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Chapter Fourteen


As I stepped into the bathroom, I got this sick feeling all the way to my toes. When my eyes landed on my ma underneath the water of her overflowing bathtub however, that’s when the real sickness started.

“Ma!” I screamed and ran through the water and yanked her up. She didn’t sputter and cough like I begged her to but instead made no sounds at all. She was dead! Oh fuck! She is dead!

Snap out of it! I yelled to myself. You have been trained for this! I felt around her neck and found a very slow heartbeat that made my heart start going again. Hope was something I never really had but now I grasped it like it was my favorite blankie during a storm.

If she hadn’t drowned, then what happened? I asked myself. I got that sick feeling again as my eyes searched everywhere until they fell upon a bottle of sleeping pills completely empty. A sob escaped my mouth as I picked my ma up and ran out of the bathroom and set her on the dry floor in her room.

“Ma?” I begged. She couldn’t do this to me. Do this to pops. We had already lost Tommy we couldn’t lose her too. I slammed my hands on her chest and she didn’t move. If she swallowed all of those pills she would most likely die from overdose. If I could get those pills out we had a chance.

“Gio!” I screamed. “GIOVANNI!” It took no longer than a minute for him to be at the door in only boxers. His eyes were tired until he got a look at my ma.

“Is she?” he asked as I put her flat on the ground.

“No! Get pops and call 9-1-1,” I commanded. He looked so lost but he grabbed the house phone like I said. “I love you,” I said right as he was about to start running.

He gave me a sad smile. “I love you too. Now stop being a pansy and help your ma.” He ran before I could answer.

I looked down at my ma and began to hate myself. If I hadn’t been with Gio I could have come in here and found her. Or if I had followed her instead of Gio….So many ‘ifs’.

I had to help her. I had to do something. I couldn’t do anything to save Tommy but I could save my ma. I knew I could even if it hurt us both.

I grabbed the back of her neck and opened her mouth. I shoved my finger to the very back of her throat and felt her throat constrict around me as I continued to push. I had started to sob uncontrollably buy the time she started to gag. I shoved my finger until I was sure I was touching her lungs and felt the bile hit my finger. I yanked away and watched as my ma leaned over and her stomach contents spilled out of the wooden floors.

“Bella?” my pops said as he slid to a stop by the doors. I saw a frantic look on his face as he ran into the room and bent down beside her. “Bella, il mio amore?” My pops pulled her into his lap and cried as she shivered against him.

I felt arms wrap around me and immediately turned around, nuzzling my face into Gio’s naked chest. He held me I his lap as my pops held my ma. “It’s gonna be okay, baby. You saved her,” he whispered into my ear. I nodded but didn’t really believe it. She hadn’t woken up yet. All she did was throw up and now she is unconscious in my pops’ lap. If she didn’t survive then neither would we. My pops and I were only so strong. Losing Tommy took a big chunk of us but loosing ma as well would just leave us in a pile of ash.

“Paramedics?” someone yelled from down the stairs. Gio yelled for them to come up but I hadn’t learned how to move again yet. I just kept staring at the hickeys that marked Gio’s neck and chest. I couldn’t seem to leave the amassment of his body. Maybe it was because I knew that fucking him would take the pain away. Maybe that is why I can’t get the idea of mounting him out of my perverted head.

“Baby, look at me,” Gio said close to my ear. I slowly looked up and found that he was staring at me with worry and strength. He was staying strong for me. Who had stayed strong for him when his ma had been shot up on the block? His father? NO. He had thrown Gio aside like a sack of dirty socks. His boys? Yeah, I bet they did. My boys had been nothing but strong for me and now Gio is doing the same thing. They were strong for me when I couldn’t be.

“I love you,” I said so low I didn’t think he heard it. “I love you,” I said a bit louder. He nodded and looked up before placing a small kiss on my lips. I relaxed in his arms and then found the strength to look over at my ma.

They had her strapped to a gurney with my pops right beside her. They said she was stabilized but they needed to get her to the hospital so my pops nodded and followed them as they carried my ma down the stairs with something on her mouth. Gio helped me up but I stopped him when he went to follow.

“What, Vin?” he asked with concern.

I cleared my throat and pulled him into my arms. “I love you so much,” I managed. “Without you I am nothing but a big asshole. Thank you for being here for me.” He nodded against my chest and I grabbed his chin before pulling and making his lips connect with mine. We kissed so slow. It was like time had been slowed down with us as we met each other’s lips once- twice- three times before sucking his tongue into my mouth and holding him flush against me. Nothing was sexual about this kiss. It was all passion and love. So much damn love.

When I finally gained enough composure to pull away, I set my forehead against his and closed my eyes. “Do you wanna get dressed and go to the hospital?” he asked me after a while.

“I don’t know if I can see her right now. What if she died?” my voice sounded so weak in my own ears. I sounded like a puppy that had just been kicked repeatedly.

He cupped my face and I opened my eyes. His eyes held so much love, passion, and strength in them it made me want to kiss him all over again. “She is okay. I know she is because you saved her. Baby, I know this is hard but we have to go and see her.”

“You will come with me and not leave my side, right?” he nodded. “Even if I try to push you away. I need you to keep me in check, Gio. I need you to make sure I don’t so anything crazy.”

He kissed my nose. “I got you, baby.” I nodded and unwrapped my arms from around him before taking his hand and dragging him out of the room and into mine. We quickly got dressed and then slowly descended the stairs with our fingers intertwined.

“You can drive,” I mumbled. He nodded and grabbed the keys from me before opening the door, locking it, and walking with me down the stairs to my car. We got in and he drove us to the hospital. I sat in the car once he stopped and he just sat there with me not urging me to go in at all.

“You think she will hate me for saving her?” I asked as I looked over at him. His green eyes met mine and he did the one thing I did not need. He fucking shrugged. “Thanks, stronzo.”

He smirked. “I’m not going to lie to you, Vin. I don’t know if she will or if she won’t.” I looked away from him and he grabbed my shoulder. “Baby, look at me.”

“No,” I said.

“Are you pouting?” he teased even though this was so not the time to tease.

“Fuck you,” I countered feeling as though this was total déjà vu.

“Mmm, later,” he murmured as he kissed my neck. My body lit up and I knew that we were outside of the hospital my ma could probably be dying in, but the way he was nibbling on my earlobe had me thinking maybe we could get in a quickie.

I leaned my neck to the side and shuddered when his tongue slid across my sensitive neck. “Come here,” I whispered as I pushed the seat all the way back. He climbed into my lap without a second thought and straddled me. It was crowded but I could get used to it.

I yanked his mouth down to mine and pushed his jacket off. His wife beater he had been wearing was shed quickly after that and then he started on my clothes. Everything was happening so fast. My whole body was at attention as he shed me of my clothes and plastered his chest to mine and continued to kiss me senseless.

My hands got caught on the shorts he was wearing he had on however. “Fuck,” I groaned. “Why can’t you wear skirts!?”

His teeth sank into my neck and I bucked against him. “Because I am not a fucking girl! We are not arguing about this anymore!” He made the seat recline and then skillfully got his shorts and boxers off. I unbuttoned my pants and slid them down a little bit so I could get my throbbing cock free and then rubbed myself in anticipation.

When he was done, I pulled him down so he was sitting on my erection and he groaned before kissing me again. I felt his kisses lowering but we didn’t have that kind of time. I needed him and I needed him now. Thank god I had tinted windows so no one could see us or else I think I would have yanked him out of the room and taken him to the bathroom.

I spit on my hand and rubbed my shaft and then his entrance before picking him up by his sweet ass and slamming him back on me. His hand flew out and hit the ceiling hard as he cried out. “Vin!” he moaned. I shook my head and grabbed his ass harder before pulling up and slamming him back down.

We stayed quiet after that just moaning and groaning into each other’s necks, mouths, and chest as he rode me with a need that I matched. My fingers were indented into his ass but he liked that and made sure to moan every time I grabbed on tighter.

“Vin! I’m gonna- Vin-“he said incoherently.

“Oh fuck baby- Wait! Not in the car!” I cried which made him slap me before he grabbed his jacket and set it on his leaking cock. I smiled up at him and watched as he lost himself in passion. I wrapped my hand around his erection and jerked him off until he screamed my name and shot his seed into my palm. I kept him going and then came a few moments later with his name falling from my mouth. He kissed me until I slumped back in the seat and was panting erratically.

“Oh, that was hot,” I said with a rasp. He laughed against my chest and nodded. “Fuck, we should have car sex more often.”

“Oh shut the fuck up. The only reason I just did that was because your ma is in a hospital bed. Don’t think you are going to be scoring in the car often, bambino.” I laughed sadly and the pulled him up so his mouth hovered mine.

“Thank you,” I said and then pulled him down so his lips touched mine.

“You’re welcome,” he breathed against my mouth. I slowly took his lip into my mouth and then sucked on it teasingly. “So welcome,” he breathed again as his hand went up my chest to lay on my bicep.

“I wanna fuck you so hard right now,” I groaned as his hips circled on my dick that was still buried to the brim inside of him. “I wanna lean you over the bed and shove my-“

“Shut up or we are never going to go inside,” he groaned. I smiled and lifted my hips up suggestively.

“I already am inside.”

“Ahhh,” he moaned when I pushed up again hitting his prostate. I felt his fingers dig into my shoulders as he tried to keep control of himself. I lifted him up off of my shaft and then “accidently” dropped him back down. “Vincent!”

“God that is so sexy coming out of your mouth,” I said. He nodded and pushed down on me before realizing what he did and slapping me. “Ow!”

“Fucking asshole. I told you no,” he said as he pulled himself off of me. He groaned turned around so his ass was in my lap and he was facing outwards before I pulled him pack down and grabbed his erection.

“But your body tells me yes,” I whispered. He whimpered and let his head fall back onto my shoulder. I slowly slid up and down his shaft as he whimpered over and over again. I knew I was distracting myself from going and facing the music but I couldn’t see her right now. I couldn’t look in her eyes and say it was okay that she had tried to kill herself.

“AHHHH VIN!” Gio screamed. I hadn’t realized it but my hand had taken up a punishing pace on him so he was thrashing around my chest. “Vincent! Baby! Cazzo! Yes!” He screamed incoherently. I pulled his face up with my other hand and leaned down so I could kiss him. He kissed me back greedily and shoved the jacket back on top of his erection before he came in my hand again.

“Vin!” he screamed. I moaned and kissed him again as he came down from his high. He slumped against me with us both sweating and panting at the energy we had just exerted.

“You are such a screamer,” I teased when I caught my breath.

He huffed. “Shut up,” he said but notice he didn’t deny it.

“Mmm, I could use that mouth of yours,” I said with lust all in my voice. He shuddered as my breath hit his neck and attempted to get himself off of me but I grabbed his hand and pulled him back.

“Vin, we have- have to- to- uh- what were we doing?” he asked dumbstruck as I stroked myself and he watched.

I moaned and that his eyes coming up to meet mine. “Come over here.” It took him all but two seconds to get down between my legs and take my erection into his hand, slapping mine away. I hissed in pleasure when he pressed the pad of his thumb into the underside of my cock.

“Mmm,” I hummed and then groaned when he took me into his mouth. I knew I wasn’t going to last long with the way he kept deep-throating me so I began to thrust my hips up so I could cum faster. It was actually paining me to be this turned on. He bit onto my tip and I came instantly with him swallowing my load like a pro.

He quickly sat up and kissed me before sitting back in his seat and panting. I let my head fall over so I could look at him and he smiled. “Get dressed,” I said with much struggle. I really didn’t want him to but it was time I face my pops, my ma, and both our families. I knew they would all be here by now since we spent at least an hour or so in the car.

I tucked my limp member into my pants and then tucked it back into its’ proper place. I looked around for my shirt and ended up grabbing the cum filled jacket. I laughed and threw it at him. “Eww! Vin, gross!” he yelled.

“It’s yours!” I countered.

“But that’s gross!’

I smirked. “You weren’t saying that when you were on your knees a few minutes ago swallowing it,” I countered. He blushed and slapped the side of my head before leaning down and trying to grab his shorts. “Going back already?” I teased. He turned his head and sank his teeth into my dick causing me to groan.

“Horndog,” he muttered and then pulled away as he found his pants and shirt. I found mine in the back seat and quickly pulled it on. I watched him get dressed and then smiled when he looked over at me.

“What?” he questioned.

“My little brother just died and my ma just tried to kill herself and it seems that every time I am with you I can forget all of that and just be me,” I said. “Thank you.” He grinned and stepped out of the car as did I. I watched him shut his door and walk around to my side as I slammed my own.

I grabbed his biceps and pinned him against the car before kissing him with everything I had. “I love you,” I said while looking into those dazed, green eyes.

“I love you, more,” he said and then grabbed my hand before starting to make our way to the hospital building.

If only he knew that I loved him not more- but most. I love him most.

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