She focused on the cupcakes. “Is this one of the special offers?”

I nodded. “It is a new recipe, just try it out.”

She examined it and smiled. “It looks yummy.”

I smiled. “Thanks. So do you want this special offer?”

“Yes, I want two for me and one for Eva.”

Eva smiled and raised her head to check out the cupcakes. She had a very cute smile just like my four years old daughter, Zoe. Both of them had an unlimited love for cupcakes.

She poked a cupcake with a little finger. Mrs Will quickly removed her daughter’s hand.

“Eva stop doing that.” Eva hid her hands and smiled guiltily.

We both laughed at the way she smiled.

Mrs will looked at me and smiled. “She likes cupcakes.”

I smiled. “It seems so.”

I packed their orders and gave it to her. She collected it and held her daughter’s wrist.


She held the package up. “I can’t wait to devour this.”

I laughed. She waved and walked out.

I waved back as they walked out of the restaurant. “Bye!”


By 8:00 pm, there weren’t any more customers in the bakery. Normally, Tessa and I usually cleaned the bakery before going home, but Tessa had gone for a date so I had to do the cleaning alone.

I changed the signboard on the door to close and started cleaning the bakery. I calculated the total sale of the day and kept it in the safe. I was mopping the floor when the doorbell rang. I raised my head and saw a man in a corporate designer suit entering the bakery. The man stopped and observed the bakery. It was obvious it was his first time in the bakery.

I gulped when I noticed him staring at me. His eyes were so captivating, like a magnet, it was pulling me closer. He raised his eye observing me slowly, I shivered and felt goosebumps on my skin. He was on a wheelchair. His chiseled face and well built body showed he has principle and pride. No doubt, he was a wealthy man, probably a CEO of a big enterprise.

I looked at him closely. His well craved eyebrows were nicely set above his gray eyes. Those eyes looked so familiar, it reminded me of my past. my mistakes, my pains, my feelings, and everything I had wanted to forget of my past.

Could he be him?

He looked like him, but his expression didn’t seem like he knew me.

A lady was walking beside the man as the wheelchair rolled automatically towards a seat by the angle of the bakery.

I paused. Wait, didn’t they notice that we are already closed?

I dropped the mop and approached him. I was already stressed from the day’s activities. There was no way I could take more orders.

When I got to him, he picked the menu on the table and was observing it.

I gulped and fidgeted my hands, I don’t know why I was nervous being around him, it’s just that his appearance made me feel so self conscious. I rubbed my sweaty palm on my apron and took the courage of looking at him.

“Excuse me sir. Sorry to bother you, but we are closed for today.” I told him, expecting him to leave with his mistress or whoever she was. Looking at the lady with him, I noticed she looked familiar. I have seen her in some movies before. Yea, I remembered. She was the famous actress Violet. How could I not recognize her, she was madly famous.

“2 French rolls and a cup of hot tea,” his husky voice sent shivers down my spine.

I shook my head, maybe he has a problem with hearing correctly, I just told him the bakery was closed, can’t he understand that!

“What?” I asked, slightly confused. “Pardon me sir, I believe you don’t understand what I just said. We are closed for today.” I pointed at the door. “You can see the closed sign board at the door”

He glared at me. “What’s your name?”

“Annie?” He saw my name on my pink work tag.

He stared elsewhere and shook his head. “I’m not surprise, most Annie’s are stupid and very frustrating to work with.”

My expectations flew out of the window as I realized Rick would never regard me like this. He definitely wasn’t Rick.

His words hit me so hard. I took a deep breath. Patience Annie, you need this job. Just ignore him, he is a scumbag. Do your job and leave him alone.

Calming myself was futile, because I couldn’t ignore his cruel words.

“What do you just say?”

He looked at me with a stern facial expression. I’m very sure he wasn’t used to people asking him questions.

“I don’t repeat myself.”

I raised an eyebrow, acting surprised. “Oh, really? I guess you don’t repeat yourself because you might just end up saying something very silly.”

His face suddenly hardened and I could sense fear gripping my whole body. I had hardly ever insulted anyone before, let alone, someone of high status.

“What do you just say?”

I straightened up and managed to look at him. “I’m sorry…” I wanted to apologize but I changed my mind. It wasn’t me who started the insult. So instead I ignored how fast my heart was beating, how fear gnawed my whole body and said. “I don’t repeat myself.”

Suddenly he chuckled and looked at me. “I’m not surprised, I guess you can’t expect much sense from a poor cheap girl.”

That was it. That was all it took to make me forget about all the consequences and just give in to anger. “You know what, it is better to be a poor girl than a Narcissist like you.”

Just when I thought he couldn’t look any more angrier, his face hardened even more. “You know, it is you who should better watch your mouth, unless that mouth will put you in trouble.”

I should have kept my mouth shut, but why do I have to respond to all his insults? “It was you who insulted me first sir.”

He bit his lower lip and fisted his hand. “Do you know who I am? Do you know that with just one call I can get you fired?”

I could feel my heart racing faster just thinking about losing my job. I knew he said that just to put me back in my place.

Just that instance, I wished I wouldn’t see him ever again, but fate could be so tricky at times.


Hey everyone,

Firstly, I’m welcoming you, thank you for giving thanks. So this is the first chapter and I hope it isn’t clumsy.

If you love it, kindly check out the others, I’m very sure you will love it. Pls, leave a comment. I love to hear from readers.

Bye, see you in the next chapter.


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