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Chapter Eleven

Blood was everywhere. On my hands, on my shirt, on my pants. Everywhere. All I saw was red. Tommy thrashed in my arms again and I held in my sob of agony as he clawed at his chest. The bullet punctured something. It had to. The way the blood kept coming meant only that. My worst nightmare had become a reality.

I gasped for air as my little brother did too. He was fighting like I taught him to. I told him to never give up and that is exactly what he was doing.

Tommy shut his eyes. “I’m s-so tired, Vin. I’m-m so-so cold,” he whispered.

I cried out in pure agony and grabbed his face harder than necessary. Trying to keep him awake was our only fighting chance.

“Tommy, keep your fucking eyes open!” I begged as he bled out in my lap. He fought to do as I said but he was losing. His hand was holding mine but his strength that I always admired was leaving his boy slowly. My tears blurred my own eyes but I couldn’t close my eyes just like him. I couldn’t miss a thing.

“Someone call my pops!” I yelled and then Frankie had his phone out. Tommy spit blood out again and I felt my body slowly becoming numb. My brother had been shot in his chest. Shot in his fucking heart and I couldn’t do anything but hold him and hope he made it to the front door of the emergency room.

“Tommy’s been shot in his chest-- we got the money you prick!--FUCK YOU!--The hospital!” Frankie threw his phone and it cracked on the interior, metal walls. The crack made me jump as my mind flashed back to the gunshots. One of those shots had gone through my little brother’s chest. It could have been one of ours and it could have been one of theirs, but none of that mattered now because he had been hit.





Everything had gone so wrong so fast. I cried harder as the Mussolini’s all huddled around my brother. This was all my fault. I should have never let him out of my sight! No. I should have never let pops let him go! This was his fault and mine.

Fucking whore.

“Vinnie, I love you,” Tommy said as blood seeped from his mouth and dripped down the sides. I tried to wipe it away but it just smeared on his pale face.

He was giving up, I noticed. He was telling me his goodbye and I refused to accept that shit. I am older. I die first. I would never have to hear his goodbye because I died first. I hope.....

I shook my head, escaping the fortress which made me doubt, “Don’t you even start that shit,

I hissed, “You are gonna make it through this, baby brother. You-you- Fuck! You can’t leave me. Please, do-don’t leave me.” I held him against me tighter as Sammy hugged me and him both and the other boys held their shirts to the wound that wouldn’t stop bleeding.

Was this God’s way of saying I need to learn my place? Was this a sign!? If it was, I promise him now that I would take more responsibility. More care with what I do. I promise to never take Tommy for granite. I promise to love him twice as much as I ever did. I promise to never give up or curse him ever again.

I promise.

“Vinnie?” Tommy whispered as he touched my face with his cold hands to my face.

“Yeah, buddy?”

I sniffled and hugged him closer. “You have to p-promise to l-love Gio. I know you don’t want to but you were meant to love, big brother. You were meant to be together. He m-makes you happy. D-don’t give up, big brother. Don’t lose that sparkle in your eyes. It’s t-there when y-you are with him. Don’t let it go.” I cried harder and held him against me so that his warm blood seeped onto my clothes.

“We’re here!” Frankie yelled. I yanked Tommy into my arms and ran out of the van. Nurses and doctors all waited for me. I set him on the white sheets and ran alongside him as they pushed him through the lit halls of the emergency area.

I felt Tommy’s cold hand touch my leaking eyes and I met his own with a sad smile.

“Ti amo,” Tommy said with tears in his eyes.

“I love you too,” I said and made sure he saw my words in my eyes. I couldn’t lose him. I just couldn’t.

I held Tommy’s hand and kept my eyes on his as they put a mask over him and began to cut open the leather jacket he wore. Suddenly a nurse stopped me. “You need to wait here,” he said.

Fuck this shit!

I yanked my gun out of my belt and held it to his head.

“Fuckin’ move!” I screeched and he did just that. I ran after my brother until I got to giant doors that locked behind them.

“TOMMY!” I screamed and banged my fist against the doors with tears falling out of my eyes. My heart shattered in my chest. I couldn’t see, I couldn’t breathe. I had to get to him.

I leveled my gun to the door and went to shoot when Gio knocked the gun out of my hands and the pushed me up against the door. I pushed him back and then slammed my fist into his face, not caring about anything other than my dying brother.

“Vincent, stop! They’ll kick you out!” Gio yelled as he came at me again. Blood fell from his nose but he didn’t stop. Not until he had his arms locked around my neck and was holding me against him even though I fought against his hold.

“I can’t lose him, Gio,” I cried and then we both fell on the floor.

“I know, baby. I know,” he said with sobs hitching his voice. He rocked us back and forth on the ground as all of the boys paced back and forth.

Tommy was the one person that knew how to make us all smile. He was like a piece of gold in a pile of dirt. He made what we did worth it even if it was nothing but dirt. If we lose him, we lose hope.

My head was on a wild goose chase as my heart tried to put itself back together. The glue was missing however; Tommy was missing. I wouldn’t be able to live without his bright, brown eyes, that wicked smile, his pouty lip, and that head full of shaggy curls.

“WHERE IS MY SON!?” I heard my pops yell. I nuzzled my face deeper into Gio’s chest and cried even harder. He shouldn’t be able to call my Tommy his son. He had made him go on this trip when he didn’t even want to. He was too young! He was too innocent! He was Tommy!

Pops deserved to be on that hospital bed NOT Tommy. I looked up with my eyes narrowed and leaking. I pushed Gio’s arms off of me and slowly got up. I made my way to my frantic pops and as soon as he saw me he exploded.

“It was your job to protect him! It was your job to keep my boy safe and all you did was fuck it up! You fucked it up, you stupid piece of shit! How could you let that happen to my son!?” he screamed into my face. Ma started to cry into Sam’s shoulder and Sam looked at my pops with disgust in his eyes. They were not best friends at that moment. They were strangers.

I met my pops’ brown eyes that Tommy had inherited and then punched that mother fucker right in the face. He fell backwards and I found my place on top of him, beating him with everything I felt. “You made me take him! You made me risk my baby brother! You fucking cock sucker!” I hit him in the face repeatedly, loving the way his bones cracked beneath my fist. “You mother fucker!”

I felt Sammy grab at my shoulder and I pushed him so hard he flew across the room. I saw nothing but red as I went back to beating my father. He had caused this! He had made me take my brother. He hurt my baby brother!

“I love him!” I screamed. “I love him so much!” As I shouted my love for Tommy, my fist slowed until I was barely hitting him at all. He captured me in a hug and I cried into his shoulder.

“Vinnie,” was all my pops whispered as he cried. I cried harder and held his ruffled clothes in my fist, not daring to let go. This was the first time I had hugged my pops since I was a young boy. If I let go so would he and all I needed right now was him. I needed him to love me. I needed him to assure me that everything would be okay.

“Pops?” Gio whispered. I looked up as did everyone else and there stood Enzo in hospital pants and a shirt. He looked tanner than he had been but the coldness in his eyes remained.

“You ungrateful little shit!” he yelled as he yanked Gio by his shirt. I popped out of my pops’ arms and yanked Gio out of his grip.

“You don’t touch my boy,” I said menacing low. I felt murderous at that moment with my little brother in the ICU and my family falling apart at the seams. My words meant nothing to any other person in that room other than Gio. He understood what I meant by my boy. He is

Enzo glared at me but I refused to let him get past me. I was not in the mood for his bullshit and I would break his damn neck if I needed to. I could care less.

“That is my son,” he hissed.

I scuffed. “You don’t deserve him. You might have helped make him but you are not his pops, his dad, or his mother fuckin’ father. You are a sorry ass druggie who needs to learn how to shut his goddamn trap!” Gio touched my arm and I tried to relax but everything was on edge. “You don’t come near my boy or I will personally put two bullets in your goddamn knees.”

Enzo took a step forward but pops slid in between us and held him back. “Nurse, this man needs to be returned to his room.” Enzo gasped but didn’t fight as the men took him away. I watched with a twitch of my lip.

That’s what he deserved.

I turned around again and Gio hugged me like no one was watching. “I love you,” he whispered so low I almost missed it. I tightened my hold on him and nodded. I couldn’t say those words right now. I had to have a heart in order for that and without Tommy I had no heart, so those words would mean nothing.

“You have to be strong, Vinnie. Be strong,” Gio whispered. I nodded and held him against me like he was the only thing keeping me in the spot. On this earth.

“Mussolini?” Someone by the doors said after an hour of waiting. We all got up and walked over to the doctor. He looked educated as he pulled his clipboard against his chest and met my pops’ eyes head on. If he only knew what we did for a goddamn living.

“How’s my son?” pops whispered.

The doctor looked at all of us and then met my pops’ eyes again. “I’m so sorry Mr. Mussolini but Tommy died in surgery. His wounds…..” everything faded out as the words repeated in my head.

Tommy died.

Tommy died.

Tommy died.

My body began to shake as I watched everything around me unfold.

My pops fell to his knees in slow motion as my ma screamed something that didn’t compute. I watched my father cry and hit the ground as the doctor told us how sorry he was. I didn’t feel anything however. He couldn’t be dead….

“I wanna see him,” I said stronger than I felt. The doctor shook his head and I moved my jacket to show him my gun. He nodded then and began to walk. I felt like a zombie as I drug my feet across the floor until we got to a door. He opened it and I walked in slowly.

My eyes landed on a white blanket covering a body and I almost broke. That could be anyone, I told myself.

That could be anyone.

I took another step forwards and then another until my shaking hands touched the white sheet. I closed my eyes and slowly pulled the sheet off. I brushed cold skin and I felt the tears start to well up in my eyes.

This was it. My brother could be here.

I knew in the back of my mind that it was him, but I refused to believe it. My baby brother couldn’t be dead. He couldn’t leave me like this. He would never do that to me.

I took a deep breath and slowly I pried my eyes open and everything broke inside of me. I fell forward onto his body and griped at his blood covered figure.

He couldn’t be gone.

He couldn’t be.

“Tommy!” I cried. His body didn’t move like I begged for it to; like I prayed for it to.

He wasn’t breathing. He wasn’t smiling. He wasn’t laughing. He wasn’t making fun of me and pops. He wasn’t poking me. He wasn’t pushing Gio on me. He wasn’t hugging me. He wasn’t crying. He wasn’t smirking.

He wasn’t doing anything.

And he never would again.

I looked up at his face and found his brown eyes still opened. They were emotionless. Empty. Depthless.

And the sparkle?

Was dead.

Just like my baby brother.

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