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Chapter Sixteen

I sat with on the couch in my giant living room with all of the boys plus their pops’ plus their mas’ here surrounding us with solemn looks. No one could believe what we had discovered. The one person no one would have expected yet it was one we should have.

“I can’t believe this shit,” Nicoli, Cris’ pops, said after a while of silence. He was staring at me and Gio so I knew he wasn’t exactly talking about the white elephant in the room but the goddamn rainbow one.

Gio and I had fucked up big time when everyone had gotten here. We were in the living room and he was trying to calm me down but I wouldn’t so he grabbed my collar and pulled me down to his lips. Let’s just say things started to get a little heated and I threw him against a wall, breaking a lamp in the process, and then everyone walked in and saw us. Yeah, not everyone took it too well.

“How long has this,” Lucca said, motioning between us, “been happening? Last time I checked you hated each other.”

“We should be focusing on other things,” Gio said pointedly. Cecilio, Angel’s pops, stood up with an authoritative face since he was in command and cleared his throat.

“We need to focus on the attempt of murder and actual murder that happened in the Mussolini family. Maybe not everyone is comfortable with the idea of two boys together, especially in our midst, but that doesn’t matter. If they are in love, they are in love and we should give them support and not the cold shoulder. I’m not saying throw a party but Emilio and I expect every single one of you to treat them with the same respect.”

Manteo, Leo’s pop, coughed and stood up, “Now, you called us here but you didn’t tell us if you found anything out,” he said, thankfully changing the subject. Gio and I were on opposite sides of the room to make everyone feel better. Ralph was on my left and Sammy was on my right. I was glad he came back but he wouldn’t say a word to me. It was actually driving me crazy, especially with the betrayal I was already dealing with.

Pops stood up, wiping his mouth with distant eyes. “Isabella is fine so all you guys can rest assured on that,” he began. All of the women nodded with relived looks and he continued. “Isabella, being the kick ass woman she is, fought her attacker back so they were able to get DNA from under her nails and it turns out that the attacker is a part of my family. Our family.”

“We don’t know how this could have happened but it did,” Sam inserted.

I dug my nails into the couch as they beat around the damn bush. Why couldn’t they just say it? Say the one name I thought I would never hear again. Say the one name that broke my heart when I read it so clearly in bold letters above that familiar face. That one face that tore me to pieces. He had betrayed me and his very own family.

“Who is it, Samuel,” Tony, Frankie’s pops, said with aggravation.

He sighed and looked over at pops who was holding the folder the doctor gave to him. He opened it and held the picture up. I growled low in my throat as most of the people sat back stunned.

“Is that..?” Tony said bewildered.

“Oh fuck,” some others spoke as the women all gasped.

“Who the fuck is that?” Frankie asked. Leave it to him to be blunt.

“That,” I said. “Is Alberto Mussolini. His pops was my pops’ old second in command but when he fucked up some stuff and started to steal from our family, pops put him out. His ma committed suicide because of it and he blamed my pops for it. He ran and no one saw him since.”

Anger was the dominating feeling I felt as I saw the mugging boy with black hair and green eyes that laid on the picture, but then came hate, betrayal, and sorrow. That boy had been my best friend so long ago when we were both innocent. He had smiled with me and picked me up when I fell down to see him on that page and knowing what he did to my ma made me sick.

“Why would he come back now?” Sammy said, shocked by the information. He remembered Alberto because we had been like the three musketeers as kids. No one could take us apart and no one dared. We had been together when his pops was taken out and after that he hated us for something we didn’t do.

“We think he found out about Tommy and decided to strike when we were the weakest,” Sam answered his son. Sammy shook his head and grabbed my hand in his. I squeezed his fingers and he did mine back. I missed times like these when it was me and him against the world. I missed when we had each other’s backs and I missed when we just hung out. It’s been forever.

“So he came back to kill your ma since he thinks Emilio killed his?” Lucca said. I nodded and he scuffed. “What a fucking tool.”

“I can’t believe he came back,” Georgie inserted.

“None of us can,” Cecilio said back.

I felt familiar eyes on me so I looked up at Gio and found that he was staring pointedly down at Sammy and my intertwined fingers. I smiled and blew a kiss at him when he met my eyes. Oh how I love, not only fucking him, but fucking with him as well. His eyes widened and then a beautiful blush crept up his face. I smiled wider and winked and realized a little too late that everyone had gone silent and was staring at me.

I blushed but tried to keep my cool as some shifted uncomfortably, looking between us two.

“Wh-what did I miss?” I said with a nonchalant look but on the inside I was freaking out worrying if they would always treat us like this.

“The boys all need rooms so I expect you to distribute and give them blankets, towels and anything else,” Pops said with a smirk. I nodded and pulled Sammy up with me because our hands were still clasped. I leaned near his ear and he stiffened.

“I need to talk to you later,” I whispered. He nodded and I looked up to see Angel glaring at me. Okay?

“Follow me boys and try to partner up,” I said as we went up the stairs.

“I call Vincent!” Leo yelled as he wrapped an arm around me. I waited one- two- three-

“Fuck that! Leo, get your own man!” Gio yelled and pulled me into his body. I smiled and kissed the side of his neck. He laughed and pushed my face away. When we got up the stairs, everyone looked at each other with weird eyes.

I sighed. “Go ahead and ask.”

“Who tops?”

“What the fuck?”

“When did this happen?”

“How the fuck did this happen?


“You asshole!”

“I can’t believe you’re gay!”

“I thought you loved me?” was the last smart ass comment from Leo.

I stared at them and slowly began to answer questions.

“I top because he loves it-”

“You could have said we haven’t done that yet!” Gio hissed and hit my side.

“But then I would have been lying, baby.”

“Stronzo,” he muttered.

“Okay,” I said with a smirk. “I top. It started the first day we met each other but the relationship part just kind of manifested until we exploded and had angry sex with each other, I wouldn’t have guessed I was gay either, and Leo, shut the fuck up.” They all laughed as Gio hit me in the side of my head for the ‘angry sex part’. “It wasn’t planned guys, I swear. We just kind of happened.”

“So no more hate?” Georgie said.

“I don’t care if you bitch fight but-”

Gio slapped a hand over my mouth, making me look down at him with narrowed eyes. “You have to get along for the sake of Tommy and for the sanity of our families. Vincent is just dense so-”

“That’s not what you said last night, this morning, this afternoon in the car in front of the hospital, and you won’t be saying tonight,” I said with a smirk. He gasped and punched my arm.

“In front of the hospital?” Angel gasped with a playful smile toward Gio. “You’re a slut!”

“Fuck you!” Gio yelled with a playful pout.

“You go at it like horny cats,” Cris said with a smirk.

“He can’t resist me,” I said with a smirk at Gio. He huffed and threw his hands up. I knew I would pay for this later but I really liked angry sex.

I smiled and then looked the guys over. “Sammy and Angel you guys can take Tommy’s old room now that they replaced the bed and cleaned it, Cris and Frankie can take the room all the way at the end of the hall, Leo and Lucca can take Gio’s room.”

Lucca groaned. “Why do we have to sleep right next to you guys? I don’t want to hear that shit!”

“Vin’s not that much of a screamer,” Gio said. The boys laughed as I blushed and looked down at him.

“Stronzo,” I muttered. He smiled and kissed my lips fast so no one would feel too uncomfortable, but it seemed like everyone was okay with it. They seemed almost too accepting of it. It was kind of weird.

“Split up and Mussolini’s know where everything is so help the retards out,” I said with a smirk. They all laughed while the Catalino’s started to curse me. I grabbed Gio and pulled him into our room without another word and turned around only to be slammed into the door when Gio’s lips hit mine.

“God, I hate you sometimes,” he said when he went down to my neck. His lips continued down and I smiled to myself when I felt his hands fumbling with my pants.

Angry sex is definitely the best sex.

I walked out of my room late that night thanks to Gio and his constant need to ride my dick. Okay, I kept grabbing him but I mean fuck I can’t control myself around him. He just gets me so worked up with all his moans, groans, smiles, smirks, and the way he bites his lip when I am inside of him? Oh fuck me I am already getting hard again. I wish I could go back in, but I had snuck out when he was sleeping so I could go talk to Sammy. I had texted him to meet me out back on the tire swing so hopefully he was there.

When I stepped out back, Sammy was sitting on the tire swing and he was swinging back and forth like when we were younger. I waited until he swung my way, and jumped on so I was standing right in front of him with my feet on the tire and my hands on the ropes.

“Hey,” I said with a smile. He smiled back but didn’t say anything. I sat down on the swing, putting my knees in the hole so one of his knees were between mine and one of mine were between his. I grabbed his china and made him look at me only to see tears in his eyes.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” I asked with real concern. Sammy was my best friend for as long as I could remember and I know I haven’t been paying a lot of attention to him, but I will always care about him. Sammy is my number one and Gio is my number one. I can’t choose between them.

Sammy pushed my hand away and let his face fall in his hands as his shoulder shook. “Sammy?”

“I should have just told you,” he said suddenly. I looked from side to side and then snapped my best friend hat on.

“What do you mean Sammy?”

Please don’t mean what I think you mean because if that’s what you mean than I won’t be able to live with myself.

He sniffled and looked up at me with glowing green eyes and a sad smile. “I’m in love with you, Vin. I am now and I always have been.”

My eyes widened even though I tried to force the not to. Oh fucking whore.


“Just listen, okay?” I nodded. He wiped his face and then met my eyes again. “Ever since the day Alberto left, you leaned on me and needed me. We were best friends so I just thought the way I felt was normal. I thought it was just the pain of losing our other half, but then it got worst. I would see you take your shirt off and I would get -uh- happy...down...there. I would see you kissing girls and I would wish it was me. You would touch me and I would completely melt. That one time we played spin the bottle at David Malice’s house and you bit up my neck because of Jenny daring you made me jump and leave because I couldn’t handle how good you felt.” I winced at that memory. I had been thoroughly trashed and never thought about it again but apparently it was one of his favorite goddamn memories.

“Then Gio came around and you started to drift away from me. You stopped calling, texting, and you barely talked to me anymore. I felt replaced and it only got worse when I walked in on you and him that day. You dropped him but your eyes gave away what you felt.” He looked away and I felt guilty all over again. “Then you kissed him right in front of me and I felt like every ounce of hope I had for us just shattered. You just...shattered me.”


“I said listen!” he said pushing me off of the swing. I fell back on the ground with a thud and he winced before running around the swing to help me up. “Sorry, but you are such an asshole sometimes.”

I narrowed my eyes and he cleared his throat. “That day all of us got in a fight at Tino’s. Angel and I started it, but it wasn’t because he called me an asshole or whatever lame excuse he gave. He had said, ‘maybe you should suck his dick and he will finally notice you’ and I just snapped. He knew as soon as he met me the way I felt about you and we just hated each other because of it. I saw through him and he saw through me, but now it’s like strength between us.

“I think that telling you this won’t help anything but I just was sick and tired of holding it in. I am ready to try and move on from you and I know I have the support of Pops and Angel. I just really need your support too.”

Now it made sense! The fights, the glares, and why Sam looked so disappointed when Gio and I came out. Sammy was in love with me and Angel was trying to get him to admit it. Angel was dragging him out of his comfort zone and Sammy was going to go without a fight.

“Sammy I support you because you will always be my best friend,” I said.

“Ouch, bitch slapped into the friend zone yet again,” he said with a playful yet said look.

I grabbed the back of his neck and made him look at me. “I think the reason you act the way you do toward Angel is because-”

“LA LA LA LA LA! I can’t hear you!” he yelled over me. I let it slide for now because he was still hurting but did he have it coming when he was all good again.

We sat there staring at each other until he looked away with a blush. Well awkward.

“Can- Can I ask you to do something?” he asked lightly.

I had a feeling about what it was but I just couldn’t bring myself to say no.

“What is it?”

He bit his lip. “Can you kiss me?”

I sighed. “Why, Sammy? It’s only going to be torture for you.”

“No it won’t. It will be something I can hold onto forever. A piece of my first love,” he said with a wince. “I sound like a crazed chick.”

“No you don’t,” I said as I let my shoulders fall. “Just one.” He nodded and I pulled him closer to me. Well if Tommy is watching, I hope he gets a good laugh out of this.

I touched my lips to his and he sighed against my mouth, pulling me closer. It was simple at first just slow moving of the lips until he tugged on my hair and I forgot it was Sammy and thrusted my tongue into his mouth. He moaned and pulled me even closer, deepening the kiss until I was practically inside of his mouth. We kissed hard not separating for even air, but this was nothing compared to what I felt for my Gio. Gio and I were like a forest fire while this was barely a spark.

I pulled away and he groaned. “Sorry, but I’m taken,” I said in a light tone.

“Sure doesn’t seem like it,” I heard someone say and immediately stood up. I looked over at Gio and he just shook his head before running back toward the house. I ran after him not waiting for Sammy to recover and caught him just as he got in the kitchen.

“Wait,” I hissed as I wrapped my arms around his waist. He struggled in my arms but made sure to stay quiet since everyone was sleeping.

“Let me go,Vincent!” he hissed back. I shook my head and lowered it so I was nuzzling his neck. He kept fighting until I sucked on his sweet spot. His head fell back on his shoulder as his chest pumped up and down erratically.

“Let me explain,” I whispered into his ear and he moaned quietly. “Will you stay if I set you down?”

“Yes,” he breathed.


“Yes,Vin. Put me down.” I set him back on the ground and then pushed him up against the counter, boxing him in with my arms. He wouldn’t look at me but I knew he was listening.

“I didn’t want to kiss him,” I started but his head snapped up and he slapped me. “Ow!”

“You were practically devouring his face, Vincent!”

“So you slap me!”

“You lied!”

“Will you listen, woman!?” I screeched without thinking. His green eyes narrowed as he looked me dead in the eyes.

“I. Am. Not. A. Girl!” he yelled and then switched our position so I my stomach was flat on the counter. I gasped when I felt air hit my bare ass and then almost screamed when I felt his hard on press against me.

“I am so fucking done with you and your bullshit, Vin,” he hissed and he pushed inside of me, making my eyes water. Well this is no way pleasurable at all; I don’t see the appeal to this at all. “I am so fucking done with you saying you love me and then doing shit like kiss your best friend or just treating me like crap.” He slammed all the way in me and I cried out only to be shut up when he covered my mouth. “I will let you explain and it better be a goddamn good one, but not until I show you that I am a fucking guy!”

His hips slammed into me again and I cried out underneath his hand, letting a tear fall. He could have prepared me, the fucking asshole! He rotated his his inside of me, stretching me out and then pulled out and slammed back in, pushing me forward with his force. He kept pushing inside of me again and again but it hurt every single time until he brushed something deep inside of me. “Uhhhh,” I said beneath his hand.

“You like that?” he moaned into my ear. I nodded and pushed back against him so he pushed against it more firmly. My stomach quivered with pleasure as I pulled away and made him hit it again as I pushed back on him. He let go of my mouth and started to work me over again, hitting that spot that made me want to cum with the slightest touch.

“Right there,” I moaned out and let myself fall flat on the counter so he would hit deeper. He moaned and pushed into me again and again until I was a moaning mess. I reached back and he clasped my hand with his. I pulled him so he was lying on top of me, causing another angle change. The angle was so much better, hitting my sweet spot every single time.

“Vin, oh fuck!” he groaned as he slammed into me again. I moaned like a wanton whore and pushed back against him enjoying the way he filled me up. Now I could see the appeal to having something so big and full inside of you. It was bad a first but fuck once you got past that it could make you moan like a porn star. Fuck! I knew calling him a chick would get me in trouble but never could I imagine trouble would feel this damn good.

“Giovanni!” I moaned when I felt my release coming fast. He bit into my covered shoulder and I moaned again, pushing back into him. He grabbed my erection in his hand and pumped me to the pace of his thrust. Gio slammed into me harder not caring about restraint anymore and I covered my own mouth so no one would hear me and felt my body go into overdrive when he hit my prostate once more.

“Gio!” I screamed and I came all over the counter with him still pumping me. He yelled my name into my shoulder and then released inside of me. Our breathing was heavy as we came down.

We stayed like that until the light came on and we both separated, pulling our pants up. I looked up and found a wide eyed Pops.


“Uh. I- well- he- screaming- gay- Ah!- not in my kitchen!” he yelled with a flustered face and then turned around trying to hold in his shudders. I fell to the ground in embarrassment as Gio laughed and cleaned my release off the counter. I mentally cursed myself the whole time as Gio laughed at me.

“There is nothing funny about this Gio,” I said.

He laughed and wiped his tear. “But your face and god you screaming,” he said and continued his laughing.

“I hate you,” I said and he leaned over and captured my mouth.

“No you don’t. You love me and my dick,” he said cheekily. I rolled my eyes and stood up, pulling him with me. He grabbed my hair in his fist and pulled me back down to his mouth where we kissed like it was our first time. He punished me with that kiss like he had with the sex we just had and when he pulled away I was dazed.

“Kiss another guy or girl again and I will chop your dick off and shove down you own throat so you will be deep throating for life,” he said with a smile and then walked a head of me. I stared at the spot he had been occupying and then ran after him.

“You didn’t even let me explain!”

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