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Chapter Eighteen

I stared at the boy that had been putting me threw living hell for the past few weeks and almost lunged at him but knew he had a gun so didn’t dare to move as he spoke at me. I was smart enough to know that he had taken all of the weapons from around the warehouse as well if he known we were coming here. I was absolutely screwed in the scenario.

“Oh, Vinnie, I missed you so much,” he said with a smile. “God, I missed you.”

“Fuck you!” I hissed at him sounding like a venomous snake.

“Oh, no thank you. I am so over you!” he said with a grin. “I like dyou way back then but now I am just a little disapointed in what you have become. That whole heart-to-heart with Giovanni there was just pathertic! It was like watchinga bad soap opera! Oh! Sammy is gay!? I totally rember when we first kissed. He was a good kisser back then, I wonder if he still rocks at it?”

I was beyond pissed off by now as he rambled on about stuff that was not relevant to what had been going on lately. My mother beinga big one! I felt Gio move besdie me and cursed. “Don’t move baby,” I whispered as Alberto kept atlkinga bout Sammy and how they kissed. I was going to kick his ass later for that one.

“Why?” he whispered back without movin.

“Alberto!” I shouted and he shut up. Gio got the point. I felt his hands go down my side and I almost moaned if it was not for the situation we were in. Iknew he was looking for the gun that was in my pants but stupid me had discarded those.

“You are so rude, Vinnie,” he said with a exhausted look.

“I’m rude? No! Rude is attemt of murder. That’s fucking rude, Alberto,” I hissed as I sat up in bed. Gio grabbed my leg tightlya s to say ‘stay’ but I needed to get us closer to that gun and farther away from this psycho shooting me.

“Oh, you forgot regular murder,” he siad with a evil grin. I stopped moving and Gio grabbed onto me tighter. What was he talking about? “You didn’t fgure it out yet? Wow.”

I got a sick feeling in my stomach as I stood up and took a step toward him. “What are you talking about?”

He just smiled and lifted the gun up so it was level with my chest. “Stop moving,” he said suddenly. I stopped moving but my eyes were right on him and the gun.

“What did you mean by what you said, Alby!?” I shouted using his old nickname. He paused and smiled at me. Wow, he is fucking psycho.

“I missed you calling me that,” he said and then I heard the gun go off and a stinging pain in my side. I heard Gio yelp as he jumped off the bed and run toward me. He caught me before I fell and I looked up into his big, green eyes as he looked down at me shocked.

“So you are awake,” Alberto siad with a snake like smile. “I was just making sure you were up so I could kill you and he can watch.”

I looked up at Gio and he looked back. “Run,” I mouthed and he shook his head. The blood was coming out too rapidly for me to live if he didn’t get help so I needed him to run. I would not let Alberto get hut him either. I loved him way too much for that.

I took Gio’s hand and put it on the bullet wound and gave him a look that said what I was thinking. He shook his head again but I knew I got my point across. “You two actually make a cute couple,” Alberto said with a grin.

“Fuc-k-k you,” I said.

“You are so sweet,” Alberto said and then pulled his jacket off. I pushed Gio up and tackled Alberto while he was busy looking away. Gio stopped for a second but I just shot him a galre as I fought with Alberto.

“I’ll be back!” he shouted and then ran as fast as he could out of the warehouse. I focused on fighting Alberto and getting the gun. We rolled around on the ground and punched each other as the gun laid justa few feet away, knocked away when I had tackled him. I felt my fight slolwy dying down and he was winning.

“You will regrett this!” he hissed and then his fingers dug int the bullet wound and I screamed. He kneed me in the stomach and I fell over. I was kicked in the stomach repeatedly. I blacked the bullet wound trying to save myself some pain but it really didn’t work.

“Bitch! You runined everything! First your pops and now you!” he kicked me again and I coughed and sputtered on my own blood that rose in my throat. I was going to die here. I knew that was true. The bullet was too far in and I doubted that Gio could get back fast enough, but I refused to go by myself.

“Wh-what d-d-did you mean by-by suc-ccessfuly?” I stuttered before spitting blood to the side. He smiled and leaned down next to me, forgetting about the gun that was a foot north of us.

“You really need to ask or do you know, Vinnie?” he asked with that sick smile. I remembered when we were just little bambinos running around with pizza all over our faces. There was no care in the world back then with both our parents, all our boys, and just not even knowing about the life then. We were just so carefree and now he was some psychotic asswipe.

“Tell me!” I shouted with as much force as I could. The bleeding was bad and I felt myself slowly disappearing.

He scuffed. “Your little brother,” he said with a grin. “I was waiting on the roof of one of the houses as y’all exited that house and the other people were shooting. I waited until you were all in the van and then used a sniper to shoot him right where it counted. Poor little Tommy.” I tried to get up so I could do anything to him. Kill him. Shoot him. Knife him. Something! But my body was too weak. I was dying and he was just laughing and watching.

“I was so mad back then when my dad was killed,” he said. “Pops was like my hero and then all the suddenly he was gone and it was because of your stupid little brother.”

I coughed. “What are you talking about?”

He frowned. “You are so stupid, he stated and then sighed. “Tommy and my pops went out that day so many years ago when he was I think he was three or four. He came back and said my pops made him touch him and he did things to him and your pops snapped and killed him on the spot. He didn’t even ask questions! My ma found out and she killed herself! I ran away so I wouldn’t have to deal with your murdering, lying family but I promised to get my revenge and I did! I killed Tommy and then I got your ma because she didn’t save my own! I was going after you and then him! He killed my pops!”

“Your pops raped my little brother you disgusting piece of italian shit! He raped my little brother!” I was scared, pissed, and confused all at the same time. Tommy was raped and never even told me! Pops never told me. Ma never told me. Why would they lie to me and everyone else?

“My pops just didn’t know how to control his impulses,” he explained.

“You are crazy!” I yelled and then with a burst of adrenaline and grabbed the gun and shoved it in his face. He looked shocked as I held It up and panted.

“Vinnie, that’s not nice,” he said with a pouty face.

“You are insane!” I screeched and without so much as a second thought, I shot the gun into his chest as much as the clip would let me. The shots were constant as were his cries and pleas for me to stop. The last shot went right in his head even though he deserved the pain of a slow death, but I couldn’t bare to hear his cries and screams.

The door suddenly opened and I saw Sammy and Gio both running at me. The gun dropped and my eyes closed for a brief second but it was enough for them to be there in front of me. Gio picked me up and placed me in his lap. His tears were obvious as he held me.

“Baby, stay with me,” he chanted. “Come on baby, don’t leave me.” I looked up at him and he kissed my lips repeatedly as he chanted those words to me. I felt my fight slowly leaving me and the last thing I heard was.

“I love you, Vincent. Please don’t close your eyes.”

But it was too late.

They were already closed.

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