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Chapter Ten

“You don’t go anywhere without me. Do you understand me?” I said with my hands on Tommy’s shoulder and my eyes leveled with his. My heart hadn’t stop pounding against my chest since my pops said that my little brother was going to shoot up and rob a drug dealers place.

“You are over reacting,” Tommy said with a smirk. “You will protect me so I have nothing to worry about. Now,” he said with a smile and his brown eyes glowing. “You go kiss your boyfriend and give him the speech.” I slapped his head and he laughed.

“Jack ass,” I hissed but did turn around and go down the hall to my room. My heart was in my stomach about this whole situation, but I couldn’t tell anyone that or else I would be seen as weak. Or maybe the boys would lose hope. I had to stay strong.

Gio was in the bathroom when I entered and when I stepped into the giant bathing area he tensed.

“What’s the matter?” I whispered and took a step closer to him. He shook his head and avoided my eyes. He stared down at the marble counter with his lip between his teeth and his head cocked in the opposite direction of me. I felt my heart sink even lower as his shoulders shook.

“Gio-“ He suddenly turned around and yanked me into his chest so fast my head spun.

“You are not to do anything stupid, irresponsible, big-headed, or anything that will get you shot or killed. I swear to fucking god if you die I will never forgive you!” he said with his heart hammering against his chest. I slowly wrapped my arms around him and nodded.

I knew just what he meant. We had become so much more in just a few days. I went from hating him, to disliking him, to wanting him, to caring for him, to straight out loving him. He makes me feel things that can only be described as love but i couldn’t let those sacred words fall from my lips. It was not right.

“That goes for you too,” I said finally and he chuckled to my delight. Glad to know I can still make him laugh.

“I’m smarter than that,” he said. I pulled away from his shoulder but kept my arms around him. It felt so weird to be okay with holding him like this. Nothing was official but we still knew where we stood and that helped a lot.

“You better be,” I finally whispered.

My eyes searched his face for any doubt in himself and I found none. He knew he could get past this and so did I. It was my boys I was worried about. They were all trained like us, but none of them had something to live for. Yeah, they had their parents but they didn’t have a little brother or a….love…to live for. They were just going in there with nothing but a possibility of death.

“Can-can I kiss you now?” I asked when I came back from my head. I needed him to –uh- feel what I felt for him. I wasn’t 100% sure I wanted to – ya know- kiss him, but maybe my feelings would be affirmed with the sweet feel of his lips on mine, or maybe I would find out it was all bogus.

“No,” he said when I started to lean down. I raised my eyebrow at him. “You only want to kiss me because if you die it will be a memory to remember you by and I will not stand for that shit. I hate the fact that I –ya know- l-lov- care for you, but I do so might as well come to terms with it.”


“You wanna kiss me? You wait until we are back in this room with that place lookin’ like Swiss cheese.”

He is so crazy, was my only thought. He was crazy and completely right but I didn’t need his head getting any bigger on me.

“Stay still then,” I muttered and leaned down. His eyes widened as kissed his chin. I kissed my way all over her face until I only missed his lips. He panted with his eyes closed making me want to go in for the kill, but he was right. I needed something to look forward too. I licked his earlobe and pulled on it playfully before I let him go and walked out of the bathroom.

“JACKASS!” he screamed and I couldn’t help but laugh. “You- you- GAH!” I laughed and caught him against my chest as he slammed against me. I dipped him back so his back was arching and his hair was almost hitting the floor.

“Want me to stop?” I teased. He turned pink and bit his lip.

“I hate you,” he said as he grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me closer to his lips. I smiled and went to meet him halfway. Maybe we could get a pre-kiss in, but, of course, we all know our luck-

“Hey gu-“ Sammy started but cut off when he caught a look at us. I let go of Gio and he fell on the floor with a hard thud, making me cringe. Fuck me.


“Ow,” Gio said as he slapped my thigh. He looked over at Sammy who looked really confused. I wanted it to stay that way.

“He slid on my shirt and I caught him,” I lied smoothly. Sammy raised an eyebrow but didn’t comment. His eyes were like stone as he glanced down at Gio.

“We are about to head out,” he said with a quiver to his voice. I nodded and he closed the door but not before pinning Gio with a glare. I bent down to help said boy off of the floor but he just slapped my hands away.

“Are you pouting?” I asked when he got up and turned his back to me. His head was in his hand and his shoulders were tense. “Baby-“

“Fuck you,” he said and then walked right past me. I grabbed his hand and he came reeling back into my chest. “Let go!”

“Why? What did I do?” I hissed. Yeah I dropped him, but we both know that is for the best. I mean...I thought we both knew....

He looked like he was about to fall apart in my arms. His eyes were wide, his lip was trembling, and his face look exhausted. “Nothing. You did exactly what you should have and yet I still got pissed off.” It took me a second to catch on. He wanted me to take ownership in front of Sammy. He wanted me to show my affection for him in front of my second in command.

“I- I had to,” I said feeling terrible. I could have at least brought him up but everything in my head yelled to drop him and pretend he meant nothing. Pretend he didn’t hold my heart in a grip that couldn’t be pried off by God himself.

“I know,” he whispered with his green eyes downcast.

I looked away from him with despair in my heart. Would it always be like this? Secret loving on each other and dropping each other, sometimes literally as proven before, when someone comes in? Will it be looking around every corner before kissing his hand, his neck, his mouth? Will I ever kiss his mouth? Will I ever get to put him beneath my body and make love to him?

God that’s a weird fucking thought. Hot as hell. But still oddly weird.

I felt his teeth scrape across my neck and my concentration and worries were broken. I let my hands fall to his ass and held him against me as he cupped the sides of my neck and started to nibble all over my exposed flesh.

“Fuck, baby,” I whimpered when one of his hands made its way to the top of my jeans. He let his fingers dip into them before withdrawing them.

“Don’t stop,” I begged. He laughed against my neck and pulled away with a wicked smile.

“I knew you couldn’t live without me,” he said and then separated himself from me. With a sexy smile thrown my way, he walked out of the room with a strut that reminded me of a tiger. As I watched him walk away, I wanted nothing more to pull him back and kiss him so hard he saw stars. I wanted his lips so bad and that thought scared me but also made me feel a certain power.

I needed to come back home for not only Tommy but for that sweet kiss that might just send me over the edge of sanity.

His head popped back into the room and the smile way still there. “You comin’ babe?” he said.

“Oh I plan to,” I muttered and ran at him. He laughed and I ended up chasing him down the stairs and into the living room. Our laughs filled the grand house up. He glanced over his shoulder and I took full opportunity and tackled him onto the floor and watched his face light up as he laughed.

“Well this is gay,” I said. He winked and pushed me off of him. We turned over and found all of the guys looking at us with the same look Sammy had been giving us.

“You guys alright?” Leo asked. Tommy came around the corner and laughed obnoxiously loud, taking everyone’s eyes off of Gio and me. I stood up and yanked Gio up against me. He smirked and I bit my lip and winked.

“AHAHAHAH!” Tommy continued and then stopped when he saw us up. I gave him a wink and he smirked with that sparkle even brighter in his beautiful, chocolate eyes.

So he was not totally useless.

“Alright boys,” my pops said as he walked in. “You are all going in the van. It’s a simple sweep and then get out of there when you find my money. Shoot up the place and split.” We all nodded like this was the most normal thing to hear.

“Be careful and watch each other’s back,” he said. We nodded again and then all made our way out to the garage.

Oh, fuck me.

Here goes nothin’.

We pulled up to the old beaten down house and I felt all of the boys stiffen. Vicious dogs barked around the empty streets and trash laid down everywhere almost as if that were the grass. This place was exactly what I pictured a crack house looked like. the movies did them justice.

I turned around in my seat and met every one of their eyes. “We get in and out. The safe is most likely gonna be in the upstairs room to the back. Sammy and Angel, you guys are the best at breaking into safes so you are a team. I expect you to watch each other’s back and I swear if you guys get hurt, I will fucking kill the both of you.”

“Gotcha boss,” Sammy said as Angel bit his lip and nodded.

“Everyone else, you protect them and kill anyone and everyone in sight.” They all nodded and started to cock their guns. I looked over at Tommy and found him looking at me with wide eyes.

“You wanna go in there?” I asked.

He took a shaky breath. “No,” he whispered. He looked ready to cry so I grabbed his hand and made him look at me.

Thank fucking God! my brain screamed in rejoice.

“You get in the driver seat. You’re our get away.” He smiled and nodded with a relieved look. I grabbed the back of his neck and put his forehead to mine. “I love you. I am coming back, I promise you that. If you hear anything, you don’t leave this damn car. I need you to listen to me, baby brother. You have to listen.”

He nodded. “I gotcha big brother.”

A hand landed on my shoulder and I looked over at Gio who looked ready to murder anyone and everyone. “Ready?”

“Let’s go,” I said and we all opened our doors. Most of the boys went to the back and I waited ten seconds before knocking on the door. I held my gun up but out of sight of the peephole. There was no answer so I shrugged and kicked the door down. Gio scuffed behind me and then plastered his back against mine.

I held my gun up and began to scope out the place as the boys Angel and Sammy ran up the stairs. This needed to be quick. If we got caught I risked losing one of my boys and I couldn’t have that. I couldn’t walk up to their parents and have to tell them their son died because of me.

When we were sure they were up the stairs, we separated and began to look around. I went into the living room and held my nose. “Damn, do these people even fuckin’ bathe?” I hissed as Gio walked in.

“Doubt it,” Gio answered and walked over to scope out the kitchen. His body was tight everywhere as he moved around. I wished I could go over to him and kiss between his shoulder blades until he felt better but I had to stay focused.

“When I kiss you, I might not stop there,” I said low enough for him to only hear me. I kept my eyes scoping so he wouldn’t see the way I really felt.

“I don’t think I want you to stop,” he answered and I snapped my eyes over to him only to find him looking out the window. He smirked and looked over at me.

“I wanna fuck you against that door,” I said and walked toward him. He whimpered and pulled me against him.

“I want you to fuck you on that couch until he cum for me over and over again,” he said. I moaned and pushed his back against the wall. He groaned and gripped the back of my neck as I rubbed my hips down into his.

“Fuck!” he hissed. I bit into his neck but my ears heard footsteps over us so I stopped.

I pulled back and bit my lip. “I am so counting the minutes until I get you through that door of my room and onto my bed.” He smirked and bit my neck before pulling away completely.

We went around with a sexual tension between us. We did a good job of not touching each other or getting distracted again. “This place is empty,” Gio finally said when we walked throughout the whole house without a peep. I lowered my gun just like he had and shrugged. Maybe they thought they could get away with screwing my pops over.

“Got it!” Leo yelled. I laughed and walked over to the stairs. The boys all came down with smiles except for Sammy, who was in Angel’s arms. My heart struck up in panic as I ran toward them.

“What the fuck happened?” I demanded.

Sammy blushed and held the bag full of money closer to his chest. “He sprained his ankle doing a victory dance,” Angel answered. I laughed with a head shake.

“Idiota,” I said and Sammy rolled his eyes. Only fucking Sammy.

“Well this was fucking simple,” Frankie said. I laughed along with all of the other boys as we went out the front door. Just as I stepped out a bullet whizzed by my head however and all laughter died.

“Down!” I yelled. We all dropped and slammed the door closed as the bullets became a non-stop assault. I heard the wood of the door crack as bullets kept striking it. My ears rang from the boys yelling at each other and the glass shattering above us.

“Get the fuck up and shoot!” I screamed and they all got to a window and began to shoot out. Sammy gave a clip to those who needed one and we all shot at the attackers who hid behind the other beat down homes.

My eyes fell onto the van across the street and I saw Tommy looking through the mirror with tears in his eyes. I let a sob escape as my heart began to slowly crack down the center. I had to make it back to my baby brother I had to. Gio grabbed my hand and I looked over at him. He wiped my tears and and then got up and shot out the window with one water-like motion.

Wow, popped into my head as I watched his defined muscles handle the gun, but I didn’t dwell on that because I needed to get back to Tommy.

Everything was happening so fast. My adrenaline was pumping through me in great amounts making me almost see double, but I still manage to hit my targets. Tommy was my number one priority along with the sexy boy beside me.By the time we knocked most of them out I yelled for them all to make a run for the van.

Angel ran with Sammy over his shoulder as we shot at the attackers to keep them busy. I almost sobbed in relief as my best friend was thrown in the van. Gio yelled at his boys and they all paired up with one of mine. We needed them to trust in one another and get across. This was the moment of truth. We need to see if they really were a family or if it was all just a rouse.

I watched each of the boys grab their buddies hands and then run toward the van with a scared Tommy in it. I could actually feel his panic from here as he worried about me. I wanted to just run out and screw the rest of the boys but that was not me.

I was a Mussolini. I had to stand my ground.

When all of the guys were out, Gio and I dropped to the ground. I intertwined our fingers and went to stand up when he pulled me back down.

“I love you,” he yelled as the glass shattered above us.

My heart throbbed but all I could manage was a shake of my head. I needed to tell him though. He deserved that much. I needed him to know.

“I love you too!” I yelled and then we ran out of the house just as I saw a grenade fly above us into the open door. I pushed Gio into the van and felt the explosion throw me until I slammed against the van’s hard, metal doors. My head was a blank blur as I slid down the side of the van. I felt several hands yank me in and then Tommy slammed on the gas. The shower of bullets continued however breaking through the windshield. It broke the windows on both sides of us, making us all duck down.

“Tommy turn right!” I screamed and he did just that. We drove until we were out of range and then all panted as the events washed over us.

“Good job boys!” I yelled and we all started to laugh hysterically.

We did it! Oh god we fucking did it!

“Uh-h, Vinnie?” Tommy said. I smiled and hopped into the front seat, feeling the win of our first job deep in my soul.

“What’s up little brother?” I asked with my bright smile.

“I think-k I was shot,” he hissed and my eyes widened as I saw the blood seep through his shirt right above his heart. He looked at me with sparkle in his eyes and then those beautiful brown eyes rolled back into his head as he began to thrash around in his seat.

“Tommy!” I screamed.

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