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Mafia's Baby Girl

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Eva's father died when she was fourteen years old. She and her mother have lived alone for a long time but what happens when her mother decides to marry again. After the marriage, she dies living Eva at the mercy of her stepfather who will stop at nothing till he breaks her. Alexi Romano is a ruthless and powerful mafia boss who doesn't forgive those who mess with him. What happens when Eva crosses paths with him. Will he be her Savior or the one to cause her immense pain?

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1: Pain

Eva's pov

I was woken up by the loud voice of my stepfather. " Wake up you lazy bitch!. I immediately got up from the bed. I was afraid of what he would do to me. I went to where he was.

Here I am, I said softly afraid of what he might do to me. "Go then to the bar and get me some beer.

What, I... I can't go outside now it's dark, I tried to reason. "You will go and get me my beer, he said angrily.

Please, Ivan, it's dark I can't go outside to the bar at this time of the night what if I get rapped or worse killed so please don't make me.....

I didn't finish when I felt a hard slap on my cheeks. My body made a hard impact on the floor. I didn't get the time to recover when he kicked me hard on the stomach. Argh, I screamed.

"How dare you talk back at me you ungrateful bitch! Kick, kick, I will teach you a lesson you won't forget!"

He kept on kicking me. Please I beg you, forgive me I will go plea... He kicked me again and I coughed out blood.

My body hadn't healed from the bruises he gave me in the past and he is adding another to it. My body was in m immense pain. I pleaded again for him to stop but he didn't.

"Your whore of a mother left you ungrateful bitch for me to take care of, am I your slave huh! He kicked me more. I didn't know why I was still alive after all these beatings.

He finally stopped saying. "You will go and buy me my beer whether you like it or not! And if you don't, I will bury you alive do you hear me!

He left me in my own blood crying. Why did you leave me, mom? I said to myself remembering the past.


I was home when I saw a car packing in front of my house. Who could it be I asked myself. Then just when I was about to call the mom. I saw mom get out in that car followed by a man in his late forties get out of the driver's seat.

Both of them were laughing and smiling at each other so closely it made me suspicious so I went out to meet them.

Mom saw me coming and was surprised. Hay mom, I said. You are back early, but why didn't you take your car? I asked.

That's because my friend Ivan here came to pick me up in the morning. I looked at him thinking so you come here to pick her up in the morning as well.

Hi, my name is Ivan, he introduced me to bring out his hand for a handshake. Hi am Eva, I said politely. I took his hand.

"Your mother has said a lot about you to you. Both of you look so much alike. You were right Ellen, he looked at mom. Your daughter does look a lot like you. She has your beauty".

I looked at mom questioningly but she just smiled at me.

"Okay, I dropped you home so my job here is done. Won't you stay for dinner? Mom asked.

"No, I will take a raincheck maybe next time, Bye Ellen. He kissed mom's cheek so intimately it made me want to push him away but I controlled myself.

"Bye Eva's, it was nice meeting you". You too I said. He got in his car and he drove away.

End of flashback

I tried to get up but I was hurting. Maybe be I will have a broken rib. I held on to the chair before I was able to get up. I walked slowly to my bedroom and the bathroom.

I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked at how miserable I looked. I removed my clothes and looked at all the bruises around my body. I went to the shower and had a quick shower.

I came out and applied some ointment I bought from the money I saved from working as a waitress. When I was done I went to my closet and I signed looking at all the old dresses that I still wear.

I took a sweater and jeans. My body was still hurting because of the bruises. I thanked God that he didn't hit anywhere near my face or there would be questions when I go out.

He didn't even give me money, I said to myself. Now I had to use some of my savings to buy the beer because I was afraid of what he would do to me if I ask him.

I was scared of the dark so I took a touch light with me. I went outside and it was cold. It's a good thing I wore a sweater, I thought and walked to the bar.

When I got to the bar I thanked God that I was alive. My ribs were killing me but I endured it. I walked to the bartender. I didn't say anything to him because he knew why I was here since I often came there to buy beer for Ivan.

I was waiting for him to bring me the beer so I sat down waiting when I saw a group of men in suits entering the bar. They were very handsome but not as the one in the middle which I presumed was the leader.

He was very tall, he was at least 6'6. He had black hair, a sharp jaw, black eyes and I could tell he was very toned beneath his suit.

He had a hard face that anyone who saw him would be afraid of.

He went to sit in front of a man if was drinking a beer. I don't know what he said to the man but he looked at him fearfully. I signed and looked away from him.

I wondered where the bartender was, Ivan would kill me if I don't get him his beer soon.

Finally, he came with the beer. What took you so long, I asked. I was bringing your beer what else.

I was about to answer when I heard a gunshot behind me. I looked back to see the handsome man shooting a guy in the eyes twice.

I screamed making everyone turn to me. I heard a man beside him say.

"Boss do you want me to silence her, he asked him.

No, leave her to me. He said making his way towards me. I walked back till my back hit the wall.

I was about to run for the door when he placed both of his hands at each side of me cornering me.

"Where do you think you are going, angel?"


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