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Chapter Thriteen

“Oh, fuck! Harder,” Gio moaned as I pushed inside of him again with a hard thrust. I shook my head and grabbed his thighs as he kneeled in front of me before slamming into him with no relent. “Ahhh!”

“Fuck, Gio!” I hissed. This had to be our eighth time fucking today. Every time we finished we sat there staring at each other until one of us grabbed the other and began with the scorching kissing. It was usually me; I’m not going to even lie about that. He was just so addicting and every time I was inside of him it took away the pain. Tommy was gone and he was my way to forget.

I yanked myself out of him and turned around so he could look me in the eyes. I slammed back into him, making his back come off the bed and him scream at the top of his lungs. “Vincent!’ he cried out and raked his nails down my back. I felt myself teetering on the edge of my orgasm and I wanted him to cum first so I grabbed his erection and jerked him off as fast as I could. I thrusted into him harder and then watched as he came against my stomach causing me to spill my own seed inside of him. I fell on top of him and he wrapped his arms around my neck and kept me close.

“Fuck, you are so warm,” I said snuggling into his neck.

He chuckled. “Don’t go getting all girly on me, Vin,” he teased. I nipped his shoulder and he groaned. “Never mind.” I smiled into his neck and began to feather it with kisses until I heard the door slamming downstairs.

“FUCK YOU EMILIO!” My ma screamed and then I heard his office door slam and her run up the stairs until there was a soft knock on my door. “Vincent?”

I groaned and pulled out of Giovanni with my teeth sunk into his shoulder so I wouldn’t scream or moan from the agonizing torture of pulling out. He slapped his hand over his mouth and moaned into it until I was all the way out. I looked down at his bright green eyes and he winked before leaning up and covering my mouth with his. I didn’t hesitate to kiss him back until the knock sounded again.

“Go,” he whispered against my mouth but his arms were secured around my waist.

“You have to let go,” I teased. I pecked his mouth and he pecked mine back as we argued over him letting go and me needing to answer the door. He laughed when I bit his lip instead of his nose and then slapped his hand over his mouth.

“Gio?” my ma said from the other side of the door. I sighed and pulled myself away from him before sliding on some pants without my boxers and opening the door wide enough so my ma couldn’t see.

“Yeah, ma?” I said. Her eyes were bloodshot and her usually flowing hair looked dead on her shoulders. She looked like she had been murdered instead of my little brother. Her face was like an image of a ghost. I had never seen my beautiful ma so pale.

“Are you and Gio getting along?” she asked with a sniffle.

Oh, lady you have no idea.

“Yeah, ma.”

“And you haven’t killed him?”

“No, ma.”

“And you are treating him right?”

“Yeah, ma.”

“I miss him so much,” she cried and then she was in my arms with tears pouring down her pale face. I pulled her closer to me. I felt her shake against me as she sobbed her ever lovin’ heart out. My poor ma had been yanked into this life just like all of the wives. She had been nothing but screwed when it came to my pops. They had been in love since day one and now that love is nothing but a death of her son.

“Vin?” Gio whispered from behind me. I looked back and found him in his pants again. He grabbed my face and started to wipe the tears I hadn’t even known had been falling. I pulled my face away from him and looked down at my ma. I should have been with them today not with him. What had I thought? That we would have sex and be able to be together forever? Oh sure.

“Come on, ma,” I whispered and pulled her down the hall. I heard Gio following us so I sent him a look that said ‘stay here’ and he scuffed while throwing his hands up. He pushed past me and went down the stairs while cursing me. Before I had enough time to even breathe, he walked out of the front door.

“Go after him,” my ma said as she pulled away from me. “He needs you and you need him.”

“Ma, you need me m-“

“Go!” she yelled and then turned around with tears still falling down her face. I watched her walk into her room and felt like I should still follow her but I needed to get Gio back in the house. If those people that killed Tommy knew it was us that had jacked them, we all needed to stay indoors. And…I needed him to be safe. I couldn’t lose both my brother and my… friend? Boyfriend? Lover?

I ran out of the house and looked both ways. I saw Gio walking in the distance with his hands flying around most likely cursing me out. I looked both ways and then ran after him with my whole body on high alert. When I was right behind him, he turned around and nailed me right in the jaw.

“You stay away from me right now, Vincent!” he screamed and then turned around so he could continue to walk. I sighed and grabbed his shoulder before he turned around and nailed me in the jaw again. “Leave me alone!”

“Why?” I asked as I wiped my mouth.

“Just- you- fuck you!” he yelled before starting to walk away. This time I grabbed his shoulder and grabbed his fist when he went to swing at me. He struggled against me but I didn’t let him go.

“Why are you so mad?” I asked.

He scuffed and pushed me away. “Why am I so mad? Really!?”

“Yeah, I asked!”

“When you are in my arms, Vin, you are the you, you want to be, but as soon as you leave, you are this jackass that absolutely hates me,” he yelled as he pushed me. “I want to be with you! Fuck, I want to be with you so much it hurts, but I can’t do it if all you are going to do is be like that. I can’t take it!”

“I can’t be the way I am when we are by ourselves when other people are around! I can’t let them know that I am a fag!” He winced at my words and then looked away. I wanted to grab his face and kiss him but I knew that we needed to talk about this. I knew what he was saying as true and I knew it was wrong, but I can’t help the face that every time I get away from him reality comes to me and I come to the realization that we can’t be together. My pops would kill me or Gio if he ever found out about us, so I needed to keep the rooze going.

“You know what Vin? Just forget it. Forget us.” He turned around and started to walk away. I began to panic inside of myself as I saw him taking steps to get away from me. He couldn’t leave! What about Tommy? He….can’t leave me!

I ran up right behind him and wrapped my arms around his abdomen. “I’m sorry, Giovanni.”

He pushed me away from him and slowly turned around to show me eyes filled with tears. “That’s not going to work this time, Vin! Sorry doesn’t cut it anymore. I can’t do it! I can’t do the secret kissing and hugging and sex. I can’t do the dirty looks you give me in public and me not being able to do crap about it. I can’t do standing back and letting you trash me. I can’t do it and I won’t, so unless you plan on telling everyone about us, you leave me the fuck alone.”

“I can’t-“

He slapped me so hard my head whipped to the side. “You. Won’t.”

“Why is it so important to you?” I whispered. “Why do you need me to show everyone what we know?”

“Because I have always been shoved aside! I have always been the one that got thrown away because I am not good enough. My pops used to love me. Fuck, I was his pride and joy until my ma was caught in a drive by and I was there. I got shot but not fatally while my ma died on the spot. He hated me and threw me away, saying I was nothing to him.” He grabbed my hand and put it on his pounding heart. “You are the first one to look twice at me. You are the first one to ever make me feel like I belong. You love me and fucking hell I love you. Vin I know that everyone will most likely hate us, but I- I don’t care as long as I’m with you. I don’t care what they say or how they treat us as long as I can slide into that bed with you at night and have you with me.”

I pulled him against me and let him cry into my neck. I had fucked up so much with him and he still wants me. He- he is fighting for us and all I keep doing is throwing him to the side just like his worthless piece of shit father. Gio has become so much to me and all I can do is treat him like he is nothing. It needed to change. I’m not saying I am ready to paint a rainbow on my chest and scream my love for him, but I can’t keep doing this to him. I am breaking him and he is tearing me apart all because of the stupid choices I am making.

I picked his chin up and kissed him right on his beautiful mouth. He threw his arms around my neck and pulled me closer to him. I let him kiss me with everything he had and let me tell you guys, this boy had a lot to give me. I separated our lips and pecked his once more before pulling away so I could look into his green eyes. “I can try for you,” I whispered and he pulled me against him again and jumped up so his legs were around me and his lips were fused with mine.

“Oh, fuck take me home,” he groaned when I pushed him against my erection. I smiled and started to walk with him wrapped around me. “Put me down though, I feel like a girl.”

“You are the girl in this relationship,” I countered. “You are always bitching and crying.” He slapped the side of my head and pushed away from me until I let him go. He started to stomp away from me, but I ran after him and wrapped my arms around his waist, yanking him back against me.

“Oh, baby, I think it’s cute,” I said while feathering kisses down his neck as we continued to walk like that. He scuffed but tilted his head so I could get better access.

“I am not the girl, okay? We are both guys so we are both guys in the relationship,” he grumbled. I smiled and bit into the sweet skin right under his ear, causing him to moan.

“Okay, baby.” I separated from him and we walked down the sidewalk to my house right beside each other. I wanted to intertwine our fingers but knew that if pops saw us, he would flip a fucking table.

“Hey, where’d you go?” he asked as he stopped me.


“You zoned out on me,” he said with a smirk.

“Oh,” I said lamely. “I was thinking about us.”

He turned pink but kept the smirk in place. “What about us?”

I took a step forward and cupped his face. “You know I love you, right?” He nodded. “So if I asked you to not tell anyone for a bit longer you wouldn’t question my love for you, right?”


“I just can’t see telling my pops right after his youngest son just died that his oldest is gay would go over well. I think we should wait until after the funeral,” I said.

He sighed. “I think that is smart. I rather not be shot until this wound is fully healed,” he said while motioning to his thigh. I smiled and pecked his lips before grabbing his arm and pulling him toward the steps to my house. We walked into my house and pops was just walking down the stairs. He looked between us and his eyes flashed with something before it was lost in his sad eyes.

“Hey boys,” he said.

“Hey, pops,” I said as Gio said “Hi.”

“Can you keep checking on your ma?” he said with his hands in his hair. “She is really torn up about this and won’t talk to anyone but you.”

I smiled sadly. “I got her pops.”

He walked over to me and coughed awkwardly before hugging me. I stood still but slowly started to hug him back after a while. “I love you, kiddo.” My heart froze when he said “kiddo”. He hadn’t called me that since I was a little boy.

“I love you too, pops.” He nodded and ruffled Gio’s hair before turning around and walking away. I watched him go down the hall with a confused look.

“He loves you, kiddo,” Gio said after a while. I turned around and put one finger up and then two. He took off when he realized what I was doing. When I got to four, I ran up the stairs after him and found him in my room on my bed with nothing on. His pants were on the ground where his shirt was.

“Coming?” he asked with a smirk.

I shut the door and locked it. “Oh, you have no fucking clue, bambino.” I walked over to the bed and jumped on top of him. He laughed and pushed me onto my back before straddling me and kissing me. I felt his skilled tongue slide against my bottom lip, so I let him in and groaned when he wrapped his tongue around mine and sucked on it.

“Pants. Off,” he groaned. I nodded and pushed them down. He used his feet to get them all the way off. He kissed my lips first and then started a path down my heated body. I watched his light brown hair get farther and farther away from me until his tongue slid across my tip. I groaned and pushed up so the head went against his lips.

I felt his smile against me and then he took me into the warm fortress known as his mouth. My hips went up by themselves and he gagged before taking me even deeper. “Oh, fuck- fuck Gio!” he hummed around me and then began to bob his head up and down. My fingers knotted in the sheets as his skilled mouth worked me over until I was absolutely sure I was about to cum.

When I couldn’t take it anymore, I yanked him away and flipped us over so my erection still hovered above his mouth. I looked down at him and smirked as he looked up at me lost. I shoved the tip into his mouth and his eyes grew wide before he moaned and grabbed my ass and pulled me closer. Need pooled in my belly as I thrusted down into his throat over and over again. I moaned incoherently as his fingers dug into my ass and he hummed around me.

“Fuck!” I hissed when his finger was suddenly thrusted inside of me. He gagged on my pulsing cock as he laughed and I thrusted in deeper to shut him up. I’m sorry that a finger shoved into my nice virgin ass scared me. It felt foreign almost like it didn’t belong but I knew it did. I knew that we belonged like this.

I thrusted into his mouth again and he started to thrust his finger inside of me. I moaned and let him continue as I thrusted into his skilled mouth. He sucked me in, tilting his head up so I could go farther down and never stopped his assault on my ass.

“Gio,” I moaned. “Fuck, baby.” I began to feel my orgasm and pulled away from him again.

“Come back,” he said in a throaty voice. My body wanted to comply but I didn’t. His finger pulled out of my entrance and then I rolled off of him. I pulled him up my body and sat him right on my hips.

“Ride me,” I groaned and then let my hands fall to his hips. His green eyes looked skeptical as he sat up and then slid down my erection slowly. I knew it was painful for him, but I couldn’t take this kind of torture. I grabbed his hips and yanked him down onto my pulsing cock.

“Vincent!” he half screamed, half moan. I groaned and bit into the back of my hand so I wouldn’t scream out how good he felt. He leaned forward, setting his hands on my chest before lifting his hips up and sliding back down.

“Mmm, baby. Yes,” I groaned. He smirked down at me and then began to ride me better than a fucking cowboy rides a bronco. He moaned and let his head fall back as he moved faster on top of me, making sure I hit that spot deep inside of him.

“Vin. Ahhh, Vin,” he moaned.

I laughed even though I was deep in ecstasy. “You sound like a chick.” He glared down at me and slowed down until he was moving at a torturous pace. I bit my lip and groaned as I felt his internal muscles clench around me as he did this. I tried to take control and move him faster but he would have none of it.

“Baby,” I groaned. “Go faster.”

“Sorry, I thought you told me to ride you. That means I pick the pace,” he countered. I groaned again and then tried to take what he was giving but I couldn’t. I slammed him onto his back and started to buck my hips against him so I hit deep inside of him over and over again.

“Ahhh! Vincent!” he screamed and then slapped his hand over his mouth one hand and then yanked me down with the other so he could hold me against him. I bit into his neck as I pounded into him and let my hands go behind his head and pull him up so I could kiss him. He pulled me closer and shoved his tongue into my mouth so he could kiss me desperately.

“Mmm. God, you feel so good,” I moaned as I kept thrusting into him.

“Ah, fuck. I can be the girl if you feel like this,” he groaned back. I smiled and hitched his leg over my waist before thrusting into him as fast as I could. My head board hit the wall continuously until I was sure there was a hole there.

My release came so suddenly I saw stars. His name fell out of my mouth as he came against my stomach. When we were both done riding our orgasms out, I fell onto him and nuzzled into his neck. We sat there in a comfortable silence until I was sure he was asleep.

I pulled out of him and found a shirt to clean off my stomach. He looked so peaceful as I cleaned him off and then pulled him up and then pulled the covers over him. I kissed his lips softly before pulling some pants on and then walking out of my room. I went down the long hall and then went into my parents room was. I heard the water in the bathroom running so I decided to leave until I looked down and found water everywhere.

Panic took over my body as I hurried across the room to the door and slowly opened it.


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