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Mafia's Baby Girl

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Alexei Romano

Andrei, have you traced him? I asked my friend and also my third in command.
No, Alexi, we are still looking, he says on the phone.

I don't care if you have to go to the ends of hell to find him all I want is that the next time you call it will be that you have gotten the job done.

Do you understand! I didn't wait for a reply and I hung up.

"What did he say? Luca my best friend also my second in command asked.

They haven't found him. I went to sit on my chair looking through some paperwork.

"What if he has left the country or in the hand of our enemies.

I looked up at him with a hard face. Some people wouldn't dare stand before me nor look into my eyes but Marcus holds my gaze quivering.

He won't escape, because I have made sure of that. I've got eyes all around the borders. He will regret ever messing with Alexi Romano. I say with passion.

" Then he's a dead man? I smirked. " Are the shipment ready? I asked changing the subject.

" Yes Alexi, it will be sold as per your instructions ". Why do I have you? I want you to carry out that operation, you are the second in command and as it is, you are the only one I trust in this world.

" Okay, I won't disappoint you". I know you won't.

" You trust me much, he says followed by a dramatic bow.

I looked at his retreating form. You know, I wonder why I have shot you dead by now. He chuckled and went through the door.

I sight and look through my papers. An hour later someone knocked on the door.

Come in, I said in a cold voice. Andrei comes inside. " Boss we have located him. I smirked with satisfaction".

Where is he? " He's in the sun blues bar having a drink". I looked at him enraged. He dares to relax when he has not made his payment!.

Perhaps I should remember him who I am. Let's go to the bar and tell the men to get the torturing room ready because they are going to have a guest.

I said and sat in the car along with Marcus and Andrei. Drive, I said let's go get that motherfucker.

We arrived at the bar and went inside. Everyone was silently staring at us because they knew who I was and what I did to people who fucked with me.

I saw him drinking his beer without even acknowledging my presence. I went forward and sat in front of him with my men behind.

He coughed on his beer when he saw me. I smirked.

" B. Bo. Boss", he said stuttering. Did you miss me? What made you think that you can take my money and run away with my money.

" A... Am sorry boss I was just planning on paying you back as soon as I got the money.

I smirked. Should I tell you a secret? I don't give chances. With that, I shot him twice in the eyes.

The room was quiet, then suddenly someone screamed. I turned around and saw the most beautiful girl I had ever seen.

She had long blonde hair with beautiful green eyes. She had an innocent face that could make any man melt. She was not only beautiful but a fallen angel.

She looked at me fearfully which didn't make me happy. " Boss do you want me to silence her?" One of my men asked.

No, I growled and move towards her. She took slow steps back. She looked at the door ready to run away but I was fast and conered her. I placed both of my arms around her trapping her to me.

Where do you think you are going, angel? I asked and she shivered slightly looking on the floor. Look at me angel.

She still had her eyes glued to the floor. I said look at me! I screamed and she flinched.

Her eyes met mine and my heart skipped a beat. What's your name?

" M.My n.. name is Eva Slavic, she stuttered. Please don't hurt me, I won't tell anyone what I saw today please let me go.

She started sobbing. I hated myself at that point for making her cry.

I circled my arms around her waist trying to draw her to my chest but she winced in pain about to fall but I caught her.

She had her hands on her ribs. I opened her dress to see a purple bruise on her body and ribs that looked fresh.

I got very furious. Who did this to you!? She glanced at me with teary eyes? Tell me who did this to you and I will kill them! I screamed.

" No one". She answered. "Please let me go, I promise I won't tell anyone, please, she cried.

I couldn't see her cry. You can go, I said letting go of her. She didn't waste time and run to the door and left.

I turned to my men. They all looked surprised but knew best not to question me.

Follow her and find out where she lives, I told one of my men.

I turned to Marcus. Get rid of the body. He nodded and I left with the rest of the men.


Hi guys, forgive me if I made a lot of mistakes in this part.

Bear with me guys. I write the books on my phone so I don't get to make grammatical modifications.

But no that I will edit the book in future.

Like and comment. Love y'all.

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