Mafia Lovers~ Forbiden Lovers

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Chapter Fifteen

I walked into the hospital with Gio attached to my arm in a way that said “friends” even though we are so past that level. I mean, our hot sex session in the car was a dead giveaway of that. I knew I should probably push him away but every time I thought about his warmth away from me, it made me heart sink. I need him right now and every time after this.

“Vin!” Sammy yelled as he ran down the open hallway. The boys looked over and started to run after Sammy. Gio let go just as Sammy slammed into my chest and hugged me fiercely. I almost broke in his arms but managed to hold my ground until I felt all of them around me. I fell to the ground shaking my head as I cried.

“It’s gonna be alright, Vin,” Leo choked through his tears. I shook my head again because I couldn’t believe this shit. Meeting the love of my life, Tommy being killed, my ma trying to kill herself. It felt like one big dream that I wanted to wake up from. Or not because then I would have never met Gio and he…he is amazing. I would not want him away from me even for a second.

I looked up and found him biting his lip. I pushed the guys away from me and they all looked confused as I pulled him into my arms and cried onto his shoulder. His arms went around me and I heard his silent cries, but he was crying for a whole other reason.

I had taken ownership.

“Vin?” Ralph questioned. I ignored him and held Gio in my arms until he pulled away with a brave face. I smiled and then turned to my boys.

“Care to-“

“Vincent!” My pops yelled from down the hall. All of our heads snapped over so we could look at him. His face was so pale as he grabbed me and pinned me against the wall.

So not what I was expecting.

“I told you to watch her!” he screamed and then it was my turn to pale. “I told you to fucking watch her and you let her fucking do this shit! I told you to watch Tommy and he is fucking dead!” He slammed his fist into my face but I was too stunned to do anything. “You fuck up everything you do you fucking idiot! You stupid fucking idiot!”

I felt his fist connect with my ribs and yet all I could do was stare forward at a little plaque that said ‘Room 210’. My brother had died in a room similar to that number and now here we are with my ma in a hospital bed all because I couldn’t listen. I never listened.

“You worthless piece of shit!” my pops screamed again and got me in the jaw, making my body collapse. I couldn’t even but I knew my eyes never left that plaque. He punched me again and again until a flash of honey brown hair came in front of me and my pops was suddenly on the floor with Gio holding him down by his neck and Sammy and Leo holding him down by his wrist.

“You calm the fuck down,” Gio yelled and then scampered over to my side. I felt his fingers slide down my face. “Baby, are you okay?” he asked silently but I saw Sammy’s head pop up in the corner of my eyes so I knew he heard it. I looked up and met his worried green eyes.

“I deserve this,” I whispered. He whimpered and shook his head.

“Baby, no,” he whispered as he cupped my cheeks. I felt one hot tears slide down my cheek and then another from the opposite eye. He caught my tears and made me look at him. “You don’t, Vin. None of this was your fault. You can’t control other people’s actions. Your pops is just scared, okay? It wasn’t you.”

I leaned up and captured his mouth, not caring that anyone saw. I was done hiding what I felt for him. Gio was the only thing in this world that kept me going. He didn’t blame for anything, he loved me, and he distracted me whether through sex or just talking. He knew me as though we had grown up together and my feelings were only to him.

“What-“Leo started.

“-The-“Georgie answered

“-Fuck!” they all said at the same time. Gio pulled away from me with a blush on his tanned cheeks and I pulled him back so I could kiss him again.

“Stop,” he hissed. “They saw.”

I smirked with an ironic twist to it. “I don’t care. Let them look.” And then I had his mouth on mine again. He sighed and turned his head so we could get a better angle on it. I cupped the back of his neck and made sure in this kiss he felt every ounce of gratefulness I had for him. I made sure he felt all the love that resided in my chest.

I now knew that when Zeus split us in two, he had cut me in Gio in half for sure. We were meant to be together. We were made to be together. We were born to be together.

I pulled away and looked over Gio’s shoulder to find my boys and my pops all looking at me and Gio wide-eyed. Sammy looked absolutely lost when our eyes met. I couldn’t understand why and didn’t get a chance to figure out because he ripped his eyes away from mine. I looked back over to my pops and waited for him to start to yell but instead he started to cry.

Oh fuck. It’s worse than I thought.

“Pops it’s alright,” I tried. “I am okay with being kicked out, we can find-“

“Shut up!” pops hissed and continued to cry. I felt Gio’s hand in mine and I looked back to see him smiling at me with scared eyes. Gio’s eyes can give him away every single time. It was scar how emotion they are.

“Emilio, I am sorry-“Gio tried only to be shut up by my pops throwing his hand up.

“Oh, fuck it!” Leo said. “I don’t care if you like it up the ass man. It’s not bad or anything- I mean I’m not that way, but- yeah I don’t care my friend.” I smiled at him and he did a playful salute.

“I don’t care,” Georgie said, “You just caught me off guard there, Vin.”

“Yeah, bambino! Next time, give me a damn ‘I am about to start sucking faces with my secret boyfriend’ and then do that shit,” Ralph said. I laughed and Gio smiled down at the floor like he couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

My eyes landed on Sammy and he just shook his head before walking off. He walked a few steps and then bumped right into Angel who was caring coffee. I cocked my head to the side as Angel met my eyes. He looked over at Gio and saw our hands intertwined before bending down to Sammy’s ear and whispering something. Sammy nodded and they walked off together without another word.

“Vincent, I-I’m so sorry,” my pops said, capturing my attention. I feel like everything is one big tennis match with the way I have to keep snapping my head from side to side to side to-

“I didn’t mean any of it,” my pops continued. “I am just so worried and-“

“Just don’t talk to me right now pops,” I said and pulled Gio and I off of the floor before continuing to walk away. I was suddenly turned around and pushed against the wall, but this time I punched him before he could get to my neck.

“I don’t care if you’re gay because Tommy told me you were falling in love with him the day you all got in trouble at school,” my pops shouted and that caught my attention as well as Gio’s. “He said I can’t be and because you are going to love Gio like I love your ma.”

“That fucking brat,” I mumbled as tears welled up in my eyes.

“Everything has been happening so fast, Vin. Ever since you were ten and I told you, everything has blurred by. Training, birthdays, lose teeth, fighting, and other shit I can’t even name. I had no time with you because I was so caught up in the life, and look what that has cost me. My wife and my kid. I can’t lose you too, kiddo. I just can’t.” His forehead fell against mine and I squeezed Gio’s hand that was still in mine. Everything I’ve wanted to hear my whole life, just escaped my depressed pops’ mouth and he meant every word of it.

“I can’t tell you how proud I am, because there is not a word to fit it, Vinnie. I am so sorry,” he cried and then pulled me flush against me, forcing me to let go of Gio. I hugged my pops back and for once didn’t think about the consequences of touching him. I just thought about the love we have had but never shared because of the damn life.

“I love you, kiddo,” my pops whispered.

“I love you too, pops,” I answered and then we separated.

I looked over and found Gio looking to the side, so I grabbed his chin and made him look at me. “What is it?” I asked.

“We’re out,” he said softly.

“Yeah, so?”

He looked around and then grabbed the back of my neck. “I LOVE YOU!” he screamed and then kissed me like everyone wasn’t watching when with the way that boy yelled everyone actually was.

“Alright, I think I need to go bleach my eyes,” Leo said and my pops nodded. Gio finally separated from me and I panted.

“We are gonna find a room later,” I whispered and his eyes widened before he slapped me on the side of the head. “Oh, yeah. I love you too-ish.” He slapped me against and I wrapped my arm around his waist before dipping him and kissing all over his neck like I had seen my pops do to my ma in the morning when I was younger.

“Okay, break up the porno,” Ralph said as he pulled Gio away from me. I glared at him playfully and pushed him out of the way so I could grab his hand.

Who would have thought that the son of a high ranking gangster could come out of the closet and he was actually okay with it? That every single one of his friends would treat him the same and not care? That all of them would be okay?

Never me. But in this case I liked being wrong.

“Mussolini?” a doctor said and we all snapped to attention, including Gio even though he was not a Mussolini. He held my hand tight in his as we all walked over to the doctor.

“Well-“ here it goes- “Isabella is in a coma, but there is good news to go with that. We put her in a medically induced coma, meaning we put her in it. She most likely would have died if she had not thrown up all of the water and medication.”

“So my wife will wake up?” my pops asked sounding hopeful.

The doctor nodded. “Most definitely. We are just trying to make sure the medicine is out of her system all of the way, but we do need to discuss how she got this way.”

“She did it to herself,” my pops answered.

The doctor looked skeptical. “She had defensive wounds all over her arms and scraped across her mouth, meaning someone pushed the pills into her mouth and forced her under the water. She put up one hell of a fight though so we are running the skin that was found underneath her nails so we can give you an I.D. “

My heart stopped. “Someone tried to kill my ma?” I asked with enough force to make the man wince.

“That’s what all the evidence points to,” he answered flustered.

“Calm down,” Gio said and I backed down automatically. I looked over at him and he touched my cheek before turning back to the doctor.

“Thank you,” Gio said smoothly while my pops clenched and unclenched his fist. “Are we allowed to see her?”

“Oh, yeah. Just go one at a time,” he answered. The doctor nodded and then walked away like the hell’s hounds were clipping at his heels. I scowled at him and then turned around to look at my boys that looked just as pissed as me and my pops.

“How could they get in the house?” Georgie asked first.

My pops blew it then, kicking a chair all the way down the hall. “That fucking cleaning company was there today! Cazzo! I let them in my house and they-“ he punched the way and his fist went through the plaster.

“Emilio!” I heard Sam yell from down the hall. We all turned as he ran up to my pops and yanked his fist from the wall, checking it to make sure all was well. “What the fuck, man? The hospital already hates us.”

“Someone tried to kill my wife and I let them into my house,” he answered. Sam straightened and looked around.

“Where is Sammy? He should be here.”

I sighed. “He couldn’t take the fact that me and Gio are together. I didn’t take him for a homophobe but whatever.” I looked down and Sam sighed saying ‘poor kid’ under his breath which confused me. What the fuck?

“The results came in,” the doctor said as he came over. His eyes widened at the new décor on his wall and then looked down at the folder he was holding. “They came in fast since he is in the system…along with all of you,” he added lightly.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Sam hissed with his eyes narrowed at the doctor who became even more nervous.

“It’s a family member,” he mumbled and that had my pops yanking the folder away from him and yanking a gun out and pointing it all of us.

“If any of you fuckers tried to kill my wife, I will go to jail for murdering someone in a public fucking setting.”

I hid Gio behind me and he pushed me out of the way. I pushed him again and then we kept going. “Stop!” Gio hissed. I pushed him behind me and dared him to fucking move with my eyes. “I am not a girl!”

“Could have fooled me,” Sam said. He glared at Sam who just looked back with a small smile.

My pops ripped open the folder and managed to keep the gun up. I watched as he looked in the folder and then dropped the gun completely. Sam caught it before it hit the ground as I walked toward him and took a peak. My whole body went up in a fire that was ignited but betrayal.

How could he?

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