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Mafia's Baby Girl

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Eva's pov

I didn't waste time when he said that I should go. I was afraid that he would kill me when he trapped me back there but I don't know why I felt some warmth in his arms, I thought as I hurried home.

When he asked me about my bruises, I didn't dare tell him the truth because I was afraid.

Now, I don't know what to tell Ivan when he asks me the whereabouts of salvation beer, as he likes to call it, I sigh.

I felt someone's presence behind me but I brushed it off. I walked faster but I still felt someone gaze on me, it was as if someone was following me. I turned around but saw no one.

What if it's the man at the bar and he is looking to finish me. I got scared and run fast home.

I sighed relieved when I got to my door. Looked around again to see if someone followed me but I saw no one. I entered the house.

I started creeping to my room so Ivan won't hear me.

" Going somewhere slut? I turned around to see Ivan sitting on a chair smoking and facing the door.

I started to tremble. N.. No, I stuttered. I was just making sure not to wake you up.

" Come over here, he said blowing out the smoke. I hesitate to walk to him.

" Where's my beer? " I.. I bought it but it slipped from my hands by mistake and fell on the floor with the glass broken in pieces.

He got up a took hold of my hair. " How dare you come back without my beer! He screamed.

Am sorry, please. Before I could say another thing he slap me then threw me on the ground.

I yelped in pain. " You haven't learned your lesson hmm? He came to where I lay and took hold of my leg. I tried to wiggle away from him

but he tightened his hold. " Come here you slut. He drew me closer and punched me in the stomach. I coughed out blood.

Please, I begged. " You should have had mercy on my beer when you dropped it and allowed all my salvation to go waste on the floor.

He punched me again in my broken rib. I was now screaming loud for someone to save me.

" Scream all you want slut. Because the day I fuck that tight pussy of yours, I will make you scream in pain as you've never encountered.

He looked at my bloody state and laughed.

I lay on the floor and cried till sleepiness overtook me.



Mom, tell me who he is to you? Why were you two holding hands? Tell me, mom! I demanded.

Are you and Ivan dating? She looked at me with guilt.

" Yes we are dating, she answered. I stood there shocked. A lot of thoughts were going through my mind at that moment. First hurt, then anger.

How could you! Did you forget all the promises you and dad made to each other! You promised to love only him so why are you with another man.

You are a liar! And a cheater and a whore!. Before I could say anything else she slapped me hard.

I was once again shocked because mom had never slapped me before.

How dare you! You have no right to talk to me that way. I promised to love your father till death did us apart and I kept my promise and respected my vows, she said sobbing.

You can accuse me of anything because I have another chance to love someone else and I love Ivan.

I looked at her with hate and run to my room. I was so furious I started throwing anything I saw against the wall.

When I was all right. I finally broke down crying. I cried my heart out.
How could mom love another man, I thought?

I pulled myself together after some time. I started thinking about the matter from her perspective.

Mom always loved Dad so much but she had been miserable since dad died and I can see that the time she has had with Ivan has made her very happy.

She has started dressing to impress. I rarely saw her happy after dad died but now she is lively again.

I called her selfish but looking now, I think I have been selfish wanting her to still grieve for dad. Dad is no more and she deserves to be happy with someone who makes her happy. I thought.

I should go to mom. I muttered and made my way to her room. When I got to her door I knocked.

" Come in Eva, she crooned. I went inside and saw her sitting on her bed. She looked at me with bloodshot eyes. I could see that she had been crying.

" Are you here to blame me again?". I sat beside her. Am sorry mom. She looked at me with surprise.

I went on, Am sorry for calling you a whore. Am so disappointed in me for saying such things to you.

I know it has been two years since dad died and we can't still live in the past.

You deserve to be happy, mom. " Eva am.." Wait mom let me finish.

You have kept your vows and loved dad but we can't still live in the past so I understand if you love Ivan.

I know you love him so I will give myself a chance to like him, I say taking her hands in mine.

I sighed when I finished. " Oh Eva, am so sorry for slapping you. I don't know what came over me ".

It's okay mom it was my faulty. " Am sorry for not telling you sooner. I was afraid of how you would react to the news, She crooned.

" Thank you for understanding dear." I love you so much Eva, never forget that ".

I love you too mom, I say hugging her.
End of Flashback


I woke up panting from the dream. No, it wasn't a dream, it was a flashback of the past that I shouldn't have allowed happening, I said in thought.

I looked around and saw I was not in my room but downstairs. I tried to get up but my body ached badly. And it hurts more because I slept on the floor for hours.

I forced myself up and went to my room. I took my watch and look at the time. It was Four O'Clock in the morning. I have more time before I went to work.

I went to the bathroom. I frowned at my state. I brushed my teeth and bathed. I applied ointment around my bruises and dressed.

I went downstairs and saw my dry blood on the floor. My eyes began to water. Please mom, if you can hear me, Please do something because I can't live like this. Please save me, I said in thought. I went to the kitchen, got a rag, and cleaned the blood on the floor. I went back to the kitchen and made Ivan his breakfast

because I knew if he woke up and his food isn't ready, he would kill me.

I went to my room after I was finished. I concealed my bruises with makeup. I wondered if I could hide the pain from my broken ribs without any seeing the pain on my face. I looked at the time and it was seven in the morning. I took my thing and made my way to work.


Eva, you are supposed to be innocent so no curse is accepted.

Hello readers,

Am sorry if you don't like how I wrote the flashbacks. Honestly, I didn't know how to write it.

But all the same, I was able to finish it.

Like and Comment your thoughts so I will know how to improve my writing.

Thank you and love you all. Go, team

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